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I am considering purchasing this theme. I want to know if games (HTML 5, flash, and Unity games) can be added WITHOUT the use of MyArcadePlugin. I do not want to use that plugin for several reasons. If the games can be added to a post and still have the same options such as sharing, favorited, rating, etc, I will most certainly buy this theme.


Sorry, that is not possible without the use of MyArcadePlugin since the theme is a magazine theme compatible with this plugin.



manasc Purchased

​I am using My Arcade Plugin Pro. The games are not showing properly in handled devices, you can check yourself. Any reasons for the same?http://fabtopic.com/meal-time/


manasc Purchased

Yes …because of the issues I had switched to other theme. If you want I can re-activate Gameleon theme.

I will check the compatibility of the theme with the new version of MyArcadePlugin and release an update if necessary. Regards.

We’ve released an update today. Please see the change log. Best

First of all, really great and exciting Theme :) Just 1 question. The Ajax Login box doesnt Support recaptcha? cant find an Option or a plugin who will do that. Just dont want spam users registering. Any ideas ?


Thanks, I’m glad you like it! There;s no captcha option at this time. We’ll try to find a way to add it to the future releases..


Can I please have a peek into the backend?


Sorry, that is no possible. Regards!

hi and thank you for your theme

How to create a landing (pre-game) page

if you can give me full modified single page and function page just copy and pest thank you or give me the code and steps

1. How to add a Re-captcha in modal register form? Its very crucial … any plugin or any update coming with re-captcha support? Can I place the modal login/register in top header as a link or it should be used in Widget only??

2. Also instead of boxed layout, can I make it full-width layout?

++ any solutions for @markaa’s question?

By any chance, is there any Game Screenshot Tab in theme options … in other words will the game screenshots be shown in this theme?

In the theme description scanning of QR code is mentioned … but I do not see any such option in the backend.

:) There is no QR code theme option! It’s just a QR code that you can scan to play a HTML game for demo purposes. Regards!

Does the theme shows game screenshots in the play page?

We’ll add another tab with game screenshoots soon. Thanks!

There are too many comments on Recapcha or spam prevention but the theme does not have any such option. Can you please look into the captcha and spam as its very crucial??

Thanks for suggestion. We will come up with a solution soon. Regards!

Premium Pathway – Custom Wordpress Login Page Plugin Included 14$ Value …. its not included with download? Where can I get it?

Please check your download package – Gameleon/inc/plugins. Regards!

Is it possible to set up a different revolution slider (RS) in the head for each different page?

For example i have: Home Page: RS in head; Product Page / Landing page A: RS 001; Product Page / Landing page B: RS 002. and so on.

Is it possible?


Not sure how your pages are set. If you use a no-sidebar page yes, it is posible. But let’s move this on the support center. Thanks.

I use the sidebar page. I understand what you have in mind for the no-sidebar page, but it doesn’t work. I need the RS in the head over the menu exactly as the home page. The point is if i can set a different head for each pages. If is it possible may be i renew the support but if it can’t i don’t. So before to re-join in the support i need know if the Gameleon theme can or not. Thanks.

This is not possible without custom modification of the theme files. Read More…

Someone with a problem related to the SQL_CALC_FOUND_ROWS? It is a really slow query called in each page of this theme!


I quote from your support ticket:

My site is a really big blog update daily so my DB increased day by day. Now I’m experiencing an issue with my hosting provider because I finish the CPU resources they provide us… I want to try to implement the solution explained in that post(an url from a tutorials site). So, can you tell me where should I have to put that code? I see 2 different functions.php files, the first in the theme folder, another in the wp-includes folder.

This is our reply:

That code should be added in your functions.php using the child theme.

And because you do not know how to use the child theme provided in the download package, you start a real war both in the comments area and in our support system.

So I feel the need to clarify some aspects of our support provided here for our item:

  • Your problem lies more in the fact that your server can no longer cope and needs an upgrade.
  • Considering that, your site just like our demo is loading fast enough, your problem resembles a request of optimization and not with a real issue or bug of the theme.
  • Therefore we’ll go back to support policy and tell you that our item support does not include customization services.
  • Here’s a screenshot of our queries of the demo site that shows a normal values as you can see: https://s12.postimg.org/9yyko5scr/Screen_Shot_2017_03_14_at_18_34.jpg All is clear, no red alert, no warnings

If you still have an issue with my behavior as author or support provider, please contact Envato Support directly at https://help.market.envato.com/hc/en-us

I would be happy to have this situation reviewed.

Kind Regards

This comment is currently being reviewed.

This comment is currently being reviewed.

How do we put icons on the menus we just added?

Follow these steps: 1 Buy the theme. 2. Send a ticket to our support system.