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i want to purchase the theme but looks like you guy’s don’t support when it come to minor changes ? #1 i wonder if it possible to have the grid in different size 4, 5 etc… now we it’s divided in 6 #2 is it possible to add twitter post show in grid? #3 is it possible to have instagram post show in grid ? #4 is possible to have some space between the grid ? Thanks, please let me know if all this are possible (i understand this will obviously require customization that are note include in theme support but is it possible?)

Hi Anna,

1) The columns adjusts itself so that it fits the users screen width
2) Yes, you can embed Twitter posts within a post.
3) Yes, you can embed Instagram posts.
4) Yes, if you enable the option labeled “Photo Gallery Style”.

We do offer extensive customizations at a rate, if you email us at themes@thejenyuan.com with a list of your customize requests, we can return you with a rate.


Hey very great template! I have a small problem… Why the time for download the small previews images on general page is so loooooooong… /

Thanks for help ;)


Thank you for bringing this issue to our attention, can you send us a link to your blog please: themes@thejenyuan.com


How is easy is to install this theme? Is just copy and paste the code on the edit HTML on tumblr?

Hi Jen!

I wasnt specting a reply on a Sunday! Thank yo so much for your helpful support!

I just installed the new theme. I must say that has been improve!

How ever is not 100%, in my humble opinion. I think that what would make this theme a 5 stars is if before finishing scrolling the new images appears and I dont have to try to scroll down to see if something extra would appear.

Thanks again! Cheers! Gabriel

Hi again Jen!

I think I have found the solution for the loading time by reducing the amount of post per page from 15 (default) to 9, now the site loads excellent!


Awesome! Regarding new posts loading before reaching the bottom, can you please email us at themes[at]thejenyuan.com

how can i change the grid style to just 1 column ? Thanks.

Hi Ballisticone,

The Gallery theme on comes in grid style, there is no way to change it into a single column theme with extensively altering the code.


Hi Jen. I’m previewing your themes on Envato Elements, even downloaded Gallery theme to demo. Are you aware photo hovers and ‘like’ options are buggy (they flicker) using Microsoft Edge and the hovers don’t appear at all on Internet Explorer 11? Same with the previews and the demo I installed. Even your “install this Theme” links don’t work on Edge and 11. Everything works fine an all other browsers! Love your work but cant use these themes until this is resolved. Any solution?? Many thanks!