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Hi There, I just purchased GameAddict Wp theme this week. I have been having a lot of performance issues with it on the latest version of word press. I have been talking to the host and we have been unable to resolve the issues so far. Is it possible to change my licence/purchase the Blackfyre? It seems much more up to date and supports/lists the latest version of WP as compatible?

Hello. Not sure whats going on with your hosting but GA shouldnt give you problems. Blackfyre is a bit heavier since it has additional team wars integrations. That said, if you purchase blackfyre we can refund GA if u want to give it a try

Its all good, much of been an issues with installation, asked host to moved to a different machine and set up again as per instructions. reinstalled everything the same and it is now all working fine. Thanks for the reply.

Hello i have a small issue with the match page displaying correctly link to issue: Please help me fix the display issue. The footer is have way up the page and no images are in the clan vs clan i tired change image size to 100×100 but did not work.

Wow would i fix the Layer slider plugin: You need to authorize this site in order to get upgrades or support for this plugin. Purchase a license or enter an existing purchase code.

Also while i am here version 4.6.1 of wordpress has this Notice:

Your theme (GameAddict) contains outdated copies of some WooCommerce template files. These files may need updating to ensure they are compatible with the current version of WooCommerce. You can see which files are affected from the system status page. If in doubt, check with the author of the theme.

Are you going to update the theme?

Thank you.


please start a new topic in our support forums:

Our staff will help you with this. There will be a theme update.

Can this be made full width? instead of stuck to a tiny box


this theme will be restyled soon, I suggest waiting for a new design.

Hell yeah ! my favorite theme with amazing shortcodes got renewed … thanks guys

Hey, no problem :) We hope you like the new look :)

How come import doesn’t import all the media correctly?


if you talk about images, we cannot provide them due to copyright.


Rasteri Purchased

Hi, i just updated GameAddict theme this week and i need help with theme color options (gradient background settings) They are still red (like in demo) in single blog posts and category sections even i modified colors on theme settings to be blue. Same problem with other features which should use customized theme options.


please start a new topic in our support forums. Our staff will help you with this.


Rasteri Purchased

Looks like someone else already reported about those bugs. I hope it will be fixed in next theme update.


The Demo install got me empty things. and non of the sliders are there.

where can I find the sliders ? what is the point of buying theme if i have to remake everything ?

hahahaa, it seems every day one comment

Sorry, I wasn’t available. Support tells me that he replied and he is waiting for your email:

I just move on to another theme as this theme seems to be very very buggy. I have no time to waste here.

Bought this epic theme. It wont install no matter what I try. I also just bought the install upgrade service on your site to fix the issue however never got the next steps on what gotta to do next. Please let me know what I gotta do thanks again


please start a new topic in our support forums and our staff will help you.

I have tried multiple times to install. I hired your company to install and still no response. I also hired themeforest upgrade to install and they keep showing me this image saying it wont install they said they can but i have to delete my entire current site? I have over 2,500 blogs on my site so can’t do that. Could you please show me solution so I can use your theme or refund my money thank you.

Please send an email at and explain to Zorz what needs to be done. But yes, if you want it same as in demo, you will need empty database. But again, please speak to Zorz first and see if there is something that can be done to avoid this.


xados Purchased

Hallo! I Buy your Design Game Addict 1) How do i activate Visual Composer licence? I try to do that, but it shows me that the licence hasn’t been found. 2) I have troubles activating LayerSlider WP as well, i enter the product code of your design also Purchase code as told in description and it say: Code is illegal.

Another question: 3) “Why the pictures dont appear in the news or team logo like in the demo version and i followed all the instructions in the description i install demo in WordPress admin.”

4) And the last but not least: How do i change the color from red to blue?

Here is my Page, you can see: 5FRAGS.ORG


answers provided by support via email

hello, we bought game addict template but we can not find the XML template file in the zip, can you give it us?


if you want to use demo import, there is one click install option under theme options.

Hello again. We had another trouble. When we click in “one click install” option, appear the following message “To protect your content the demo importer only works when Wordpress is fresh installed. Please re-install Wordpress with the default settings if you want to import the demo data” However, our wordpress is fresh installed so what can we do?

There must be something in your database, maybe users or some post. Please start a new topic in our support forums and our staff will help you with this.

WOW – This new style update is simply amazing. What a great new look. Thanks so much!


we are glad that you like it :D

Hi! I have two troubles: 1. with ClanWars plugin. I can not include twitch iframe code in the match description. However it works in a normal wordpress post. What can I do?. 2. with block members. Just doesn’t work, it seems crashed. I can not select a image or put a description. Can you help me?

Despite this, i love this teamplate. great work


sorry for late reply. Please use our support forums for support questions:

I asked about it 4 days ago and no one answer me…. so, what can I do ? I bought the support…

Our support was on vacation. He is back, and you should have reply in your topic now. Sorry for inconvenience.


m1098aj Purchased

Hi, I have bought and installed the theme with demo content. I can’t work out how to add my own large background image at the top (the one with the girl on the live site, that also covers the menu). No instructions in the documentation and the demo content doesn’t mirror what you have live at the moment.


m1098aj Purchased

Fixed it, answers in forum.


Johhan Purchased

Hello, I was wondering when are you guys going to update visually the HTML version of this template. I notice that the HTML version is using the old visual layout and I would like to buy it.



there are no plans to update HTML yet.

rtl support?


there is RTL support for this theme.

please slider import link :)


please ask our staff in support forums:

Hey, how we can remove unused Plugins and functions? This Theme is for SEO and good timelines very bad ..

How to to remove woocommerce includes e.g. (woocommerce, bbpress, buddypress) Modules are not installed, but css e.g loads, why??

And how to remove CSS from php file header?


please start a new topic in our support forums, and our staff will help you with that:

They have replied. Check that topic now. Sorry for inconvenience.

I would like to change this theme ?

The theme I purchased : Game Addict – Clan War Gaming Theme

Can we change themes? Please :/


please contact our support and check with them:

Hello Skywarriors, hope you can answer me fast :)

I came across your theme on, it seems they use game addict theme but it looks like the oblivion theme from you guys?

Which one do i have to buy to make it similar? Is it possible to display sponsor rotator in the header?

I’ll buy it fast soon when you answer me :) thanks!


Sorry for late reply. This looks like the old gameaddict version. New, updated version have more possibilities. We also suggest to check our other themes before purchase:

You can find demos there :) Sponsor rotator can be made using LayerSlider plugin (premium plugin included in theme).


Deeznoobs Purchased

Can you add instagram to social media options


thank you for your suggestion. This will be forwarded to developers. Meanwhile, please contact our support in forums, maybe they can help you with this:


Deeznoobs Purchased

Also is there any chance you will be adding some features from arcane to this theme (game addict)

Maybe. You can send a suggestion email to our developers at and they will consider it.