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Hi, when my website adress is pasted into facebook the gameover images is displayed, how to get a custom one?

Replace the file fb_screenhsot.png from theme folder with your custom image, just keep the filename/format.

Hi -

I have a quick question – sorry I’m a complete newbie and have been struggling with some of the nuances of the theme.

I was able to upload the theme on to wordpress (uploaded zipped file etc.). I have been reading through the support sections but unable to find the php library on wordpress (e.g. post.class.php). I can find this on my computer hard drive and can edit the date etc. but do I need to reupload the entire theme for this to work?

Is there someplace on the wordpress site (such as Appearance—> Editor) where I can tweak the php libraries?

Thanks in advance! ST

Hi. if you have edited a file, then you can reupload only that file on your host. The path to that file is /wp-content/themes/gameover/lib/php/post.class.php (please note that WordPress back end file editor can see only files in the root of the theme, not the ones in subdirectories). You can also edit directly the files through FTP :)

Hi I hope you are doing well!

I really really really love this theme and would like to use it for an upcoming project. The only issue is that it is not for a couple, it is for a project. Is there a way with the design that I can put the name of the project over the logo, and avoid the two names on the side of the logo?

Thank you!

Hi. These changes could be done with some code tweaks, there are no direct ways of doing it.

I love the theme but I have one problem. I tried to solve it with two solutions, none of them isnt working. First I told my main page is static page, I added content to that main page but when I go to see it, there’s no content. I added first blog post, told that my mainpage is posts page, and same thing happens. It doesnt show any content on the content area. I added manually Home menu as first menu item, and added url manually – so it goes to this blog post. This works. But if I click to the logo, I have nothing. And when people come to the site, they dont see anything eiter, as there’s no content :( Can you help me please? The invites are sent out and soon people are coming to the page, but theres no main page atm :(

Hi. Please contact from here specify the issue and provide us with a link and credentials.

Hi, due to Twitter’s API changes, the twitter widget is not working anymore. Is there an update available for this? Thank you

Hi. We will update very soon.

Hi, is the new update fixing the new Twitter API?

Yes, please check the new update.

OK, I am a little lost! I am trying to lay out my site and I am pretty new to wordpress. The elements I am having problems with are the scrolling carousel on the main page, the gallery and the timeline layout. Are these blog posts just without comments? I did not see any direction inside the documentation and then links on this site did not work for me. Where can I find information on how to lay this out correctly with my photographs? I really would like my site to look very similar to the structure in the example for this theme. Any help would be appreciated or advice to point me in the right direction!

Hi. If you would like, you can import the dummy content from the folder “XML import” from the zip you download from themeforest. The elements you described can be added in a template from the Templates section in theme options you can enable for elements different settings, the carousel can be enabled when showing for example categories If you would like, show us a link from a specific page where you want to know what element is used

Thanks! I imported as you said. My other question is, with themes, do you have access to the coding itself? With this specific theme on page 2 (our Love Story) I want the pictures in the layout to just be static and not link out to a new page. I want to be able to use the timeline layout and I guess almost “static”. Same goes for the photo gallery. When you click on the pictures it goes out to another page that I dont need (4 different ones for each thumbnail) and I only want it to link to just one gallery. Are there ways that I can change these elements? Thanks!


of course you can edit these templates, for example single.php for single posts, or /lib/php/post.class.php , function grid_view() / list_view() for grid/list views. Timeline can be edited in function timeline_view(), same file. For more details, please open a ticket at .


Hey, I am trying to install Wordpress SEO and am encountering a problem with a line of code which I am being told to ‘fix’:

<meta name=”description” content=”<?php echo strip_tags(post::get_excerpt($post, $ln=150)); ?>” />

Any ideas please?

Our theme has it’s simple SEO included, so if you do not need it, you can just delete that meta tag from header.php file. SEO will add it’s meta there. Cheers!

Hi there, How can I get rid of the dates on a timeline (ie. Our Love Story page)? Thank you,


Hi, please add in the Custom CSS box next CSS lines:
.timeline-elem {



I bought the game over theme and the revolution sliders plugin. I tried to import the xml but the slider is not equals like the demo.

I would like to have the sliders images like the demo! Can you send me the import file (REVOLUTION SLIDERS)?

You can see the site on

Hi Just bought the theme. A very simple question. Where can I find the logo settings to change the names and pic on the main page.


you can change all these from theme’s settings:


Hello! Tell me pls, How I can translate Data in date-circle on post’s tumbnails


please open /lib/php/post.class.php, and find the last function ( function displayStartDate($post) ) . Here, edit every date() function into date_i18n(), like:

pan class="number"> <?php echo date_i18n('j', $start_date ); ?>

You have 6 matches. let us know if that did not helped. Cheers!

perfect :) tx alot

You’re welcome! Have a nice week!

theme suport new wordpress 3.6 ??? i can uptade or wait for your ?

The update was send on Friday, along updating WP3.6, so you can freely update. Let us know if any issues will appear. Cheers!

theme suport new wordpress 3.6 ??? i can uptade or wait for your ?

you can download the latest version (0.4) from Themefores, it is compatible with 3.6

how do I update the theme without losing my settings?

How do I remove the dates from the list view circles? There are white boxes around them in Chrome


yes, it’s a Chrome bug, we know. You can hide those circles by adding next code to Custom CSS settings.


Thank you!

Hello! How do I delete the questions by default from my rsvp page? Tks!


please refer to RSVP plugin’s documentation, as it’s a third-part component. Thanks.

Awesome theme!

Question: I’d like to be able to choose which testimonials that I want to display rather than only being able to choose from the latest 5 testimonials. Is that possible? Thanks very much in advance!

In which .php can I edit the code for testimonials? I want to be able to display more than just 5 latest testimonials.


sorry for the bug – already fixed it. Please open \lib\php\LayoutBuilder\LBTemplateBuilder.php file, and search/replace next snippets:


worked perfectly, thanks!!

Love the theme.

But having a fist page issue.

When pasting the first page address to Facebook or sharing it from the first page it only shows the Game Over image and the adress to the site.

Some history information:

I also had a problem with the first page as a static page as it did not show the site at all. Just the logotext and image. It was solved, but now we keep having the problem with facebook and this particular site. It shows the Game Over theme image with our first page.

All the other pages show the images and addresses and the referral text normally.

Thank you for ansvering!


please open theme’s directory, and replace fb_screenshot.png file with your logo (keep the PNG filetype). Then go here and enter you site’s URL. It will “refresh” Facebook’s database with your site. If you’ll have issues again, please open a ticket at with an admin account to your site. We’ll help you out. Cheers!

I am having problems with the Game Over widget for the quick contact form. What exactly do I have to do on my end to get it to work properly? I am not getting emails from the contact form. Thanks!


if you are inserting in the shortcode an email address: the contact form should send the message to that address. If the shortcode is left as it is, the receiving emails will be admin’s email address. Did you tried that?

Also, please make sure your server permit email sending. If all this will fail, please open a ticket at with an admin account, a link to your site, and an FTP account to the theme. Cheers!

I do not have a “contact” page. I just inserted the Gameover widget within a template. I have an email inserted in the settings for that widget, but its not working. I do not have the option for a short code to be put into the template itself when I select widget


we are sorry for the delay, just came back from our vacation! For any of your questions, please use our ticketing system, right here: .

You can easily just to create a page ( a simple page) and add the contact form shortcode (it’s not a widget, it’s a shortcode) . Hope that was it. Cheers!


Thank you for the great theme!

Can you help me please with import stage. I got such error: “Remote server returned error response 403 Forbidden” (only for media files)

Wordpress: v3.6

Import tool: v0.6

Other posts has been imported successfully.

I found what’s wrong: your cloud server block my IP (too many connections). I have been used proxy and everything is fine now!

Good afternoon, take a friend doubt, translate the theme to en_US, but he not score translates the settings files theme, I wonder if you have a way to translate the theme settings or do I have to do it in code?


we are sorry for the delay, just came back from our vacation! For any of your questions, please use our ticketing system, right here: .

Options should be translated too, so you can try translate them by using this plugin