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I installed the theme and love it. I am trying to make some changes and tried using the support page as you constantly point out but for whatever reason it is not sending a confirmation email to me.

I have added a watermark plugin, however it is only showing up in my posts under the blog. I would like to get the plugin to also work in the gallery photos as well. I know this would normally be something I should ask the creator of the plugin but they don’t seem to have any customer service or a way to contact them. Can you help me with this. Here is the link to my site:

I approved your support forum account. You can know post questions there. Unfortunately I can’t offer free support for a plugin that I did not create. I suggest finding a new plugin if you cannot reach the author. I am available for hire via this contact form if you want to go that route too. I am always happy to help:

Hi there,

I am interested in purchasing this theme for an artist friend as the slideshow/gallery feature supporting any size canvasses will suit her perfectly. I was wondering though how easy it would be to set up a different custom font on this theme, for example with @font-face?

Changing the custom font family is super easy. We have directions on our support forum for this here:


I followed the instructions on the forum post however it seems that whatever font that is placed in the standard.css file is overridden by the font stipulated in the theme options panel. As I want a different page title font to the one used in the navigation, I changed the font here also but I can only seem to change both at the same time as page-title and navigation items seem grouped together and separate from the other headings when you change the font in the them options panel, I want to separate these two elements how can I do that?

Basically I think I want to move the style associated with Page titles to the same as the other headings, and out from the navigation items…. hope that makes sense…

Please post in our support forum or send me an email. We reserve the item comments for pre-purchase questions.

Note: just add !import to your CSS call and it will override the options panel.

hello, this is very nice theme. how can i use this theme free? do i need to buy?

Yeah, this is a premium theme. You will need to purchase it through Themeforest.

Hi, I would buy the license for this template, but I have two questions before. Is it possible to do the principal photos biggest or with another proportion to which they have now? Is it possible to put the left side menu more to the left, almost in the edge of the page? Thanks!

Images are not cropped, so you can have portraits or landscapes. The largest size allow is 620×465. If you want to move the side-menu or adjust the image size it will take some modifying. We have directions in our support forum for adjusting the sidebar and image size. Note: We don’t support customizations so you would be responsible for any modifications

Let me know if you have any other questions.

Thank you so much! It’s a really great theme, and you have a complete support.

hey great script.. bout to transfer from the html version to the wp version.. any chance of an update to auto feed the photos to pinterest, flickr n facebook galleries??? also.. wen an image is clicked.. that instead of showing next image.. it opens larger in a lightbox? thanks, lance.

Unfortunately we aren’t looking at adding the pinterest, flickr feeds. We’ve only had a few buyers request this.

The click to open in a lightbox has been requested a few more times but this one is limited to the javascript we are using. Technically you could over-ride the on-click function but it would limit other features. Basically this involves using the caption box as a div surrounding by a link. The div with a link would be used like the current caption except it would be transparent and cover the entire image instead of the top left. Feel free to make a work-around by editing the slideshow.css and/or editing the gallery template file.

How long will it be to get a membership approved at I have not yet been able to install the Galleria WP theme that I purchased and I need support. Thanks.

It should only take a few minutes. I went ahead and manually approved your account so you can post questions now. Note: Unzip the first folder you downloaded from ThemeForest. There is a help section that will go over how to install the theme if you are having trouble.

Been using this theme for quite some time and it’s been fine till a couple of weeks ago?? Might have been on one of the updates 3.4 or 3.4.1 not sure but now the menu’s and links don’t work and just return a 404 page?? Link to the website is

All of our themes have been tested in WordPress 3.4+ and work fine. I just visited your site and it is working. I assume your hosting provider was having an issue.

If you have any further questions, please direct them to our support forums:

Thanks for the reply mate :) So when you clicked on the menu’s you didn’t get a 404 not found message?? And you got to see the galleries..

Please post any questions in our support forums:

Hi there! Love your theme!

I’ve followed all the instructions to resize the gallery images –

But I cannot find the “template-tags.php” file

Also, how do I add a background image?

Thank you!

Please reply as soon as possible.

Please post questions in the support forums. I noticed your account in the support forums still needed the e-mail confirmed so I manually approved your account. You can now post in the support forums :-)

Very simple but good design. It’s the only good point.

All elements are open-source scripts/images you can find easily. Gallery script is Gallerific, old script given with jQuery 1.3.2 (!!!) So, it’s impossible to have fullscreen image on slideshow.

PHP is not very good. Contact form is very bad (YES, ProgressionStudios said to use Contact Form 7, but if I want to use lot of plugins, I don’t buy premium theme !)

Using HTML5Boilerplate is a good idea, but it’s also a good idea to update it.

No animation, no css3 with ie degradation (I made it).

I spend more time to fix this theme than construct one better from scratch.

Very expensive for what it do.

I already responded to your off-base comments in the support forums. Please don’t spread mis-information.

1) Yes, the on-click function is reserved for next image. Don’t expect the theme to act differently than the live preview.
2) The documentation covers our contact form and includes a fall-back Contact Form 7 if you don’t want to use ours. Not sure what you can complain about here as we give more than enough options.
3) Yes we use HTML 5 Boilerplate and there is no reason to update this static HTML /CSS.
4) Yes, we don’t have any CSS3 animations. This isn’t a plus or minus.

Hey there. I’m wondering whether you can sell your slider separately. It’s the only slider I’ve found that puts the caption between the slide and the thumbnails.

Send me an e-mail via my profile page and I’ll help you out:

Would you be able to integrate proofing within this template? Currently, I am using “Client Photo Studio – Photography CMS ”, and I am loading it within an iframe in my current template, but it would be nice to have both incorporated together.

Unfortunately I am not familiar with this 3rd party software. This would be something unsupported that we cannot confirm works with our theme. Chances are you could use your existing iframe BUT there is no way to incorporate the system within our theme without customizations.

hello… really interested in this theme

is it responsive?

Galleria is not a responsive theme. I can confirm though that it does display well on mobile devices like iPhones and iPads. Let me know if you have any other questions.


hey… is there a way to make the overflow visible to show sub-menus?? or am i on the wrong track??

Go ahead and jump onto our support forums. We can help you out and point you in the right direction:

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Hello! I got a big problem. the images in the galleries are abruptly deleted. and it´s not for the first time. sadly! where´s the problem? i´m very grateful for your quick help!!! Thanks a lot!!

The theme uses the standard WordPress Gallery so it’s not a theme specific set of code. The images would have to be deleted in order to be removed from the galleries. This would be a WordPress issue and should happen regardless of the theme if it is indeed occurring.

Go ahead and e-mail me though and I will help you out (Contact Form on bottom right of profile page):

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Any advice how I can start ti fix the problem? :-(

Yeah, you can send me an e-mail or jump onto my support forum for assistance:

Hello Mike,

You helped me before. But the site isn’t online because there was an attack @the site. But now I want to use the gallery as before but now the gallery doesn’t show well. Also the upload for the gallery is different therefor there aren’t tumbnails of the pictures ;(

Can you help me out?

Best Regards Puckio

Go ahead and post your question on our support forums. Note: we recommend using the latest version of the theme. That will solve any of your issues.

I like your theme and want to use it for a multilingual website. Is it compatible with ?

thank you

Galleria doesn’t support WPML fully. You could use the basic features of WPML but some of the words in the blog require some tweaking manually.

Let m eknow if you have any other questions.

I am thinking about purchasing this, but I have a few questions. Is the home page set as it is, or am I able to add more information to it? What about a “Latest Article” feed from my blog?

Also, if I enable to footer widgets, will I be able to put 3, side by side?

1A) Yeah, you can add additional information underneath the homepage gallery. Also, you can have a homepage without any gallery if you wanted.
1B) You can have a “Latest Article” feed on your homepage if you wanted. The only limitation is that you cannot have the blog feed on the homepage AND a gallery at the same time. 2) The widget area supported is in the sidebar. We currently do not have a footer widget area. That would be an addition but we can help you out with that if you wanted to add that in.

Let me know if you have any other questions.