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Hi, I am thinking the buy this amazinh theme but I wonder one think.If I buy this theme, still I have to buy Custom Design pack in the Wordpress?

Hey btballers17,

This theme uses the default Wordpress background customizer to allow you to set your background image. Here is more information about this feature:

OK, thanks :) One last question.Can I change the banner(header)’s size?

Hey btballers17,

What specifically would you want to change?

Hi there,

I am thinking to purchase this theme. Let me know, please, what kind of widgets could be put to the main page?

I am looking for a theme, which displays latest news as a pinboard. Is there the possibility of to put into the widget area the latest posts?

Do you plan to make the corner categories active and clickable?


Hey babakzoltan,

Thanks for the interest!

Each of the sections you currently see on the homepage below the Featured Slider is a widget that comes with the theme. I cannot guarantee that any outside widgets will be compatible with the theme. I will look into making the category names clickable though.

Thank you!

May be, I never use this template, but it is very near that I want, so I purchased it, because it worth the 40 bucks.

I have one problem and one question for after the first test:

Problem:The main slider works weel till I cahng the site to blog or back to widgets. Doesn’t help if I switch it back. Always shows tha loading in progress.

Is it possible to do at widget mode if I put “Gameday: Category feature” with the same category 12 times mixed with the widgets it always shows the 1st one of course. If there should be an offset field which is set to 0 at the 1st, 1 at the 2nd, and 11 at the 12th position and so on would be amazing!

Is it possible somehow?

Hey babakzoltan,

I’m not exactly sure what you are asking, but can you submit a ticket at the Support Center and include screenshots of what you are looking for? Thanks.

This theme looks perfect for me. Is there an easy way to make the ads rotate on each page refresh?

Hey jakedonahue,

Thanks for the interest!

While this isn’t a feature of the theme, you might want to look into Google DFP, which is an ad service that would be able to do this for you. They will give you some code that you can then use within the theme.

My site has problem with wp-supercache. When i refreshed the page/home page, then the paga is broken. but when open the page in new tab, it shown properly.

the problem dissapear when the plugin is deactivated.

Can you hel me please?

Hey marbolec,

Please submit a ticket at the Support Center and I’ll be happy to help you with this. Thanks!

ticket submitted. Waiting for the solutions :)

Hey marbolec,

Thanks for submitting a ticket, which I typically answer within 24 hours. I appreciate your patience and I will answer your ticket in the order it was submitted. Thanks!

If you only had example content it would be better, I want my home page layout just like the demo and cant do it. I’ve seen a lot better help documentation.

Hey jolivaresh,

The homepage of the demo consists of the featured slider and a widget area where you can place any widget you’d like. The documentation will explain how to set up the slider and also how to place widgets in the homepage widget area. If you have any other specific questions, feel free to submit a ticket at the Support Center and I’ll be happy to help.

Can Woo-Commerce be added within this theme?

Hey rkski1224,

Unfortunately, this theme has not been tested with WooCommerce, so I cannot guarantee that it will be 100% compatible.

Does this theme support Spanish. What I really need is for it to be Spanish content but the backend to be in English.

Thanks – I will be purchasing

ok so I purchased and I’m working with it now. I have a few questions , what is the best way to contact?

Hey tnclaybrook,

Thanks for the purchase!

You can submit a ticket at the Support Center, but please make sure you have read through the documentation, which will likely answer some of your questions and save you a great deal of time.

Hey there. In addition to the content that populates the page from the categories, I’d like some of my own content, specific to that page, to be there as well. Is this possible?

Hey bongobong,

Unfortunately, there are no plans to add this as a feature.

Is it possible to have different sidebars per page?

Hey bongobong,

While that is not a feature of the theme, I would try this plugin:

hey I’m interested in buying this theme, but based on your experience, what would you recommend I do if I were to integrate ecommerce functionality into it? Which Wordpress ecommerce plugin would you recommend, based on your experience with the users so far?

Also: are the top menus customisable (NBA NFL MLB etc), or are they static images that I will have to edit from the .psd files?

Hey keintkc,

Thanks for the interest!

Unfortunately, I am not familiar with ecommerce plugins enough to recommend any.

The menu items are generated by Wordpress’ custom menu feature, which is easy to set up, so you don’t need to edit any PSD files.

Thanks for the quick response. One more question: will I be able to use the scoreboard on top to display only NBA scores, and does it work right out of the box, or is additional work needed?

Hi. How can customize MENU in the Footer?

Hey Flocotiga,

The footer menu automatically pulls in the primary menu, so if you would like to change this, this is something you will have to modify on your own.

Hi, your theme looks great! One question: I can’t access the “slideshow” section in your theme live preview. Is that possibile to have that preview activated so that I can decide to buy the theme? Thank you so much! :)

Hey Andy1986,

Thanks for the interest!

The slideshow is active now, so feel free to take a look! :)

Hello, I bought this template because I would love to change the file and putting picture, logo, colous of my client… is there really no Photoshop open file? If not, may I send it back and get my $40 back?

Please let me know

Thanks gian

Hey FloriddiaCreativeStudio,

You can certainly place your own pictures, logos and colors in this theme. Please make sure you have read through the documentation, which will explain how to set up all of these features.

If you still have any questions after you have read through the documentation, feel free to submit a ticket at the Support Center and I’ll be happy to help. Thanks!

Hi, I purchased.I got a question.Can i change the banner(header) size? because 728X90 too small. I want 840*160 or something like this.Espicially 90 pixels is too small.

Hey btballers17,

Thanks for the purchase!

Please submit a ticket at the Support Center and I’ll be happy to help you with this. Thanks!

Hi, I just installed the theme and everything works great! I was wondering: is that possibile to have an article using the “full width page” option?

It would be great with photo galleries and videos…

Hey Andy1986,

Thanks for the purchase!

Unfortunately, Wordpress does not allow post templates without a few hacks, so this is not something that I plan on adding anytime soon.

If I have to use the “blog” option for my homepage, there is a way to exclude all the post that are on the “right now section” and display only the older ones below in the little boxes? It’s useless to have a post in the slider, in the “right now” section and also in one of the boxes in the homepage…

thank you!

Since I put every single post in my slider, isn’t enough to exclude the last 6 post from the blog section and start showing the articles from there? Isn’t this a simple fix that you can provide me?

Thank you so much!


I mean, exclude the 6 most recent posts

Hey Andy1986,

It’s not as simple as just offsetting 6 posts in the loop. When you try to do this, it affects the pagination, so a more detailed workaround is necessary and unfortunately this is not something I have in the works at the moment, so this is something you would have to modify on your own. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Hi, I have a few problem with extra spaces that I don’t want.

In the “300px Ad Widget”, every image I put in there, there is a little space below the image and I’m can’t remove it… Here’s an example:

In every post, there is an extra space before the content… Is that possible to have everything aligned with the widgets on the right? Here’s an example:

Thank you so much! Your theme is awesome!

Hey Andy1986,

Please submit a ticket at the Support Center and I’ll be happy to help you with this. Thanks!

i have problem with the ads. A widget that displays any 300px wide ad is not working. Example: In my Sidebar Widget Area i have 3 Gameday 300px Ad Widget and on the page is showing only 1 advertising. The same problem i have with the index. I have place 4 Gameday 300px Ad Widget and is showing only 2. The problem is not from the google adsense code. I test it inside the text and is working. The problem is from Gameday 300px Ad Widget. What we gonna do now to resolve this problem?

Hey marineris77,

Please submit a ticket at the Support Center and I’ll be happy to look into this for you. Thanks!

This is a pre-sales question – does this theme support “three level” navigation as opposed to the two level navigation menu’s as shown in the theme demo

Hey borelandn,

Yes, this theme supports third-level dropdowns, meaning a dropdown menu to the side of the dropdown.

great, many thanks for the quick response

Hi, i’m having some troubles to configure my web with the theme. When I upload the twitter widget or the facebook one, the main slider doesn’t work. How can I find some support for this problem? Thanks

Hey ccasero,

Please submit a ticket at the Support Center and I’ll be happy to help you with this. Thanks!

Something seems to be going on with Slider. I cant find a way to make anything appear in them and my Facebook wont appear. I submitted ticket and really need to open site. Any help would be appreciated. I know its not the theme because everything works super smooth. Definitely me.

Hey mgomez01,

Thanks for submitting a ticket. I appreciate your patience and I will answer your ticket in the order it was submitted. Thanks!