Discussion on Gameleon - WordPress Gaming & Magazine Theme

Discussion on Gameleon - WordPress Gaming & Magazine Theme

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foxakoz Purchased

Hello there! After a long research. I coundlt find out the actual slider from the dark theme how it is working exactly? After installing the theme and implementing the demo data, everything is working fine, but where and how can i edit the slider right down of the logotype and also how can i add icons to the menu buttons?


foxakoz Purchased

anyone is here? I’m still waiting for a reply

Hello sir,

i purchased this theme

and added my hosting..

select theme arcade layout

1. but doesn’t look like your demo

2. here doesn’t adding games

3. category on menu doesn’t have like your demo

4. any game poster on click to open blog

i need playing game formate demo

please help me ASAP.

Please given reply fast. i already created support ticket now 9 days complete but doesn’t reply from to you.

I am trying to get this site up and running and I have waited several days for a response. Your theme has many issues that need to be fixed.

there many missing elements: NOTE: These elements are visible when you are in the CUSTOMIZER but disappear when exiting the customizer.

1.full screen 2. light bulb 3. game tabs 4. badge on ticker

additionally (very important)

The GAME FORMAT option is nowhere to be found in the post editor.

Please if you ask me to message you on your support page at least REPLY

BTW i have tried disabling all plugins. I also made sure cloudflare was not minifying any assets.

also when in customizer and the light bulb actually DOES appear, clicking it dims the entire page and does not lave the game lit up.

Process my refund I had to go with another theme due to project deadlines.

Okay, I bought your theme and I am having two issues.

1. I am unable to locate the “game format” option in the post edit screen.

2. The game tabs element is broken see screenshot https://imgbox.com/DMoYTaOQ

Hi! Thanks for buying! Please send us an email using the contact form from support page:



I have sent you the same message via your contact form.

Is there an admin demo available?

Unfortunately no :)

Is it possible to embed a game using a shortcode from arcade ready plugin and is this compatible with ruffle and WP Flash & Ruffle plugin?

Hi! I haven’t tested this yet but you can try it yourself :)

This theme recommends the following plugin: Font Awesome 4 Menu.

How to get this plugin… Please give me a support for this

Hi! The plugin has been closed as of November 2, 2022 and is not available for download on WordPress Repository. We will update the theme soon without this recommendation :)

Does anyone know if this theme support RTL? i’ve purchases this theme, but it got some RTL issues, and the author doesn’t response on the support message.

Anyone heard from the author? I’ve tried to contact him on the support about 2 weeks ago, and didn’t get any response. I see that he isn’t available here neither.

Hi! Sorry for delay! The theme is not RTL compatible. Regards!

Dear! Please check and just help me. Why doesn’t my website have “Play full Game”. Thank

Hi! What is your website url? It seems that you use a pirated theme, you don’t have a licensed theme. Please consider buy the latest version of the theme for your website. Best!

Can I use it on multiple sites for my clients?

One domain, one license.

I buy this theme and its look amazing! but first, I have the problem with this plug in called Font awesome 4, I cant find it, and when I try to install it it tells me that “Something went wrong with the plugin API.” also I tried to view it and its looks like the file is not available or the link to that plugin is broken and when I search it in plugins I only find Font Awesome Plugin not 4.

Second, I cant see my main menu and some of the icon, and when I scrolling down they sometime appear and when I try to go up they disappear, I don’t know this problem or maybe its occur because the Font Awesome 4 plugin is missing?

Now I really need some help right now.


“Something went wrong with the plugin API – This means exactly what the message says, that it is a problem with the plugin, it has nothing to do with the theme. Please try again.

“when I scrolling down they sometime appear and when I try to go up they disappear” – this is a feature called menu autohide, not a bug! You can disable it from Appearance – Customize- Header – Fixed Autohide Menu.

We already respond on this issue via email, please check your email.


Thank you for the reply, and I understand for sure the plugin is missing, and lets skip it for now.

The issue of “scrolling down” and my menus disappear and appear its serious, I know “Menu Autohide” Feature very well but the way this theme looks in “demo” mean (live preview) its so different, that’s why I provide my website link for you to look (mgamemax.com).

>> its like this, when I enter to my website, first, my 2 of my menus appears plus home menu, but others they don’t, in addition when I look carefully in those missing menu what I see is things like structure, its in black and it has boxed shape.

>> second when now I move down (scroll down) my other menu appears, this time the first menu to appear and others when I’m scrolling down are divided (first menu to appear when you open my website are up and another when you scrolling down are down) and this time also I can see those black box like something is missing, I don’t have good English to explain this but when you take a look you will understand what I’m talking about – my WEB URL: https://mgamemax.com/

>> Third problem I get right now its about “Latest, Popular and Hot Pages” I followed your documentation on how to set them but I don’t see them after setting them.

>> Plus the Icons (Font awesome Icons), they don’t appear in my menu, my menu are just having their words without those icons and I have followed what was instructed in the “theme documentation)

Please consider visit my site, I will waiting for your reply Thank You! again.

Ads are not displayed. I have sent many times to support but no response.

It is simply not true. I answered every request and there were not a few. Also, please allow 2 working days. Our response time can be up to 2 business days.

Please note that support tickets like “this don’t work” doesn’t help us identify the problem. Please provide us with more details, otherwise we will not be able to help you.

Also, please do not ask for support in the comments area, we do not provide support via comments.

Thank you!

I pointed out the fact on the page. and you are justifying that very useless thing. The ad is actually not showing. We sent you the link to try it out, but it looks like you haven’t tried it yet.

Why do you always send the same message twice at the same time, on email and here on the comments? What is the logic?

I have used Regenerate Thumbnails but the image is still not done. It doesn’t look nice and uncomfortable. Is there any way to solve this problem? My screenshot: https://photos.app.goo.gl/cNubnSFji7ZNa1Vy9

serious SEO issues on this topic.

What topic?

In short, your theme is not SEO-standard as what you describe

I have 1 game that is wider (in the image). How can I edit the homepage to automatically fit the game size?

Use regenerate images plugins.

Also, please use the contact form from support page. We do not provide support via comments. Thanks!


Is this theme compatible with CTL Arcade plugin?

Yes I sent it to you. Please check

I have not received any response and help yet. Although I have provided the admin account to you on request


It only took one click to activate this feature:

Customizing – Gaming Options Game – Loading Bar.

So simple!

Hello, Why is my logo distorted in the mobile interface? how can i edit the logo size on mobile?

I’m sorry for your frustration but please, refrain from negative and abusive comments. Yes, it is normal to be no options related to changing the mobile menu icon if the icon was not designed with options.We didn’t create such an option here because I couldn’t foresee that a user might be very upset that he can’t use the mobile menu icon with 2 lines instead of 3, as it is now :)

There are no negative comments. It’s great that I was able to fix it. But let’s change the way support to survive.

There was nothing to fix there. You probably mean you customized as you wanted. Believe me, we survive even without offering support to angry customers who ask for personalized changes for free, and because we don’t, they grant a negative rating.

Have a nice day! ;)

the font menu 4 plugin is abdandoned is there another way to fix the menu or do you have another plugin in mind for the menu to be fixed? this is for the gamelon gaming site

the font menu 4 plugin is abdandoned is there another way to fix the menu or do you have another plugin in mind for the menu to be fixed?

Hi dominiquehns!

First of all, there is no need to post tha same commnet twice. The second, I notice you are very panicked and outraged, what is your website url and purchase code?

ok me posting twice was a accident so i dont know why your upset but i fixed the issue, i had to get rid of the plugin and do some coding to fix it. thanks. i am worried about the other plugins now with this theme if the company of the theme abandons the plugins now. what will happen to the site if there are no more updates

myarcadeplugin pro cannot work, all communication with myarcadeplugin pro fails.

I sent you the purchase code via email tiguan@tiguandesign.com to you

Thank you for your purchase! Please send me an email with your issue at liviu@tiguandesign.com.

I sent you an email. Thank

The theme is great. I only have two needs: can I make the widget images look completely square? – EDIT – RESOLVED Irregularity image shape ON/OFF.

Exist some way to show subtitles in the preview of each article?.


Thank you! I’m afraid that’s not possible at this time but I think you could use a plugin for this.


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