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Hello, I’m sure you have discussed this elsewhere but I can’t find a search function – but can you link me to where you can change the fonts / font sizes related to this theme?

I have a font I would like to use, but it isn’t a free for use one. Would be good to know how I can install a font I have purchased, or how I can browse freely available fonts in google fonts that I would like to use.


Hey thomfee,

Thanks for the purchase!

There is not an option to change the fonts within the Theme Options, but you can change any font in the theme in the style.css file.

For some reason our news ticker is not pulling from what we tag to go there. Please help this is pretty important for our site especially this week.

Hey rd421,

Please submit a ticket at the Support Center and I’ll be happy to help you with this. Thanks!

Hi, I can’t seem to upload this plugin…

Hey macdim,

I’m glad you were able to get it working and that you love the theme :)

While this is not a feature of the theme to automatically add captions to the featured image in posts, you can disable the featured image from automatically showing up in all posts (via the Gameday Options), then you can manually insert an image into the post and add a caption to it.

Cool, thank you and thank you so much for this theme. Best one I’ve seen ever. Regards.

Thanks for the kinds words, macdim! :)

Can someone please help me ? The zip file won’t upload onto my :-(

MVPThemes, How do I the Dont Miss section about the feature area to work? It hasnt worked on my site since I launched it. Am I meant to switch it on somewhere? NO mention of it in the support guide provided. Thanks

Hey transfertalk1,

There is information in the documentation about how to set up the ticker section. Take a look at the Theme Options section of the documentation.

If you still have questions, feel free to submit a ticket at the Support Center. Thanks!

Hello, I am very interested in purchasing this theme, but I wanted to know if this theme allows for custom backgrounds for categories/sections of the website? If an advertiser wants to purchase a category/section, will I be able to customize the background for that section?

Hey rhapzody2,

Unfortunately this is not a feature of the theme and while I do offer to perform small custom changes, this would require more than just a short fix, so it is something you would have to modify on your own or get a third party to help you with since I am unable to provide this level of customization to all of my customers. Sorry for any inconvenience.

In the 728 X 90 Ad location, can I add a different script for the homepage compared to the rest of the site? My ad company tracks/displays Ads on the homepage differently compared to the ROS. Thanks.

Hey jroliver,

Unfortunately, this is not a feature of the theme.


Why won’t the main slider display the latest news story?

Thanks, Paul

Hey VivaDigital,

The main slider pulls from a Tag that you designate in the theme Options. Please make sure you have read through the documentation, which will explain how to set this up. If you still have questions after you have read through the doucmentation, feel free to submit a ticket at the Support Center and I’ll be happy to help. Thanks!


Also, why is the bottom half of all the Google Font text missing?

Hey VivaDigital,

I’m not seeing anything wrong with the Google Font, but please submit a ticket at the Support Center and I’ll take a look at this for you.


I have a question. If this is a responsive theme, why when I flip my phone to the side, which is wider then holding it normally, does the theme not expand out and respond to the larger width? Other responsive themes don’t have trouble doing this from what I have noticed and this is going to become a pain if this issue is not addressed. I hope this is a bug and not something you meant to happen by design default. Looking forward to your response.

Hey prepsflorida,

Yes, this is by design due to the width of the widget area. If this is something you wish to change, this is something you will have to change on your own.

Perhaps you want to look into adding the rel=”publisher” tag to the Google+ link in the “social media bar”. This would make the theme a bit more Search Engine friendly.

You can find out more about it here if you’re interested:

Wouldn’t mind seeing this added to the already great theme.

Hey Namli,

Thanks for the info and I’ll look into adding it for a future update.

Hi, I love your design… very nice! One thing I need to do is just make the title font on the slider just a little smaller. Can you please tell me how to do this?

Hey thedesktopshop,

Thanks for the purchase and I’m glad you’re enjoying the theme!

Please submit a ticket at the Support Center and I’ll be happy to help you with this. Thanks!

Does it use the same slider type of Max Mag? (It takes some time to load on some devices)

Hey jf77,

Yes, they use the same slider. If you are having issues, feel free to submit a ticket to the Support Center. Thanks!


when do you plan to update your theme, i read, that you thought about integrate a .pot file in the theme in your next update. It would be very important for me to get an easy translatable theme. Are the files allready written to read them with a pot-editor? So that I can translate them on my one easily?

Hey gravima,

Thanks for the purchase!

There are no immediate plans to include this in the next update, but it is on the list of possible future updates.

In the meantime, there are only a few words that would need to be translated, so if you need help where to find them in the files, feel free to submit a ticket at the Support Center and I’ll be happy to help you with this. Thanks!

Why is it so that whenever I make I post I have to click F5 for the post to show?

Hey hassan97,

I’m not sure what you mean exactly, but if you make a post on the site, yes, you will have to reload the site to see the post. That’s how the internet works in general. This isn’t specific to this theme.

Hi, I posted a ticket yesterday and still have not heard a response back in regards to it. Was just wondering if you can’t answer the ticket or if you have had a delay in providing support. Please let me know! Thanks!

Hey prepsflorida,

Thanks for submitting a ticket. I responded to it and if you have any more questions, please ask them at the Support Center so we can keep the conversation in one place.

Hi, your theme is great and was a great purchase. Is there a name or place that I could download/purchase just the images slider that is the main section on the page?

Hey pressboxhq,

Thanks for the purchase and kind words!

The slider is FlexSlider, which you can download here:

I’m interested in purchase the theme. Can you tell me if you include a sample XML file to populate the database with the demo post and pages included the pictures? It will be easy for us to customize if we can see the full potential of the theme. Let me know and I will buy it immediately.

Hey touchesoftware,

The theme does not come with any XML data, but the documentation will guide you through how to set up the theme like the demo.

after your last update, i upload your theme to the right place and can not see it on themes section in wordpress panel.. What is wrong with it?

Hey HasanSelcuk,

Please submit a ticket at the Support Center and I’ll be happy to help you with this. Thanks!

There are some quite major issues with the design currently:

1. It doesn’t work at 1024×768 – it goes too narrow, in to phone/small screen mode. This shouldn’t happen and 1024×768 still quite widely found.

2. If you resize your browser window, then the theme responds, which is good. But then make your browser big/full screen again and you will notice the stories at the bottom of the demo don’t go back in to position.

3. If you view this design in IE8 at any resolution, then it doesn’t work – it appears in narrow (single column) mode. You can test it with free SauceLabs tool if you like.

We submitted a support ticket, but this isn’t unique to us – test it yourself on the GameDay demo, resize your browser smaler and then resize it larger – the bottom half doesn’t go back to normal. Also I see another bug if you put your iPhone in landscape (sideways) mode and then back again.

The designer needs to improve the responsive design – other themes are better at handling this, so it must be possible!

Hey xlguy,

Try actually changing the resolution on your monitor any not using an emulator. Also, try emptying your cache.

Just to confirm that it does NOT render correctly at 1024×768 on real resolution (no emulator) and also it does NOT work on IE8. Perhaps others can test and check this before they purchase. I would like to get a refund please.

Hey xlguy,

It should be working now and will be reflected in an update very soon. If you still want a refund, you will have to submit a ticket at their Support: