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Discussion on Game Addict - Clan War Gaming Theme

Discussion on Game Addict - Clan War Gaming Theme

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Hey!!! I can’t get into the forum and get help there. I have a LICENSE certificate. can’t remember email i used. www.galactic-warrior-empire.com. Problems (not mine) 500 update error and also question about how to figure out widget ClansWar sidebar and the plugin itself (spent years trying to figure the entire site out. help!!! (gameaddict). please email me so i can take the next steps for office@galactic-warrior-empire.com.


you have an email from our support staff. Please provide them required info. Their email is zorz@support.skywarriorthemes.com

Don’t forget to check your spam/junk folder.

Hi, is it possible to set in mobile menu, link with only “one click”. Now, to go to page from mobile menu, i have to do 2 click, one for select the page, one for active the link



it is set like that because of submenus. If you have a submenu, one click would open that page on first click instead of submenu. However, I will forward this as suggestion to developers if possible to improve it a bit. Thank you.

Thenk, by the way, there is a string of code or some change colud i do for disable double-tap menu option????



yes, code change be altered to set this to one click. Sorry for late reply.

Hey, the Blog Headline is h2. How can I change it to h1?


sorry for late reply. Please start a new topic in our support forums and our staff will help you with this: http://support.skywarriorthemes.com/

Hello, I may be looking everywhere, but I can’t find where to modify icons like Fujitsu, IBM, Microsoft in the small carousel. Can you help me ?


sure, you can start a new topic in our support forums: http://support.skywarriorthemes.com/

Sorry for the late reply.

Is there any intention in upload the theme to be available in WordPress 5.x


yes, theme will get more updates. If you noticed some bugs with 5.x, please report them in our support forums: http://support.skywarriorthemes.com/


i cant find the Option to edit match results and its driving me nuts. All recent Matches are 0:0 on my site. Do i enter match results at Clanwars-> Matches?

I dont see any option to edit the score

Or do I edit matchscores when i click the actual match?

Again no Option to Change match scores. So where on earth do i Change my match scores? Can you provide a screenshot?

Please help



you received an email with explanation. Please use support forums for support questions: http://support.skywarriorthemes.com/

Question – is there an easy way with this theme to add a larger sized logo that is centered at the top of the site above the main menu?


there is no option for it by default, code needs to be changed for that. Our support might help you with it. Have you checked our respawn theme? https://themeforest.net/item/respawn-esports-gaming-wordpress-theme/23481085/ That one offers a bit more in terms of customization

I need item purchase code for update LayerSlider6 and WPBakeryBuilder. This code is not working for update plugins which i get from themeforest download page for gameaddict.


Updates for premium plugins included in theme are distributed through theme updates. Once theme update gets published, you can delete those plugins and install them again, which will result in installing the latest plugin version available at that time.

We don’t have purchase codes for LayerSlider and WP Bakery plugins. The only way to obtain those is to purchase them from their respective authors.

WPBakeryBuilder has an Update. When will the Update published for this Theme? The Changelog says the last Update was in 2018?

We are preparing new update soon.

Is it a glitch in the Mobile version, the short clip image/vid playback doesn’t work, it just shows “AWESOME THEME MADE WITH PASSION…”

Can I add a different image/vid for mobile platforms?

that would be VC i think. We made that with the page builder. I don’t think there is an option but you can hide/show blocks depending on the screen size, play with that

I bought this theme 3 months ago and installed it on a wordpress server and it was eliminated. is there a possibility to install again on another server?

i pay theme and i dont use them, now i cant instal

You can install the theme on different server

HI, when is the new updates. I have this theme but lately there is some attack and wish to update the theme

I have been waiting since there was an announcment last end of the year. Any idea when?

Update will be published this weekend.

Ok, Thanks

PHP Fatal error: require(): Failed opening required …addons/clan-wars/wp-clanwars.php on line 30 in the latest version of the theme files.

Please delete Gameaddict post types plugin before updating: https://i.imgur.com/QlFYfhg.png

Perfect. Thank you!

Just an FYI, your preview demo seems to be somewhat broken. Images not showing and half the links not working

Thought I’d add that everything seems to still be working as far as the included demo content and the theme itself when you buy it though. Just seems to be your hosted version for preview

Thanks for reporting, it has been fixed.