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Alrighty, took me a little while but finally set it up, as I needed: widgetized and multi-language.. I still need one final piece of assistance though and that is: How to show a small thumbnail of the image in the Gallery Photos section in the administration?

This is a customization, by default the WordPress administration panel will display the caption, order-number and name. If you want to pull in the thumbnail into the admin panel, you will have to add this yourself.


Oh, and a quick note to all users, DON ’T use the quick edit link on the gallery albums (the one on the album list), as it wipes out all images from the edited album.. I’ve had to set all my images all over several times before I learned it!

This was probably just a slight error one time. I checked and everything works fine, even when using quick edit. This might be due to a customization you have made.

E-mail me in the future if you have any issues like this.

Hi there, I just bought the Galleria Theme and i just wanted to say that I am very happy with de documentation and de the clear stucture of the template. Compliments!

Glad to hear, thanks for the great review! Feel free to e-mail me in the future if you have any questions or concerns.


i love the look of this theme, however before i purchase it, is there an option to enlarge the main photo?

thanks in advance

The live preview shows the largest photo size. You can of course upload smaller photos sizes and different orientations like portrait or landscape. I have directions on how to increase the photo size but it would be up to you the buyer to make the update. You would need to know a pretty good amount of CSS to enlarge the photo size larger than the default.


I ended up purchasing this theme, can you please provide me with the directions to increase the size of the main photo?

thanks in advance, keep up the good work!

Glad you purchased this theme. Please see our support forum and post a discussion. I will provide directions you require.

Visit the Support Forum here →


thanks for a great theme, I was wondering how to keep the inform div open when viewing a gallery. And if possible have this work on one gallery only. The reason I ask, I have a link to another page inside the info div and would like to make sure viewers don’t miss it

You can disable the hiding of the info button via javascript here:
Delete this line of code:

This will disable the hiding of the info button on all galleries. I don’t believe there is an easy way to achieve this on a gallery by gallery basis.


thanks for your quick reply

Another question!

Is it possible to centre the main image verticlly. At present the image sits at the top of the slideshow image wrapper. I have tried using some CSS but doesn’t work

Yeah, send me an e-mail and I”ll help you out. It’s just one line of CSS .


Hi, I am looking at this theme for a new site I am working on. Can you let me know how the images are uploaded to the galleries? (does it use wordpress’ built in gallery or do you post individual images to categories?...) Looking to quote for this today so quick response would be much appreciated! : )

thanks! Will there be a way to call these Images/thumnails into another page?

Obviously, there will be a bit of customization, but I am hoping to create in between pages where thumbnails are shown. ie – I am looking to list several photographers and several categories in the main menu. If you were to click a photographer, there will be a page showing all the categories the photographer has posts in and will show thumbnails from said gallery – each picture would link to the gallery.

Likewise, if you were to click a category (ie- ‘Portraits’) you would then see a list of the photographers who have posted in this category. The thumbnails again would be shown and link to each gallery.

(I just need to be able to call the images from the galleries…)

Dan, the galleries are a custom-post-type. With very minor of customizations, you can call to the title of the galleries like the blog. We are using a custom image uploader though so calling to the images will take a bit more customizing. You can of course add a description field to the galleries and a featured image if you wanted to call to a thumbnail. It really depends on how much customization you want to add for your author-list. It wouldn’t be all that much work since we’ve made the custom-post-type but it depends on your wordpress editing abilities.


thanks for your replies I will be buying real soon!


I love how simple this theme is!

A couple questions:

1) I noticed the Landscape menu has subcategories. So is the “Landscape” gallery a collective gallery for the two sub categories? (Just wondering if this is possible, sort of like an album of two galleries combined feature)

2) Is there an available screenshot of the image uploader? I’m building a site for a client and would like to know how the process would go for someone with no wordpress experience.

Thanks in advance!

1) The sub-categories in the navigation are just sub-menu items of new galleries (Not true sub-categories). You can have the same images or completely new images in them. In other words, you can use them as sub-categories or completely unique galleries.

2) It is super easy to upload. You can drag/drop images for bulk uploading and rearrange the order by drag/dropping as well. I uploaded a picture of the image uploader here:
Image Uploading
Editing Image description

Let me know if you have any other questions.

Hi there, I almost finalized my website with your theme, it works perfect. I have only one question, is it possible to start with a page instead of a gallery when you open the homepage? I would like to start with a welcome page so people can first read some info before they click on a gallery. Hope you can help me with this!

Best regards,


Yeah you can set your homepage to a page instead of a gallery. Here:

Settings > Reading
Front page displays:
A static page
Front page: (Choose your front page)

Feel free to e-mail me if you have any trouble doing this.

Thanks man!

Hi Mike,

I have the same problem that knirpsknips

No thumbnails! Tested on different browsers. Here’s a screenshot: any idea?

And i get a 403 error Access forbidden.

Thanks in advance!

This is just a TimThumb image resizing issue that is easy to sort out (Hosting provider fix). Send me an e-mail and I’ll forward you the directions.

Hi do you know is it possible to make Light box effect to gallery images. Thanks

Unfortunatly you can’t use the lightbox on the gallery images because the onclick event is reserved for next slide. You can add a link in the description box though if you wanted.

Hi, I have purchased this theme and was working away fine until I upgraded my Wordpress and now the Wizzy Panel menu options don’t work! The first tab “Settings” shows up and when I go to press any of the other tabs – “Appearance”, “Homepage” etc, nothing happens. Any advice? Thanks

Sounds like you just need to download the updated theme files. Galleria 2.0 works in all versions of Wordpress as well as the beta for 3.3

Ok thanks, I’ll try that. By the way, the site is almost finished, if I download the updated theme files, will I loose the work that I’ve already done on the site so far? Cheers.

You can easily upload the new theme files as we renamed the folder. Your content will remain the same :-). Note: You will need to backup your wizyPanel settings if you want to save those as they won’t transfer. Also, backup any CSS files if you made changes of course.



I would like to purchase this theme to use for my art gallery, but need to know if I can adjust the background colors & stripes to be black (in order to highlight the art). Is this possible?



You can easily adjust this but it will require a few edits of CSS . It would only be one or two lines of CSS adjusted and it’s all in the same spot. I would be more than happy to help you out if you send me an e-mail after purchase.


How do you fix my FATAL error: Cannot redeclare…?

Email me a link to your site and your hosting provider. It’s likely a hosting provider issue.


OK, I have tried everything including changing permissions on my folders, and I cannot get anything to upload to the images folder. I can’t even get the first step started for the logo, it says a directory cannot be created – except it’s already there. Any ideas?

Yeah, just send me an email. It’s included in the documentation as well as a form on my profile page. I can help you troubleshoot in minutes.


HI I purchased this theme yesterday First when ever I tried to upload it threw the upload functionality, it shows me till 100% upload and then goes to page not found error. Not sure why

But then to overcome that I extracted the theme and uploaded it into themes folder galleria-photography-and-portfolio-theme

so now i see the theme but it gives me broken theme error, stylesheet missing I read the wiki and google, they all say to upload the theme by ftp and that’s what I did. Not sure what more to do

Not to mention it takes more than half hour to upload it via ftp.

You are uploading the entire download. Please unzip the first folder and you will see the Help File, PSDs, and the WordPress Theme. See this wiki which explains how you know what folder to upload:

It should only take 1-4 minutes to upload the folder unless your uploading the entire download which will take much longer.

ok i read the documentation and figured it. i should have done that earlier. but then all the other themes required to upload the main zip files. its all good. its working now

just one more basic question. if you look at my website –

you will see the pics i uploaded are cut from edge a little bit is there particular dimension the pics need to be to be placed perfect if i know those figures i can easily edit the images and upload.

also i added one menu item but its not showing up on main page. any quick tips??

Please send me an e-mail as the Item Comments are reserved for pre-purchase questions.



I have bought this theme and it is working well. But can you please help me regarding 2 issues

1) I need to add sidebar in the website, but the theme seems to be not yet Widget ready. Is there any alternate way or do you have plan for adding widget support in near future?

2) Other than main page, I want to have one photo gallery page where I want to show my photos. Will it be supported in next update? Does NextGEN Gallery Wordpress Plugin works with this theme?

Thanks for your help, -Abd

1) Allowing for widgets only takes a few minutes (We just didn’t include this since there isn’t space for it).
2) Yes you can use NextGEN Gallery.

Please Note:

We offer theme support via our support forum. Please post all support questions through our support forum. We reserve the item comments for pre-purchase questions.

Visit the Support Forum here →

Hello there,

using word press 3.2.1 here, seems every time I try to upload a photo to a gallery it fails. Any idea why?

Yeah, go ahead and send me an e-mail via my profile page. This is usually just an issue with PHP permissions.