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tzifman Purchased

Hi, very nice theme but not very good documentation. I would like to ask you: How do we put icons on the menus ? and how can i change the appearance of category and tag pages? Thanks


xrubles Purchased

Hey – I just upgraded to the latest version of the theme and it seems like all my color settings have gone away. It also appears that even within the theme options panel i am unable to fix the background and widget header colors. They just stay white. Any help would be greatly appreciated from anyone else who is experiencing this issue. Thanks!


aeshlog Purchased

I have purchased this theme few month ago and installed it these days, I have problem with menu, You have not explained in tutorial how to create similar looking menu as it shown in arcade demo, Cant imagine how to add icons and shadow outside menu, My support expired and can’t ask for help. Before I purchase I need to ask if everything is explained in tutorial?


aeshlog Purchased

Thank you, Theme looks awesome now

if i buy your theme, then can you build my site, like as Demo, i can pay you extra for that,

Ok, let’s make a discount only for November, because is the month I was born! :)

Oh its my Goodluck :) here the ticket num i purchased your theme, #1362482

Ticket answered! :)

Hello! How can I add full screen iframes to games? I want to display the games in full screen on mobile phones, and normally on desktop.


Usually this is done automatically, but you can also check your MyArcadeplugin settings.


Hi, I add a ticket support three days ago, please check it

Hi, I’m really sorry for delay. Your ticket will be answered during this day. Best!

Hi, does anybody respond to support tickets? Its been 6 days and nothing. #1486906

Hi, Your ticket will be answered during this day. Regards!

why everything is destroyed in this theme?


so please have a look on my ticket, #1471613, i will send you details there

why you didn’t give me response? on support

Hi, All tickets are answered on our support system. Please, check your ticket. Best!

Hi Tiguan , I have bought your theme and I have a question. How to make the main menu away from the modular slider.

Hi! Can you please use our support center? I’ll be happy to help you! Thanks!

Hi, We just had a really strange issue I am hoping you can help with. The arrows for scrolling the ticker, the up and down scroll, and the child menu items just disappeared. I checked the theme files and the images appear to be there. Here is the site: https://goodgamebuzz.com . Can you help?

Hi! It looks like FontAwesome is not used on your site. Please send us a ticket through our support system. Regards!

I purchased support and filed a ticket.

Warum füllen die Spiele bei Vollbild nicht entsprechend den Bildschirm? Gibt es eine Möglichkeit das einzustellen oder zu ändern? Mittlerweile gefällt er mir ich würde ihn mir gerne kaufen für https://mahjong-spiele.at

Hey , Could you make it faster the theme? we use too many foreign plugins. In addition, the 404 error page is very bad from a visual standpoint. Is it possible to change things and do something funny?

more than 2 weeks I sent an email to the author of the template magazine Gameleon, I bought and there was simply no answer for the help I need … I would like to install the template according to the presentation page with some urgency! Please, I need your help ???

Can someone help me??? I need the template installed according to the presentation page of the system and for later I load my information.

I do not understand what is actually your problem? You don’t know how to install the theme, or?

I need to know how much you charge to install the theme according to the presentation template. What are the requirements for you to provide this service?

Here’s all informations you need: https://tiguandesign.ticksy.com/article/10157/ Regards!


thazy Purchased

Hello Tiguan – Thanks for the awesome layout! :)

Hello Thazy! I’m glad you like it! :)

Is the site running on complete autopilot, where I don’t need to manually upload any content? Is it utilizing the source public API?


Alex146 Purchased

Hi Tiguan !

Is there an update log fir the 6.0 version ?

Awesome theme ! Thanks