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Great work Virtuti! Have many sales!

Thanks a lot! Hope so!

Great idea , wish you the very best with this one.

Many thanks, Bedros!

Beautiful as always :). Wish you many,many sales :)

Thank you, dear!

Awesome as ever – love it

Thank you, Charlie! Lovely to hear that from you!

It’s beautiful and very carefully done. Good luck Tanya!

Thank you, Jan! I put a lot of soul into this work, hope people will like it.

Is it possible to change the circular navigation? And can it go to a drop down when in the mobile size? Thanks, Shane

Hello Shane, yes sure, menu can be reconstructed as you wish (html/css). Thank you!

By the way, I made a version of this template for Concrete5, where menu has typical layout and comes with drop-down as well, maybe it will suit you better.


I have bought the Galilea theme to create my website for a vacation rental holiday home. I really like the result and have gotten compliments from users on the nice site, but one thing a lot of users mention is that it does not display well on their smartphone. I think it is because the buttons do not rescale, and they are on top of the content. Is there a workaround to make the buttons smaller on a mobile device ?

Kind regards, Sven Degroote.

Hello Sven. As mentioned in description: “Template is relatively responsive: it shrinks up to resolution 1024px.” What means that under 1024px it will work well but will not look well.

The workaround is naturally exists–complicated extra markup and styling. This template was consciously built for desktops. As mentioned in description “layout is liquid”. Not “responsive”. Thank you!

Theme is not working on wordpress 4.4 what can i do?

Hello, thank you! It does not work on any WP version since it is HTML template and not WP theme.

hello so now i write you again in this comment box as you don`t answer my other mails. i can not download the galilea .zip which is word press compatible, which i think is ridiculous. i already lost 2 days!!! my client is putting pressure on me i have to finish his website until monday! envato says they can not help me and i have to get in contact with you what i did yesterday on your message box but you did not answer so i hope you will do so today and will not let me wait another day!!!! or weekend!!! please send me a .zip of only wordpress relevant items of galilea. am really not amused about this treatment and service. thank you in advance.

best regards

joerg steinmann

hello? anybody out there? or do you only reply on nice posts ho wish you success? i have a f… serious problem with an item i di purchase of you and since 2 days no answer. i know it is weekend but it is just replying on my mail and sending me a .zip which is word press compatible. what is the problem with that?

Hello, thank you!

I reply all questions (you may look through comment box).

I do not reply on Shabbat and Jewish holidays (see my profile).

I do not understand what are you talking about: which wordpress? This is html template, why do you ask about wordpress?

Thanks again.

because if i try to upload to my wordpress it comes the error that the .zip does not contain the css style sheet and the support on envanto says this can happen, as in your .zip are all informations and i just need a zip with just wordpress relevant information… you should know about that. so please just send me a .zip without help and all the things i dont need to run the webpage on wordpress. thank you. otherwise i will have to ask to pay back the money i paid for the theme because i will not be able to use.

Hello, again: you bought html template in category “templates”. Description and demo are available. HTML template is not wordpress. HTML does not work in wordpress or any other CMS because it is not wordpress or any other CMS theme.

If you need wordpress theme for small hotels, there is my wordpress theme “Keter” (see my portfolio) which may match your needs. Thanks.


Zuzey Purchased

Hi there and thanks for putting together this great template.

Maybe I am just missing something. I customised the template, looks and works well on my local drive. When I upload it on the server however, the site refuses to scroll after leaving the intro site. Once I reload, the page is scrollable again. I have experienced this in Opera and Chrome only. Firefox seems to be working fine. Any idea?

Best wishes M

Hello, thank you! No, in the meantime, no ideas:) May I look into your website? I’ll understand better what is going on (give please URL).


Zuzey Purchased

Ok, got it, and same happens on my demo. Tomorrow I’ll try to figure out what is wrong now with the script (maybe its version is old for Chrome, or whatever else) and I’ll try to inform you (and update my item) as soon as it’ll be resolved. Thank you for letting me know!