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LOL! I love the name of this theme in relation to what it is for. That’s hilarious.

we’re happy you like it and made you smile )

< :grin:

@dr00t: Agree.. Yes, such a smart name.. Ironic.. LOL.

@virusnac : great job as always.. we always love your themes.. good luck with sale, cosmothemes, and good luck with the “competition” ... ;)

best wishes

Thank you candeed ;)

YES, another AMAZING Theme from Virusnac!! BIG fan of your work here (that last theme of yours/Church theme WOW) and please just let me know if there is Any way to have a Smooth mobile view Drop down menu (iphone view is a Big deal for me) and if so I am Buying!!$ either way GRT Theme and Work, SO Talented and Much Respect to You!!

The best name for a wedding-theme :D

a very beautiful template. Congrats mate.. :D

Used for an estimate today, this will likely be a solid sale! Thanks guys, beautiful work!!

Ahahaha! Great name for a wedding template :bigwink:

One of the best wedding templates here, I think. :)

Wish luck and continue to be so creative and even better!

P.S. Name of template is really great, it made to see what’s inside :D

Thanks @supernal, we appreciate.

awesome work ;)

Thank you :)

Sad that it’s not a plain site template. I don’t want Wordpress. :(

Could someone point me in the direction of what a actual blog page would look like with this theme? It is really well done and looking to repurpose and use as a blog… Unless I am missing it I wanted to see how a chronological standard blog with sidebars might look.


Any chance you have anything with the sidebars? Thank you so much in advance.

this one has the sidebar: http://awesomescreenshot.com/098105yv8f

But you can have sidebar with any view on any side you want left or right.

Thanks so much for your prompt response…

Pre purcasing question: Is it possible to insert video from vimeo?

Here is an example of a video post: http://freewpresources.com/gameover/2013/03/07/video-post/

If you attach more videos then all the videos will be displayed one under another, it won’t behave as image gallery.

So, it’s not good. I would like to separate them as links to the video.

In this case you can manually insert links to the video in the post content.

Looks really awesome so i bought it. How can I remove the author and the time from every page?

Hi, you can do that only by removing some code.

In \lib\php\main.php find function get_meta and remove the lines 745 and 746

<li class="meta-details-author"><?php echo '<a href="'.get_author_posts_url($post->post_author).'"><span class="count"><i class="icon-author" />'.get_the_author_meta('display_name', $post->post_author).'</span></a>'; ?></li> <li class="meta-details-date"><span class="meta_det"><i class="icon-date" /><?php echo post::get_post_date($post -> ID); ?> </span> </li>

dumb question I got it! Thank you for a lovely theme once again. The documentation could be better, but I guess im too noobish :) Anyhow, if you’d like to tell me how the slider is fitted into the first page. Ive already made so many pages and had an idea of importing your settings from the xml, but dont want to do that because my site is live.

Hi, we are using Revolution Slider in the demo, but it is not included in the archive because themeforest changed the terms of the extended licence. However you can use any slideshow available (free or commercial) that allows rendering the slider using shortcodes.

After finding a good plugin for you, you must use it like this: http://i.imgur.com/F5wkrws.png

Thank you.

I am unable to figure out how to get the menu along the top to work. I have read through your documentation and I see nothing about that. What do I need to do?

The comment above was for main menu. For top menu, you have to make the same steps, just assign the menu to Top Menu http://i.imgur.com/pXfOkte.png and choose in the template to thow the “Top menu” element http://i.imgur.com/2Axj2hB.png (at the moment it shows a default menu with some items, if you have not assigned one)

I have tried that as well. It doesn’t change a thing. I save a menu to the “top menu” and then go to the template and choose top menu. I check my website and nothing happens. I go back to my menus and nothing is saved under “top menu.” I keep trying to saved it under top menu and nothing will stay there. Everything time I leave the menu page it unassigned the menu I created as the top menu.

Thanks helping me work this out.

I figured out the problem. This was occurring because the directory name that contains the theme was too long.

I resolved this issue by:
    1. Changed to a different theme
    2. Logged in with FTP
    3. Navigated to the theme directory site/wp-content/themes/
    4. Renamed the directory /themeforest-4148563-game-over-responsive-wedding-event-planning/ to /GameOver/
    5. Changed back to the GameOver theme

Thanks for trying to help me figure out the problem! I am excited that everything is working and I can now use this awesome theme. Keep up the good work!

Pre order question: Is it possible to create sub menu for this theme?


Hi, check please our demo: http://freewpresources.com/gameover The first menu – Home has submenu samples (some of hteme don’t link anywhere, we added them just for demo ).

And here you can see all view types that the theme supports: http://freewpresources.com/gameover/view-types/

Thank you.

Create them as usually in WordPress in Appearance -> Menus, by drag and drop http://i.imgur.com/kOfJs2q.png

I love your template, but before buy it i got few questions? I need a blog…and i want to know how its gonna be presented. Submenus? Sidebar? Contact Page? Widget Area?

To show revolution slider in an example, but not to include it in sale cost, is it honestly?

Sorry about that, we wanted to include it in the theme but licensing for plugins extended licence has changed and we are not allowed to do that. And we have clearly specified in the item description that Revolution slider is not included. Actually not only Revolution slider can be used. Any slider plugin that works with shortcodes can be used.

ok. Thanks. Great theme!

Hi there!

Great theme :) Is there any way I can show twitter #’s rather than a user feed using the Twitter widget? If so, what code would I need to change?

Thanks in advance!

In a slider some graphics, such as a veil of the bride, a white frame for date is used. Where I can find these pictures?