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How do I make it so the top menu bar doesn’t stick and scroll down?

Hi JakeShhhh,

Please submit a ticket at the Support Center and I can help you with this.


evanino Purchased

Trying to rate this theme…. I give it a half star! Not really impressed, could not get the theme to make my site look better.

I’m glad the theme was only $39. After trying to set it up “easy” not really, I paid 38 dollars too much. Sorry, but it looked nice in demo (like most do) and then trying to set it up is a different story.

I own and operate 8 websites, I can see this working for any of them. This should be a FREE theme offer.

Good luck MVP Themes

Hi evanino,

The theme was last updated in August and has been consistently updated since it was created. I’m also not sure what you mean by the rest, but the theme gives you exactly what you see on the demo.


evanino Purchased

I am building a test wordpress environment to check into your theme more, since it does not work out of the box. I don’t want my site down or looking all jacked up until I can get all the stuff working. NOT all your fault, most themes don’t work out of the box. Demo always looks good, but to place a theme over a existing site with over 6000 posts… NO they just don’t work.


evanino Purchased

I will probably use your theme for a site that does not have much content. I can’t risk my sites being down for hours and hours while I try and make your theme look good and work well.

Hello, I’d like to install an event calendar to my blog. Is this theme compatible with this plugin (MyEventOn) ? Thank you,

Hi plichart1,

Gameday has not been officially tested with that plugin, so I cannot guarantee that it is 100% compatible.

Good afternoon. prompt – in this subject there is a demo data?

Hi Toorne,

Unfortunately, this theme doe snot come with demo data, but it does come with documentation, which will explain how to install and setup the theme. And if you have any questions after reading the documentation, you can submit a ticket at the Support Center and I’ll be happy to help.

Help me please. how to adjust the slider? I it is not loaded. if you read the settings – write that you need to specify tags and pages which are the tags, and will be displayed in the slider. but I still can not go out … how to be?

Thank you. all. understood

Hi Toorne,

It is not showing that you have purchased the theme. Please login with the username you purchased the theme with and post a comment here so I can confirm your purchase. Thanks!

how to remove this 3 line in main menu:

Hi BalaPV,

Unfortunately, your support has expired. If you would like to continue to receive support, you will need to renew your support or this theme via the Downloads section of your Themeofrest profile page.

Good afternoon. If you buy a template – Adsense it will or not? because Adsense is a criterion – not to accept sites with certain software. hacked, copyright, etc. In this case, when to eat a template – how it will be for Adsense? whether any copyrights? Thank you

Hi Toorne,

I am not exactly sure what you are asking, but you can certainly use Adsense with this theme.

I mean the fact that the topic is on the Internet for free access. is free. But I know that when it is ready, and are using a site tries to add Adsense – it did not take due to copyright infringement, hacking software and other copyright. I believe Adsense has in mind that in a free template code has some limitations, which indicate the reason for the ban to add a site in this template. Therefore, I ask you, if you buy the official template for $ 39 – a site created with the current (personal content) is in this same pattern will be approved or not Adsense? or as the cause of failure is a violation of copyright, etc.? then it makes no sense to buy a template …

Hi Toorne,

Getting approved for Adsesne has nothing to do with the theme you are using. No matter what theme you use, you will need to get approved based on the content of your site.

I like this score but my site is not Wordpress, do you know if it would work on it? Tks

Hi ricardosf,

Unfortunately, this theme will only work with WordPress, so you will need to install WordPress on your site in order for it to work. WordPress is free, and most hosting companies help with installation, so it is something you may want to look into.

Any future updates planned? Great theme!

You’re very welcome!

I made some edits which might be helpful – Added in a Snapchat social icon and a link to Apple News instead of RSS. I styled the Instagram one with a gradient as per their new logo and updated the FontAwesome to 4.7.0 (for the fly-out menu). I customized the “Don’t Miss” bar to white (might be an idea to have this as an option in Gameday settings?).

Hi declancarey,

I do plan on making visual and functional updates to the theme, so thanks for the suggestions.

can I get a copy of the Documentation for the whole site. I am looking for a way to remove the social media icons from the posted page next to the author’s name.

Hi Daconde24,

The theme comes with documentation when you download the file from Themeforest. But unfortunately, your support has expired. If you would like to continue to receive support, you will need to renew your support or this theme via the Downloads section of your Themeforest profile page if you would like to continue to receive support.

Looking to purchase the site. I had some questions.

- Can I pick the “Homepage Blog,” as an example, and make that the homepage? – Can I dictate the number of columns on the homepage? If I want two versus the three, is that flexible? - Do you have a snapchat button yet? - Does it support adsense?

Thanks so much.


1) Yes, you can make the Homepage Blog your homepage without the Featured Slider.

2) You cannot change the number of columns

3) The theme does not come with a snapchat button.

4) Yes, this theme does support Adsense.

Thank you very much …

You are very welcome!

Hi there, I was wondering if there were plans to improve the load times and optimization of the theme? It has a “C” grade on Pingdom.!/jnRB5/


Sounds good! The League is also awesome. Any estimated time for when that might happen?

Hi declancarey,

If you are referring to the integration into The League, I will look to do that within the next couple months, but there is no timetable for when or if it will be included in Gameday.

Sorry yes, I meant the League. Looking forward to any updates! :)


kjbrenes Purchased

Hi Buddy! I have an issue and i cant find the solution, i really dont know why my home page slider is showing up just the post of one specific user. Any idea about it? Regards, Kevin.

Hi kjbrenes,

Hi, unfortunately, your support has expired. If you would like to continue to receive support, you will need to renew your support or this theme via the Downloads section of your Themeforest profile page.

Any plans to make the theme “mobile responsive” when a mobile screen is rotated, similar to how “The League” theme fills the screen when you turn an iPhone to its side?

Hi declancarey,

This theme is mobile responsive, but due to the masonry layout of the homepage and category pages, the content area has to be a fixed width, which is what you are seeing when you turn the mobile device to landscape mode.

Is the menu able to support more than three “branches”?

If you visit my site here and hover over “history”, you’ll see what i mean.


Never mind, all sorted :)


Bug with fly-out menu?

When I try it on Chrome for iPhone, if the menu has a brand or sub-menu, the ”+” symbol is pushed out beyond the screen.

This also happens on Safari occasionally.

And mainly on posts or pages.

Hi declancarey,

Please submit a ticket at the Support Center and I’ll look into this for you.

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