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Is there a way to add just like a full view short video at the start of the site?

It depends on what your server supports.

I’m using Adobe Business Catalyst to host my site and this was said when I searched the forums:

“No. You can not run server side code on BC. So, programs written in languages such as PHP, Pear, Python, .Net, etc. can not be executed on our server. Also, we do not allow direct access to the database.”

and goes on:

“The system is built on .NET (ASP).”

I assume this means I’m screwed on this area?

Hello Sulliantor07,

This is really unfortunate. The PHP mailing script is independent, so I would have recommended you to look for a .Net script that replicates the PHP one but these restrictions will be a stumbling block.


Just wanted to know how can i remove your loader when the full screen image openup.

i want to add my custom loader for that.

Can you please suggest.

What i wanted to do is i want to add download wallpaper links for every image (like 1366, 1440, 1900) when it open up in the light box.

So can you please tell me how to do that.

Hi I am still awaiting your reply.

Hello kunalwadhwani,

Sorry for the delayed response. Unfortunately, this cannot be achieved without modifying the source code.

You need to comment out line 482:

// if(!t.base.elem.hasClass("loading-preview")) t.openViewer();

and add this line:"href"), "_blank");

This will have the large image (or the link you provide) open in a new tab instead of a ColorBox window.

Great work! Is there a way to eliminate the 3d gallery and just display the mobile/smaller version? Thank you for your help!