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Hello! Tell me pls, How I can remove date-circle on post’s tumbnails https://dl.dropbox.com/u/14900988/New%20Skitch.jpg

Hi. You need to open lib/php/post.class.php and in functions
function list_view
function grid_view_thumbnails
function grid_view
the element
<span class="post-date"> .. </span>

Thank U. It’s work!

Hello again, I was wondering if you could please answer my question from a few days ago:

Is there any way I can show twitter #’s rather than a user feed using the Twitter widget? If so, what code would I need to change?

Thanks in advance!

Hi. The twitter widget by default shows only the feed. If you want to change the functionality, you’ll have to edit lib/php/widget/tweets.php

Hello! Someone discussed this earlier in the comment thread, but the menu options do not work properly. However, when you change the name of the file in the ftp (I took their advice), it works perfect! I changed the name of my file to themeforest-gameover. So some people may want to change file name BEFORE they install it into the wp-content.

I just wanted to give you an FYI :-)

Oh and I LOOOOOVE the theme. Using it for my wedding website!

Hi. Glad you like it. Can we have a look at it? Also, not sure if the theme ins installed properly, as you don’t have to rename anything during the install. If you had some themeforest text in the folder name then probably it’s not installed as it should. You need to unzip the archive, and install the theme from inside it, here is a topic about this http://cosmothemes.com/forums/topic/4436

You’re the PRO, so I probably didn’t do it right!! Our website is marquesandwillaura.com. I just started working on it late last night, and I am far from done, so don’t judge me! If you have any suggestions please let me know! I was trying to find the same slider you used in the demo (Revolution Slider 2.2), but I didn’t have any luck.

Thank you for creating this theme! I LOVE the way everything is coming together.

Everything is ok, you just need to reinstall it as described in the link. The slider is not included in the theme.
Good luck and best wishes for you and your bride :)


I need your tips with layouts:

from the photo album section / main page – http://demo.cosmothemes.com/gameover/

our love story layout – http://demo.cosmothemes.com/gameover/our-love-story/

and this script of gallery http://demo.cosmothemes.com/gameover/2013/02/26/proin-odio-orci/

Hi. The first link is the frontpage, where there is a element showing posts in thumbnail view in four columns http://i.imgur.com/Iw6U8MM.png
The second links shows the posts in time line view type.
The third one is a gallery post, you can upload the images from Post Format area http://i.imgur.com/3utBzzp.png

ok, many thanks

Hello – can you change the colour of the font/details in this template?

Hi. You can change the fonts for headings and content from a list in theme settings http://i.imgur.com/dgKjpzC.png Color options are available in theme settings for headings, links, logo color http://i.imgur.com/harTGPf.png There is also the Custom CSS option in theme settings to insert your own css http://i.imgur.com/yfkuC4P.png

Perfect. Thank you!

I am interested in purchasing the theme but I was wondering if I can take our the names and date on top and change the circle picture to a logo.

Hi, the answer is yes – just leave blank the content of the spouse name and date inputs in backend.

Ok great. Purchasing now. Thanks for your speedy response.

Thank you as well. If you have any questions please use the theme’s special forum at http://cosmothemes.com/forums/forum/27 Have a great weekend.

Very nice theme! Congrats! Good luck with your sales!

Thank you JFthemes :)

On the home page it says “Nullam volutpat mattis turpis ac tempus. Cras augue odio, laoreet eu iaculis vitae…”

I can’t find where to edit this

Hi. That is the “Text/shortcodes” element from template builder http://i.imgur.com/cSClWRv.png You can edit it’s content from the element settings http://i.imgur.com/GsokLw9.png or remove it from the template itself.

i have purchased this theme and love it!!! one quick question….

How can i edit the excepts from the “Our love story” page? i dont not see the text listed in the post.

many thanks!

thank you, i see where i can hide the excerpt and i may do that… but what if i wanted to edit the the excerpt text, where do i find that?

The excerpt are a few words from the beginning of a post content, this is done automatically, however WordPress has a special field in posts for this purpose, where you can enter a custom text http://i.imgur.com/P4wer8q.png

solved, thanks for your help!!

A few questions:

1. How do I get rid of the comments/reply box on my pages – e.g.: http://www.headoverheelsnyc.com/about-us/ 2. On the home page, http://www.headoverheelsnyc.com/ – In my testimonial I have 2 lines there that look like where an image is supposed to go. If I don’t haven an image there, how do I get rid of it?

Hi. You can disable the comments for a specific post or page from WordPress page settings http://i.imgur.com/wrUk8vK.png if you don’t see this option in a page, then enable it from Screen Options (upper right)
There might be a missing image, that was assigned as featured image to that testimonial. Remove it, or set a new featured image for it

Hi, I found 2 bugs: - some posts/pages can’t hase short names (url’s) with ”-” - second – please see http://www.nasz.slicznyslub.pl/2013/03/22/transport-dojazd/ and click on the map (it should be linked in the new window to the http://goo.gl/maps/28dcP)

In WordPress, you can set the image to a link or an image file. In other themes there is no problem to link to the external website without open in prettyPhoto. I don’t use it on this page so I can turn off the prettyPhoto but if I wanted to have the pictures with this script the problem couldn’t be solved by turn off prettyPhoto. Links from images should be in a new tab, the images file in prettyPhoto.

The active theme is broken. Reverting to the default theme. How to fix?

hey .. its still have issue we uplaod updated theme see http://michaelnaubrey.com

Need solution as soon as possible..

I have just replied your email. Please send us your admin credentials.

Is it possible to have futured events or posts published? http://www.nasz.slicznyslub.pl/plan-dnia/ I need this dates in 2013.

Where can I find excerpt long parameter?

From the screenshots you provided I see 0 posts for category “plan dnia”, but there are no Events assigned to it http://i.imgur.com/Vnrk9eL.png. The events have their Date (you set the date http://i.imgur.com/FIYT44b.png ), while the posts themselves have a published date, which are different. You can sorted by the published date (by default) or by event date http://i.imgur.com/lF3iH1V.png

Hi I bought this theme and it is really great! I would like to know if it is possible to make this theme “not responsive”? I have a sort of custom design and it is a mess on mobile devices, so i want to disable the “responsivness”. Thanks for the answer.

Hi. Unfortunately this requires to customize the css as it was designed and build as a responsive theme. I could suggest to delete from header.php <meta name="viewport" ... but might solve this completely.

In a slider some graphics, such as a veil of the bride, a white frame for date is used. Where I can find these pictures?

If you would like to reproduce our demo, please check the “XML + import” folder from the zip you download from themeforest (we have updated it today). Other images are not available.

is it possible to change the menu font for any other Serif with latin (PL) characters? // www.nasz.slicznyslub.pl

Hi. For the menu, you need to use the Custom CSS to override the font for menu (or edit the stylesheets of the theme).

Hi. Just purchased this one, but cant seem to figure out how the gallery/photo-album works. In your demo you have the gallery on the frontpage as well as a page linked by the menu. Both have the pictures in circles. From what I understand (to have it on the frontpage) i have to create a post, set it to “gallery” and then upload pics to it and then add to a template that specific post? Doing that resulted in square images on the frontpage, and not very stylish.. Or what am i missing here?

That is a list of posts, shown in a template assigned to a page (main page also can be used) http://i.imgur.com/0mopb5U.png when the image from the grid will be clicked it will lead to the post. Inside the post you can create a gallery as you have mentioned.


I am having hard time with the theme, and I would need the HTML files to build a new Template. Can you help me out ?

Thanks, Robert

Hi. Unfortunately, this theme doesn’t have HTML files. But if you refer to the template builder, you don’t need a HTML template, as you can add/remove/move/change elements in the frontpage builder http://i.imgur.com/fOHEfgA.png the created templates can be assigned in Theme settings -> Layouts.

My problem is, I assign a template for a page, and i want to use a sidebar, but it wont work. I could give you access to the admin page to see whats wrong, I need to finish this today, please help.

Please contact from this contact form if you need privately http://themeforest.net/user/virusnac/ To assign sidebars you can do it from theme settings -> Layouts (these are general layout settings) or individually from Page/Post (for each one separately).

ok i wrote you on private. thanks

I managed to sort out the problem, thanks!

Hi! i need to do the same design page whit like this…


how should I do it?

sorry for my english, i’m italian!

can you help me?


one more question, i need to change the name of the menu. love story, gueastbook…ecc. thanks

What is with the page you have specified?
The menu items, their labels can be changed from Appearance -> Menus, the standard WordPress way :)