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before I buy, I would like to ensure, that your theme and the gallery can work with portrait/vertical format photos!

I have bought here now 2 themes in vain (not from you), where the gallery cannot show correct vertical photos.

So could you please tell me and ensure me, that this page of your theme here:

is really able to show vertical photos, too, without messing up the theme.

I haven’t found any vertical photo within your galleries in the demo.

Could you please provide in the demo a vertical photo gallery, too, so that we can see, that it works without problems and without messing up the layout?

I think of the little infobox in the big image, for example, and how does it look like, if the big image box does not be over the whole width … and so on …

Thanks for your feedback in advance.

Yes, the Gallery can display images in Portrait/Vertical format. I have an example of the portrait/vertical format as the last photo in the Black & White Gallery:

Explanation of the Galleria Image Uploader:
The Image Uploader resizes & crops images larger than 620 pixels wide to the default size of 620×465pixels. This means that for most users, they can just upload multiple unedited image files and the images will automatically be resized to the default maximum size (620×465 pixels).

For more advanced users, they can resize the images themselves to a maximum of 620×465pixels and the images won’t be resized or cropped. You can upload the images the same way, in large batches and the image uploader will handle everything. No settings need to be adjusted. Hopefully that makes sense, we tried to make it easy-to-use while still allowing many options.

Also, feel free to send me an e-mail on my profile page if you want any other demos or questions.

Can I get the screenshots of admin panel please or maybe an access to admin demo?


afid, there is a sample screenshot of the options panel at the bottom of the Item Description. Here are some links to additional screenshots:

As you can see, the theme is very easy-to-use and the image uploader has drag & drag functionality. Let me know if you have anymore questions.

I’m looking to buy this theme, but before I do I would like to know if it is possible to have the images in the galleries link to another URL . Please let me know!


rosewerther, the images in the gallery link to the next slide by default, so you can’t link to URLs that way. However, the easiest way would be adding links in the Information Caption box. Not sure if that works for you. Feel free to e-mail me via my profile page if you want to see any examples or talk about another way to link the gallery images to another URL .

Hi there, I too would be interested in having the iimages link to a URL as opposed to the next gallery item. Has anything been discovered?

Hillary4781, you would be able to add links inside the caption box. Adding links in place of “next gallery item” is possible but it would require customizing the theme.

Hi there,

I bought this theme and I can tell you: it’s great!

One question: What do I have to do in order to create thumbnails for the gallery?

Greets, Lena

no thumbnails! Tested on different browsers. Here’s a screenshot: any idea?

Yeah, send me an e-mail with a link to your website. The thumbnails should be getting built automatically. We’ll get this sorted out as soon as possible.

Just wanted to post an update that the problem was resolved, just a simple update in the permissions :-)


I really like this theme.

I was wondering if it is possible to upload videos instead of images on the homepage etc?

Thanks a lot,


Sorry Marie, the gallery only support images and not videos. You of course can upload videos to other pages or set your Homepage as Page instead of a gallery to display a video.

I’m having that permissions problem also. What directory does it want to upload to? I already changed permissions on wp-content/uploads

phylaxis, this issue is related to the “TimThumb” script that resizes the thumbnails and images. Some hosting providers block the storing of the image by default so we have to go in an manually allow it. All you have to do is set these two folders to Permissions 777 (In your ftp program, right click on the folders and change the “Ownership & Permissions” to 777, Most likely the default is set to 755):


Feel free to e-mail me through my profile page if you have any other problems or you have trouble with that. You can find another explanation on the TimThumb page:

Hi, So far I am finding this theme great – however, I am having the same problem regarding thumbs. My ftp program does not let me right click and change permissions. I am using a Mac – does this make a difference?

Send me an e-mail through my profile page and I’ll help you out. It should only take about 2 minutes tops, so I’d be happy to dive in and do it for you :-)

annaloake, I still haven’t received an e-mail from you. Not sure if you are having trouble e-mailing me through my profile. You should have my e-mail address in the Help Documentation as well. Don’t hesitate to e-mail me if you have any issues.

The BEST theme on the whole ThemeForest – the elegance and simplicity it has is amazing!


The developer/designer is also super helpful and responded to my emails within minutes – and we got the issues taken care of asap ;)


I sendt you a email, I’m having problem with timthumb.php please check u email thanks

Yes, I already responded to both your e-mail and your forum post. Please send me more details via e-mail and I will help you out.

Glad to report we got it sorted out in only a few minutes. All the images are now loading properly.

I appear to be having a permissions problem with uploading images through theme options/galleries. I get a “failed” msg. Verified the folders mentioned above are set to 777. Got a hint at what I need to check? I am on HostGator shared.

Thanks, Matthew

Send me an e-mail Mattew and we’ll get it sorted out. Just make sure to include a link to your website. I’ll jump on it as soon as possible.

Could you let me know where to put the code for adding social media icons on the bottom of the menu please? I don’t need a lot of widgets, but I do need to put social media icons on the menu.


mullens4mac, send me an e-mail and I’ll help you out with some more details on how to add some social media icons. Either send me an e-mail via my Profile Page on the right, or via the e-mail address in the Documentation.

Best support ever! This theme rocks and is totally worth it! Thanks man!

i Have a question for you. I am researching wp gallery sites for a friend. How difficult would it be to ad text for each photo in the galleries? We need descriptions and pricing with each painting/photo.

Thanks for your time and effort. ;) Susan

Susan, It is very easy to upload images and add descriptions (Just drag & drop your images). Below is a screenshot of the image uploader and the location where you would add Titles & Descriptions. The Image URL field and Title are automatically generated when you upload the image.

Image Uploader & Description

Feel free to e-mail me via my profile if you want more details. Mike

Thanks for your quick response. Quality support is highly valuable to us.

Next question, I believe its been asked here before but I need top be clear on it. As for the “i” rollover icon that brings up the images information. We are not sure we want that feature and would rather have the photo itself be click-able to go to that photos page where all of its info is listed either under or beside the photo. Is that possible with this theme?

Thanks so much for your time.


Sorry Susan, but the clicking of the image will send users to the next slide in the gallery. You could however add links and content to the “i” rollover icon or disable that completely if you do not need it.

Feel free to e-mail me if you have any other questions or if you would like to see something in a Live Preview.

Hi – this is a great theme – but is there a way to put some copy (text) there on the home page?

My experience is themes with no text are a SEO nightmare because there’s nothing for the search engines to grab.

I’m not really very good with coding – so is there another version?


Intell, There are homepage Title/Description, and Meta Keywords for SEO in the wizypanel Tools just for this :-). But if you still want to add text to your homepage, there are two ways to do this without having to write any real code. You can shoot me an e-mail and I’ll provide you with some more detailed directions.


Hey Great Theme!

One problem I too seem to be having a problem with the TimThumb script. The image uploads and a thumbnail is created but nothing is displayed in the ‘main’ image area. Instead, I receive this error:

getimagesize( [function.getimagesize]: failed to open stream: HTTP request failed! HTTP /1.1 401 Authorization Required in /home1/breschcr/public_html/cpginteriors/wp-content/themes/galleria/includes/framework/extensions/template-tags.php on line 144

I’ve gone ahead and updated my permissions to 777 for the mentioned folders. I’ve even updated the permissions to 777 for the ‘extensions’ folder… still no luck.

Any ideas?

Thanks for your help!

Yep, I just got your e-mail and sent you one back. We’ll get this sorted out in no time :-)


thank you so much for the very quick response!! I got it as soon as you made it today in my inbox & it is just wonderfully refreshing to have an author be so prompt & friendly as well.

Hi. Is it possible to hide the thumbnails all together and just have arrows for ‘prev’ & ‘next’?

Thank you.

Yeah that should be easy to do, just send me an e-mail and I’ll help you out. There isn’t a default setting for that but I’ve done this for a previous buyer and it was pretty simple. You can find my e-mail in the documentation or via my profile page.


This a beautiful theme.

I am having the same issue as coretech. My gallery uploads fail with the message “fail”. I’ve tested in Firefox and IE. I’m on dreamhost. Any help would be most appreciated.

Thank you very much for the gorgeous theme!

bernieporter. Shoot me an e-mail and we will get it sorted. Dreamhost is the host of the Live Preview.