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This is a beautiful template! Is this a blogger template?

Many, may thanks! Hope you got my reply via email.

This is a beautiful template! Is this a blogger template?

For a hotel is there not a booking form..with date/caalender names etc.

If so would purchase

Thanks Mick

I LOVE this template! But I only need English (no other languages) and I am hoping to be able to change the colors. If this is possible I’m more than ready to purchase (for my event planning website!).

Hello! Thank you for your interest! RTL is just a position of elements, it will not affect or interfere your work with English text. You will work in normal way and will get your website only in English.

About colours: especially, for an easier and faster work I created a separate stylesheet (colour_scheme.css) where you may change my blue colour palette (HEXes) to any other. The only requirement is that you know to read css and are able to replace for example #04BBB7 (blue) with let’s say #75966E (green).

Thank you again and wish you fine weekend!

Fantastic!!! Thank you so much! I’m well-versed in CSS. I just realized, though, that I’m not sure I specified. I’ve been using Concrete5. Will the Style Sheet work within that platform? (I realize it is getting dangerously close to your Sabbath, but if I don’t ask now I’ll forget!)

Yes, yes, I talked about C5 version. Thank you! Sorry, must shut down computer:)))

How to make the intro page?

regards Alexandros

You might miss to add p tag or anything else. This is the code (open your site with right click-view source and compare with mine): <div id="intro-p-small" class="ascensorLink ascensorLink2"> <p>Vacations in luxury suites</p> </div><!--intro-p-small-->

P tag refers to id “intro-p-small”, if you put p tag and did not change markup, you must get same result. Also, I hope you did not change anything in css and you uploaded font@face (Capsuula font family, included into theme package) as well, right?

Well, I installed it in http://apollonhotelpaleocastritsa.com changed nothing in the css, and simply added the Apollon Hotel PAleokastritsa with

Still see nothing working in this theme.

Can you tell me what I am missing there? Can you export the database from your theme and email it to me so I can move on?

If I cannot, I must ask for money back and look for another theme.

Still I like your theme a lot.

Hello again. Could you please answer to my last email? I really need your help here.

thank you Alexandros

Hello. Could you please answer the email that I sent you?

Thanks Matt

There was an issue but it was resolved. I am a fully paid customer.

As you know support is not obligatory from authors’s side. See here: http://support.envato.com/index.php?/Knowledgebase/Article/View/213/55/getting-support-modifications-and-upgrades

However, I already replied your multiple emails where I replicated even things covered in Help file. Please also see Support tab.

Yes and I understand support is not obligatory but I don’t understand why you can’t help me with my request as a courtesy from someone who purchased your product. Thank you.

Any chance for this as a Wordpress theme? Thanks,

I came back from vacation yesternight and now replying all letters I had got during my absence. Honestly I am thinking about it quite for a long time, but still have not found that time:))) Very likely though, it will suit WP and I think one day I shall convert it into WP. Thank you for asking!

Hello, I purchased template thinking it could work on wordpress and from what I read, it seems that is not so. What are the steps to set up the web files with FTP? Does it matter that this is not wordpress template to also develop the web that I want? Will this template wordpress?

Thanks very much. I hope to get help.

Thank you! No, you can use it only in Concrete5 CMS. It cannot work in WP, sorry.

Well, okay. It is the first time working with Concrete5 and now I can not do anything. I want to prepare a site for a cottage and this template is very nice for the job you want to do. Could you give me a hand to start to set it up?

Thank you very much.

Hello, first thing is to go to Concrete5 website and get familiar with their user’s guides. They are excellent by the way, with videos.

Where is videos and guides?

Hola, he seguido las instrucciones para instalar el tema pero lo veo todo negro. I followed the instructions for installing the theme but I see everything in black and does not give me any errors. I am using Concrete5 6.3.1.

They are compatible? regards

Hello, you did not give me enough information but upon what you have said it seems you see default.php page which is really blank (it is spare page with no content/design). Assign corresponding page templates following the instructions, you will be able to see inbuilt elements, next add your content into editable areas. Thank you!


I would like to know why when I put an image on the cover of the web, the button with the arrow and “click an arrow to go down” capped.


And another problem is that when I click on the arrow and agree to the main page of the website in the top remains part of the cover image, when it should hide entire top.


Could you help me solve these issues?

From that moment.

Thank you very much.

Hello, thank you!

No, I can not solve the current issues of your website because they are caused by incorrect usage of my theme. If you are not sure how to place elements correctly you have a Help file which explains step by step how to add heading and slogan.

I spent time on looking through your source code and I see that you made a certain mess with placing and adding html tags which should not be there at all. Better if you will do everything exactly like described in Help and shown on demo. Wish you good luck!


I am using the pages give me to add to your squad, I’m not putting anything on a whim. I mean, I’m successfully using your template Galilee.

I have not added to html page does not work properly.

I’m just asking for an explanation of why the image of the front cover the “arrow button” and the “click an arrow to go down.” And when you enter the home page, the image continues to be cut up.

Thank you.

Hello, yes, I do understand. That is why I said to follow the instructions precisely. If you are not sure whether adding an element will cause or will not the problems it is always better firstly to do everything exactly like on demo and when you see it adopts identical look than start experimenting. In you case, for example, you added img tag which is unnecessary (but to understand why it is so you need to understand 100% clearly the current markup) and causes mess.

Again, first, do exactly what it is written in Help, later start experimenting with layout and elements and if you see that some extra element like that very image you have put leads to breaking the structure you may catch the mistake immediately and remove it without falling deeper. Otherwise you are risking to cause bigger mess. That is why I advised rather to follow instructions and make it in a precise way than start experimenting without understanding what might it cause and how to come out of the situation. Wish you good luck in further work!

Well, thank you. I will do everything step by step and once assembled properly, I will experience wanted to leave as the project.

I’ll comment later how everything goes and doubts that arise to do one thing or another.

Thank you!

Hello, good afternoon. Already have mounted about the page as the customer wants, but there are still aspects that do not get to modify and make your changes.

1 – How I can make higher and wider the logo? When I give it a particular size, is unchanged.

2 – How I can do to make you pass your mouse over the menu I go transparencies and letters change color?

3 – How can ponder red square right where the “offer price” (view offer details) without the box left me change while also color is? When changing one changes the other automatically. I would like the template of Galilee, a blue and a white box, for example.

Thank you very much and hope you can help me.

Hello, thank you! All questions you ask are CSS related, you need to work with stylesheet.

Hello, very good. I’ve made ??progress, but I can not change the color of the right side specifies where the offers of prices (in the homepage) without the left box color is changed.

The other two porblemas are:

- Gone is the scroll of the homepage with the consequent problem of not being able to see the whole page,

- And in the welcome page, above where it says “please click to enter” had an arrow and now there is a i.

No idea why it has disappeared scroll the home page and the arrow on the welcome page.

I hope you can help me. Thank you very much.

Hello, I am sorry but which type of help do you expect me to provide you with at the moment? I do not see such things on the demo. If you see the described issues on the demo please provide me with info (in which operating system and browsers you notice the problems) and screenshots will be helpful as well. In the meantime, since no problems are visible on demo from my side I am unable to help. Best!

In the previous post I made it very clear the two problems:

The other two porblemas are:

- Gone is the scroll of the homepage with the consequent problem of not being able to see the whole page,

- And in the welcome page, above where it says “please click to enter” had an arrow and now there is a i.

In the two images motioned problems with an arrow pointing error

No idea why it has disappeared scroll the home page and the arrow on the welcome page.



Thanks and i hope help me.

Hello, if you did not make changes in theme code itself and did not delete/remove code or pieces of code or elements your theme will look alike the demo. If changes were done I cannot know what was done, why it was done and what exactly caused the disfunction. Bring the original code, blocks elements etc, get the original look of the them then start experimenting with modifications. Best.

Hi there, I have just installed C5 v8.4.3 – will this theme work if I purchase and install?

Hello, thank you for your interest! I don think so. As far as I know, next versions have big differences, I am absolutely not sure it will work as it works on 5.6.