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In the Contact Form, after you send an email, a long BRIGHT green horizontal message box appears with the message;

“You message has been sent successfully, we will reply to you ASAP ”

Can I change the text box color? I don’t want to have that bright green box.

Yeah, of course you can change it :-).

We offer theme support via our support forum. Please post all support questions through our support forum. We reserve the item comments for pre-purchase questions.

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Hi there,

Congrats for your theme, it looks very good. I’m interested on buying it but first I need to ask a couple of questions in order to see if it fits what I’m looking for:

1) This might be a silly one, but although the gallery is focused on photography, does it support media like videos (vimeo or youtube) and audio (soundcloud)?

I’m looking for a kind of gallery look just like yours, but I need it for a musician so what I will need to embed are all videos and songs.

2) Are the thumbnails also customizable? In size and number?.

Thanks and keep up the good work! Teresa.

Glad you are interested in purchasing:
1) The slideshow only supports images of course but you can add videos and audio on pages easily.
2) The thumbnails are as shown in the live preview. WordPress automatically resizes them. You could customize the amount and size of the thumbnails but this would require editing the theme files.

Let me know if you have anymore pre-purchase questions.

I am interested in purchasing this item, but will this theme be updated to WP 3 .3 soon? And will the following updates be includet?

This theme is already WP 3 .3 capable. We have tested it already and it works perfectly.


It won’t let me upload photos. Any thoughts as to why? All of the pictures fail during uploading.

Don’t worry this should be easy to sort out.

We offer theme support via our support forum. Please post all support questions through our support forum. We reserve the item comments for pre-purchase questions.

Visit the Support Forum here ?

Hi there,

I like to purchase your theme but first I need to know:1- if this theme can be seen by IPOD And IPAD users without any problems.

2- Does it have a link to Facebook and facebook icon? 3- Does it have search engine optimisation? 4- All my photos are portraits, will the theme resize to fit in the screen without cropping?


I look forward to receiving a prompt reply so I can go ahead and purchase it.


1) Yeah, the theme works on all iOS devices without problems.
2) There is no Facebook icon or link but you can easily add any of these with free plugins from
3) Yes there is some SEO built-in.
4) Images can be portrait or landscape. There is an example of a portrait image at the end of the black and white gallery.

Let me know if you have any other pre-purchase questions.

Hi Mike,

Many thanks for your reply!!!

I think I will buy your theme since I see I can upload my logo without any problems as well.



I like the Galeria-Theme very much but when i published my first Gallery there is the following error:

Warning: getimagesize() [function.getimagesize]: URL file-access is disabled in the server configuration in /var/www/html/wp-content/themes/galleria/includes/framework/extensions/template-tags.php on line 144

Warning: getimagesize( [function.getimagesize]: failed to open stream: no suitable wrapper could be found in /var/www/html/wp-content/themes/galleria/includes/framework/extensions/template-tags.php on line 144

Please check out the following link:

Please, can you tell what can i do here?

Kind Regrards, Andi

Yeah, check out our support forum and start a discussion:

Summary: It’s just a php function “URL-file-acess” that is disabled on your server that is easy to enable.


I’ve fixed the php issue and the error message disappeared but unfortunately the gallery isn’t working anyway.

Could you please check out the following link again:

Please, can you tell me what to do here?

Many thanks in advance, Andi

We offer theme support via our support forum. Please post all support questions through our support forum. We reserve the item comments for pre-purchase questions.

Visit the Support Forum here

I went to uploads and deleted the files as I was revamping my site.

Then I created new galleries, uploaded new images (620/465) and added them to the menu. For some good reason the theme just wouldn’t pick up the files. I even went and re-saved timthumb.php as suggested in documentation.

Am I missing an obvious trick or do we need to hire a developer to upload pics ??

I have responded to you in multiple e-mails along with recording a video to answer your specific questions (23 e-mails in our thread). Please see my e-mails that I have sent.

I want to buy this theme, but I am wondering if the images need to be the same width or can they vary?

You can adjust the width/height of the images. They can be portrait or landscape. The last image on the black and white gallery is a portrait image:

Also, send me an e-mail in regards to the theme. You can reach me via my profile page contact form on the right.

Pre-Purchase Inquiry:

On your Live Demo page the words under the the thumbnails (‘Featured Gallery’) remains the same for the entire slideshow of images. Could this text be made to change per image, functioning as a title to each?

I have looked through the older questions and had not found an answer to my question, but if I missed it I apologize for the repeat. Thanks.

Right now that text displays the name of the gallery. Technically it could rotate with a bit of modifications. The actual description and image title is in the “i” caption box. Feel free to e-mail me and I’ll give you a brief run-down on what it would take to customize. There is a contact form on my profile page on the right column.


I have this template version 2, wizypanel doesn’t change the tabs and when i try to add a new image into an existing gallery, the gallery disappears! Any patch for this?



Yeah, we completely re-wrote the theme from the ground up for Version 3.0. I strongly suggest upgrading the theme to that version. It uses our current frame-work for themes (Open source theme options panel) instead of the wizyPanel. We also, eliminated TimThumb from the default galleries and have increased page speeds by adding HTML5 Boilerplate.

See our forum post on this topic for additional details:

Hello PS, I want to say thank you for the wordpress theme. I have 1 issue the gallery on the home page if you click 1 of the thumbnails it is take the website to a blank page. Please let me know if you can help thank you.


Are you referring to the “Easy Facy Box” plugin, yes I did that one.

I got it PS my bad, reading is fundamental….just read sometimes, sorry to waste ur time.

No problem, I’m glad it was an easy fix.

hi there.. love this gallery… have u thought about incorporating a flickr connection so images can be pulled from a user’s flickr account instead of self hosting.. as an option?? thanks, lance.

Our latest version 3.0 of the theme involved pretty much all the highly requested features. Flickr integration hasn’t been requested before but I’ll take a look at it next time we update the theme. Obviously it’s a pretty specific feature but I appreciate the feedback.


Hey Mike! so I just downloaded your theme! And I am kind of stuck. I have a domain name from go daddy, i have your theme. Now what I do? How to I construct the website? I downloaded the zipped files and do I somehow import it through wordpress settings? I am just stuck here and I don’t know whom else to ask at this second, thank you!!!!


Sounds good, I’ll respond to your questions on the support forum.

I should have looked at the website links that came in the zipped file before I asked you! I think I got this now :)


Hello – I bough this theme and then realized that it is for, and not which I have. Therefore I cannot use it for my site – how would I go about ‘returning’ this? I can’t use it obviously. Is this possible?


Yeah, Premium Themes don’t work with the free hosting from (

Send me an e-mail by clicking on my profile link. Make sure to include the question again in your e-mail and a link to your current site.

Do you have an option to password protect galleries for client proofing?

This is built-in to WordPress. You can easily update your gallery settings in the top right under “Visibility” by setting it to “Password protected”. In addition, you can find plugins from that have advanced password protection.

If you have any further questions, please post them in our support forums:

Hello !

My photos are not displayed on the application WPtouch with my mobile. Pages appear but are empty.

What setting should I do?

Thanks !

I would contact WPtouch as that is a 3rd party plugin. I can’t really help much as I didn’t create the plugin. It should be an easy fix that’s likely due to javascript on-load. The galleries are put together with simple HTML and Javascript so it should be easy to find the problem.

Hello, I love this theme but having issues with the display in Internet Explorer. Wish I could just tell the client to not use IE but that is what they looked at the site with. The photos appear over the nav bar. Is there a fix for this? Here is the site: Thanks!

The theme has been tested and should be working from IE7 and up. Feel free to join our support forum for help troubleshooting:


I have a problem with the template gallery. The gallery shows me the thumbnails images to navigate, but I also displayed below the image files attached. You can see the problem here: