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If you try to add a description to a match, like for example rules or specifications, it won’t let you pass HTML, if you try and linebreak it will output the HTML as text even if you just press enter it will give you a
but it won’t actually process the HTML. Been asking for assistance on this and haven’t recieved any.


Please check this support forum topic:

You will find a fix there..

I buy this theme .but its told me purchase visual composer and layer slider !!! what shoud i do ?


No need to purchase they are included. Ignore update warning because we will release update along with our theme update.

Does this theme have the same functionalities as blackfyre when it comes to creating and managing teams by players?


no. Blackfyre has more options in that field. May I suggest to take a look on our Arcane theme?

Looks great, is there any way of creating a bridge between the theme and sportpress? Using buddy press for example?

Sorry for late reply. Arcane is using Buddypress, so if Sportpress is also compatible, it would probably work. If not, there might be need for some custom coding.

Hello. I’ve got a client that is interest in using one of the SkyWarriors templates for his game boosting website. It needs to be WordPress compatible since we do not want to have to do much coding. Which would you recommend?


Depends what he wants to have. I would suggest to contact our support at and he will be able to set an admin access for you if you want to.

Hi, I am interested in your template but can I see an example post with a YouTube video embedded in it? Does the YouTube video replace the top news image or is it embedded with the article text? Thanks for your help!


in case you add embed here:

it will be displayed like this:

You can also see in second image that there is featured image. That one is used for blocks (when video embed is active). In case you have more questions, let me know.

Nice theme. I would buy it in a heart beat if the shop section would fit to the theme.


can you tell me which one you are concerned about? Main section or single product page. Sorry for late reply.


SirDago Purchased

hi im interessed on buying this theme but i need to ask, there is an options in backend to customize the color of all red items in the page?

Your website is down completely, I can not get the theme working without it. Any idea on an eta when it will be back up?


can you please start a new topic in our support forums. They should work normally:

I’ve bought game addict theme but I have trouble installasi, whether I should install wordpress first or how to ask for instructions

Please contact our support in support forums:

They will help you with installation. But yes, you should have Wordpress installed before theme installation.


Good evening.

I like your theme. I have doubts.

I tried to login / register for the theme, but I can not.

1 – Is there a member area? Could you provide login and demo password?

2 – I will not have clan competition. Is there any way to leave it inactive? Loud in the front I do. Active again.

3 – Is there any way to disable this area in some posts?

4 – I have seen many comments. In one of them I saw that question.

Four years ago the boy asked if this theme allowed people to register their clans and have their pages. Something like that. Tell me if it was something like that. I have servers where it would be war of chaos. For all clans to visit and exchange many shot. Community warkaos. I want to know if your theme allows these clans register, have a specific page, an area of members, clan leader, but their team followers.

5 – When you buy the theme. Are you able to install and deliver just like that?

I would like to visit demo to understand everything. Please! Tell me what the clans are doing on this topic. In addition to a live competition.

Appreciate. Excuse the questions. Waiting.


please send an email at to our support. He will be able to help you with some access and other questions.

Hi how do I add the 468×60 banner just above the menu, and is there a user guide. Thanks


please start a new topic in our support forums and our staff will help you:


It seems that the Posts archive does not work correctly on your theme. When visiting I see posts that are from 2018 . When I switch to Twenty Seventeen, the issue is fixed.

How can this be fixed?

PS I am working for a client who purchase this on his account – which is why you won’t see “purchased”, however I can provide his license key if needed.


please register your client in our support forums using his license key and our staff will help you with this:

Font Awesome icons are still broken along the top of the theme.


please start a new topic in our support forums and our staff will investigate further.