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Great Theme :)

thank you

Nice Work! Good luck!

Wish you the best with sales , congrats.

Kind Regards,

Thanks you, Bedros

So many good features are given in this WP theme, the buyers will be happy after buying this product.

thank you.

Clean work! Good Luck with Sale! ;)

Is there a way to test the signup for events feature?

For Event signup, you can use a link to a form (eg. create individuals page for signup or use google form). Thanks

Hi there!

Great looking theme. I am having a bit of trouble with the demo data, seems as though none of the shortcodes work. I really can’t even remotely get a page to look like your demo homepage. Any chance you could help with this?

Thank you!

If there is a way to just directly copy your demo to my server, I would love to know. I can take it from there but the demo content is just not working. All plugins are installed and such too.

Hi, The import data may not work properly, due to Wordpress Import plugin. You can configure your homepage to look like our demo, using the HTML code we provided in the document. Just create a page and copy paste the copy.

Be sure to install all recommended plugins which are included in the package.

Any questions can be asked via our ticket support. Thanks a lot ;)

Amazing! SOLD! :-)

1. Is there an audio player shortcode apart from the blog? If not, can you create one or show me how to use the same player that the audio blog post uses, but in a page?

2. Have you tested this theme with WooCommerce? If not, do you plan on adding it?

Thanks my friend!!!

Thanks a lot, CrucialCounty!

1. Audio player is not in gameplan, but you can install one, for example JWPlayer plugin (free).

2. WooCommerce will be integrated in later version. It’s in plan ;)

This is exactly what I spent the weekend searching for! Thankfully I didn’t buy a theme yet.

Well thought out functionality CACTUSTHEMES!

Quick question – the 3 content boxes under the home page slider that turn a color when you roll over them (Fitness Classes, Boxing Club, Get Speed Up) – can the rollover link to a page/url? And can you add more than 3 boxes?


Thanks sir :)

The 3 content boxes can be linked to another page. And you can add up to 6 box in a row ;)

Thank you! Buying as soon as the client approves!

clean and cool.GLWS…

Thanks ThemeRox! :D

Thanks man! ;)

Great Theme! I was looking closer to all features and i have some questions before buying:

- I´ve noticed the theme has “eventes” (that is great for displayng events) but does it have a different option for classes and timetable classes (to display gym classes and its timetables)?

- Does it have a page templates like contact?

Thank you very much

Thank you for asking. 1. For classes and timetable, you can use this format: http://demo.cactusthemes.com/gpdark/events/week/ And also there is shortcodes to help you. Such as: http://demo.cactusthemes.com/gpdark/timeline-and-schedule/

2. Yes, you can build page (like contact…) very easy with Visual Composer page builder (which is integrated already). Here are 2 contact pages for demo: - http://demo.cactusthemes.com/gpdark/contact-us/ - http://demo.cactusthemes.com/gpdark/contact-layout-2/

Hi there,

I see Event Calendar Pro. This is great but is it shipped with the theme? Do I have to buy a licence? I see in your demo functionality that is not present in the free version of Event Calendar and I am confused.


Hi, thank you for asking. Please be noted that Event Calendar Pro is not shipped in the download pack.

You can download and use Event Calendar plugin (Free Version) here: http://tri.be/products/ – The installation takes only seconds

If you want to use Event Calendar Pro, you should buy from tri.be

I’ve wondered about these big sliders. I wonder if my pictures will “scale” well and look good with them that big? Do I need to have huge pictures for the slider? Size recommended? Thank you!

Hi You can use fullwidth slider or boxed slider. With fullwidth slider, the images should be big because on large screen they should fit (but if not, they will be in centered). Width should be 1920px. For boxed slider, width is 980px

Really like the theme and the idea behind it.

I run a dance company.

So I need a page where I can have my regular dance classes – I run 8 weekly classes throughout a week.

And I also run weekly/monthly and special events. So will need a page specifically then for these events.

What would be the best way to do this on your theme?


Yes, it’s possible with GamePlan and The Event Calendar plugin :)

Does the event plugin come with the gameplan theme, or is this something I need to buy? and if so, where do I buy it? thanks

Hi, this plugin is FREE and you can download here: http://tri.be/shop/wordpress-events-calendar/. Also PRO version is available if you need more advanced functions (like recurring events/classes).

Great looking theme! Does it come with the PSD file?

Sorry, the pack does not comes with PSD files.

Very nice theme and 5star customer support… thanks Tom!

Thank you very much!

Wow Great Theme!

One question if I may.

Have you tested this with any advertising plugins and if so, which would you recommend?

I am looking to place a round 3 banners on the front page and then utilise the sidebars for additional advertising banners.

Many thanks and best of luck with this theme, I don’t think you’ll need it as it is awesome!

Thanks a lot :D

We haven’t tested with any advertising plugins, but since GamePlan is using Visual Composer and widget-ized layout, you can place advertising widget anywhere you like ;)

Have a good day!

I am having a bit of trouble with the demo data, seems as though none of the shortcodes work. I really can’t even remotely get a page to look like your demo homepage. Any chance you could help with this?

Hi, Please use our ticket system at cactusthemes.ticksy.com

You can follow our online document at http://doc.cactusthemes.com/gameplan There are steps that guide you to setup home page

The data.xml file givge me some problem when i try import, i have tryed one by one and the pages are the same

Hi, Try to increase the max_execution_time value of PHP on your hosting, because the import plugin uses to fail with big data file. Or, try to configure home page from scratch with our sample code in the document. It’s maybe easier