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Nice niche theme, best of luck!

Thanks WPExplorer!

Nice theme!

Thanks tagDiv!

Nice themes, I really like the Event list style. GLWS :D:D

Thanks hastag!

Awesome design! GLWS mate :D:D:D

Thanks a ton ariprihantoro!

can i use this for other types such as movie reviews? and can i change colors of the theme?

Hi ajayraju20,

Thanks for the interest!

You can use this theme for whatever purpose you would like. It is up to you to decide if this kind of template would look good to you for movie reviews.

Thanks again!

what about change of colors?

Hi ajayraju20,

Sorry about that! Yes, you can easily change the color of the main navigation, the accent color (which is red in the demo), the widget headers and the primary link color.

Nice work .

It contain .pot file ?

Hi mentorica,

Unfortunately, this theme does not come with a .pot file, but it is certainly something I am looking into for a future update. :)

for me is important .pot file ( when u make this update can u send me an email to ) to buy it .thank u

Hi mentorica,

I announce all updates via my Twitter account @MVPThemes, so make sure you follow to stay up to date!

awesome theme! Good luck ;)

Thanks louiejie!

Wonderful concept :)

Thanks Bedros!

Love the scoreboard!



Thanks candeed!

Nice theme, One question, Does the homepage slider automatically display the latest posts or do you have to add slides manually?

Hi flukie,

Thanks for the interest!

The featured slider is handled by tags, so once you assign a tag to it, whatever posts you tag with that will show up in the slider.

A long overdue theme! Great Job!

Thanks kidmarvel!

How about more than one image in post?

Hi Vitakurhotel,

There is an option to automatically insert the featured image into all posts, but in addition to that, you can manually insert as many other image as you’d like.

Ok, but this additional images can be like slider on top of like image from there, Or extra photos only with insert of wordpress gallery?

Hi Vitakurhotel,

When you insert images into the post, they will just be normal images, not like the slider on the homepage.

Looking good, one thing though, make the whole menu button clickable, not just the text, it’s really annoying :)

Thanks DanyDuchaine!

That’s actually a good idea and I’ll go ahead and make that change! :)

I would like to see, the alternative blog layout. And the score board admin area.

Hi ncoelho,

The blog layout will soon be available under “Features” in the demo and the scoreboard admin will be available in the screenshots. Thanks!

is there some sort of feed that provides updated scores or is this done manually?

Hi surerank,

Scores are input manually, but very easily with custom posts. Just enter the score status, team abbreviations, scores, assign a category and save!

Hi Cfrancis,

There are actually quite a few different sites I drew inspiration from! :)

Great looking theme! Only thing I’m not sold on is the lack of “reviews” whether that be a post type or whatever. Is that possible for you to add?

Thanks, auti1m!

That’s not something I planned on adding, but I will certainly look into it!

Thank you for the quick response. Is it possible in any way to automate the scoreboard at the top?

Hi austi1m,

At the moment, there’s no way to automatically pull in scores via an RSS feed, but I will certainly look into it.

How many different widgets style we have for drag and drop? screenshot please?

Hi AkiraKonami,

Each of the sections you see below the featured slider on the homepage, as well as the sections in the sidebar on the inside pages are widgets. You can add any number of those widgets to the hompage.

Diggin’ this, nice work!

Thanks contempoinc!

Hey great theme just bought! Few things though….

1) The feature slider should be based on latest posts and not a identified tag. Or, if you load the most recent first, and then any tagged items as well, that would be helpful.

2) Uploading a logo doesn’t bring it to the front…. not sure why it’s not updating properly.

3) No admin area for web fonts?


Hi mwurquha,

Thanks for the purchase and feedback!

1) This is something that a lot of people differ on since not everyone wants every post to appear in the slider. This is why I give customers the option to select which posts they want in there via tags.

2) Please make sure you are uploading the logo in the correct box. This theme comes with 2 different logo positions and 2 different logo upload boxes for each. Make sure that you have followed the instructions in the documentation about this, but if you are still having issues, feel free to submit a ticket at the Support Center and I’ll look into it for you.

3) Unfortunately, there is no admin area for the web fonts, but this is something I will add to the list for possible updates.

Thanks again!

Thanks for the reply.

1) I’d like to have the recent posts appear and I’ve opened ticket # 1198 for your to assist with.

2) Verified it is the correct box, still no resolving on front end. I’ve opened ticket # 197.

3) That’s fine, I can load the scripts into the css file.

Thanks! Mark