Discussion on Game Over - Responsive Wedding Event Planning

Discussion on Game Over - Responsive Wedding Event Planning

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hello i want revolution slider but not found can you help me please?

Hi, this theme is also italian version?

I can t see the menu description in my menu. Any idea?


Please, open a ticket at https://cosmothemes.zendesk.com/home with a link to your site.

Thank you.

Hello, can I ask where to find the function that defines the link for the logo (the one that takes you to the homepage)? Thank you :)


If I remember correctly I already answered your question :)

The website is extremely slow even after the following steps are done: https://cosmothemes.zendesk.com/entries/84002729-Slow-backend-Site-not-responinding-issue

Image loading speed is terrible and became broken link sometimes.

Hi, kimyoong

Image loading has nothing to do with the theme. Check with your hosting provider on disable JetPack’s photon service, if you have it.

Otherwise, please submit a ticket with your hosting credentials so we can investigate.

Is there a way to completely remove the circle from the main logo on the home page?

Hey chrismont,

You’ll need to tweak some CSS to achieve your request.

In your backend, navigate to Extra – Custom CSS and add the rule below:

header#header-container .header-container-wrapper .logo-block-container .logo .logo-image .logo-img-wrapper { border: none; }

Also, choose frame style “None” in Settings – Styling.

Hello , I’m from Brazil , I bought this template about almost two years ago, I did a test immediately after purchase , importing the same for my website, and was working normally updated wordpress to latest version and the site is super slow , I created a new wordpress plugin without , without data without anything, just imported the layout and is very slow , you can check www.lumaerodrigo.com.br , not browse each click takes about 10 seconds , I’m getting married in July already I needed the site ready and I can not continue as to the wp- admin wordpress is slow when I put any other topic the site is normal and standard works like to know what can be. And the problem is not with the server because it created a local site on my personal computer and the same thing happened … I also tried to import with pure wordpress from version 3.9 and continued the same problem. Please if you know what let me to adjust and for the site to function.

Help me please!

Hi, please read this post https://cosmothemes.zendesk.com/entries/84002729-Slow-backend-Site-not-responinding-issue

Should you require the updated theme – open up a private ticket at https://cosmothemes.zendesk.com/anonymous_requests/new including your valid purchase code (check if your support subscription is valid)

where can i find the code where you inject the Facebook Resources? I can’t find it. I wish to disable all facebook resources on the site.

Please Answer Me ASAP.

Please consider checking the opened ticket. Thanks

Hello again!

Updating my website, and I cannot get the carousel to work. I’ve followed the instructions found in your comments, but the options that you show in the images you attached do not show up. I get the templates section, but I don’t get a “carousel” option when I click any of the types of elements.


please open a ticket at https://cosmothemes.zendesk.com/home with an admin account, and we’ll have a look. Anyway, strange behavior, indeed.

Hello, I want to integrate the social share on the list view of the blog post. How do I do it? and another thing is how do I change the excerpt length and more link. Thanks a lot.


try to open /lib/php/post.class.php, and search for the static function list_view() – here you can edit the list view.

The excerpt function is located in the same file, get_excerpt().


Just purchased. How do I change the OLIVIA RODRIGUEZ and image of the header? is there a documentation where i can reference?

Hi there,

Please check this options http://i.imgur.com/HOg1GPN.png

The documentation pdf file is located in the theme’s full archive that can be downloaded from ThemeForest.

For any other questions please use our ticketing system at https://cosmothemes.zendesk.com/home


where can i find my revolution slider plugin? I can’t find it.

Unfortunately the Revolution Slider plugin is not bundled with the theme, you have to purchase it separately, or install any other slider that does use shortcodes.

How about the rsvp plugin?

There are no plugins attached – please find RSVP here https://wordpress.org/plugins/rsvp/

Hi, great Theme. Thanks for that. Is it possible to hide the post title?

Thank you Firat

Try to add next CSS into the Custom CSS box:

.carousel-wrapper ul.carousel-nav > li.pasive { background-color: rgb(234, 96, 96); color: #423EC3; }


Great it works. Is it also impossible to change the size of these buttons?

Sure, here is the code:

.carousel-wrapper ul.carousel-nav > li { height: 50px; width: 50px; font-size: 18px; line-height: 50px; } .carousel-wrapper ul.carousel-nav > li.carousel-nav-left { margin-right: 31px; }

Font size is for arrows, the heights and width – for circles. Margin – the space between.

Cheers and do not forget to rate our theme once you finish your project!

Do the pictures come with the theme? If not, where is the source? Thanks.


the theme comes with the demo content and demo settings, but we do not provide copyright license for the images. Thanks

i am very disappointed. the introducing pdf is not realy helpful and nothing works. I got problems with the contact form and the gallery. that is annoying.


please open a ticket at https://cosmothemes.zendesk.com/home with an admin account, and the list of issues you have. As soon as you’ll get the idea about the Template builder, everything will seem so simple. Here is a video explaining how to work with the template builder https://cosmothemes.zendesk.com/entries/24098883-Video-tutorial-creating-a-Tripod-front-page-like-in-demo . Although the quality is bad, the main idea is simple: adding elements to a template, then selecting the template when configuring a page, you’ll see those elements when viewing the page.


hi there, i got a problem. i dint got every element in the theme builder. so my selection ist very less. http://imgur.com/Zuou5gZ


please open a ticket at https://cosmothemes.zendesk.com/home with an admin account, and the list of issues you have. We’ll get to you as soon as possible. Thanks.

Great job!

A great theme with many opportunities. The developers covered all needs for customization. The plenty of possibilities allows you to change the whole theme and to achieve the desired results for your project.

We have created: olevanospose.itA great theme with many opportunities. The developers covered all needs for customization. The plenty of possibilities allows you to change the whole theme and to achieve the desired results for your project. Great job!

We have created: http://olevanospose.it/

Best Regards, PETKOV.Ads http://5kov.de/

Thanks a bunch for the nice words! We do share our gratitude! Please do not forget to rate our theme! Cheers!

I give 5 stars for customizability and flexibility!

Thank you very much! We appreciate it a lot!

[Pre purchase question]

Hi there,

I would like to buy this amazing theme but i’ve a question before. Do the theme is compatible with WPML Plugin ?

I wait your answer in order to buy it…

Thank you in advance, Best regards.


unfortunately we haven’t deeply tested it under WPML, but the theme is written under all standards, so you should feel pretty comfortable with the basic WPML options. I tried translating couple of pages/posts/custom posts, and no issues detected. The only issue may be the block titles in the template builder – which are added by you, and you basically have just one input, not more inputs for more languages. Thank you.

Hey there!

A brief question: I have created a page called splash and selected in Reading this as a static home page but I can’t get it to work, it goes back to the original home page and not the splash page I have created. I can see the page fine if I view it but I can’t make it appear as a home page. What am I doing wrong? Thanks!


please try to create your frontpage using the mainpage template. Here is a tutorial on how to work that http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nTd_h40eEuQ&feature=youtu.be (the theme is different, but the approach is exactly the same).

For more questions please use our ticketing system by accessing the https://cosmothemes.zendesk.com/home link. Thank you and wish you a very great day!

Hi! I’m having a little trouble with the sizing of the images in the circles. I’m adding the feature images but it’s showing up different sizes, some are small circles some are large ovals. Should my pictures be a specific size? Thanks in advance for your help.


we do apologize for the delayed response in Themeforest’s forum. If you still have not submitted a ticket at https://cosmothemes.zendesk.com/home , please do open one, with an admin account and a link to your site. Thank you and wish you a very great day!


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