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Is it possible to buy the code / css you used for this page so I can apply it to my Event Calendar Pro without using your theme?

I like my theme and don’t want to switch but I love how you styled this page.


Sorry, it is not available…

Previously, congratulations for the theme. I have a problem when I try to install it in wordpress. I go to theme, install new theme and I upload the .zip archive theme.

It start to upload but when it is finished, appear a error message.

How can i upload the theme to my wordpress site?


If you have full package .zip file, please unzip the file first. You will find theme and plugins in /Installation Files/ folder

Ok, thanks. I did it as you said. Finally was a conexion problem. Thanks!

Hi. It’s a great theme! Is it possible to open a new background image for each month of the calendar. Basically I have 12 background images for each month and I am looking for a way to open a monthly grid with its own full-width background image on the page? Thanks.


It’s not possible with theme option. In addition, because The Event Calender plugin doesn’t provide a body-class to seperate months, so it’s hard to use custom CSS also.

So, currently you cannot do it.

Let me know if the issue brings some form for visitors to post their events?

Sorry, it’s not possible for visitors to post events

How do you get shortcodes to work in the sidebars (Widgets) Also how do you add the accordion to the side bar like in the demo :)


1. You can use this plugin and add shortcode to it:


2. Accordion in side bar is widget “GP-Latest Tribe Events”. Then use Widgetised Sidebar element in Visual Composer to call widgets from sidebar

Thanks :) That plugin is awesome managed to get the 3 top boxes from the home page on the sidebar and they stayed responsive :D

Hi. I just purchased the theme and trying to install it on GoDaddy Wordpress 3.8.1 according to the instructions. After installing all plugins I am getting “500 Internal Server Error” when click “Install Sample Data” (in anywhere from 25 to 60 sec) even after setting max_execution_time to 300 and seeing it in the phpinfo for the site. Any ideas how it could be solved? Thanks


If the ‘Install Sample Data’ failed, you can follow manual import procedure to do. Check http://doc.cactusthemes.com/gameplan/#!/sample_data


I bought the Gameplan Theme and also (by your recommendation) purchased the Events Calendar PTO Plug-In. Totally ridiculous to me that the calendar WILL NOT DIPLAY OVERLAPPING TIME SCHEDULES in an easy to read manner. If you have 2 or 3 events that over lap in times, the times blocks over lap and are un-readable!!!!!!!! Total Crap! And the plug-in and yearly license is $65.00!!!!!! Total RIP-OFF!!!!! This is a gym theme. Gyms (especially lager ones) have many classes running in their facilities simultaneously. You shouldn’t be recommending this Calendar and Plug-In as it DOESN’T WORK as a gym needs it to.


Are you sure that you have configured it right? Check our demo page


On date 14.3.2024, there are “Plus Abs” and “Plus Abs Extra” classes that have the same date and time. And they look good.

Please write a ticket support so we can help, before complaining…


Thank you for the response! We did check out the demo and thought the calendar would provide needed functionality. The problem is, no successful, large gym has 2 classes a day. Our gym has a dozen classes a day, every day of the week. The example you sent has 2 classes for 1 day. We are using the “Week” display as it will allow the user to see all the classes for each day of the week and if there are over lapping times, there’s a problem. It seems Ok IF you have 1 event per hour, or 1 event per half hour, or there are NO overlapping time (at least for week view). In the “Month” template that you sent over, each day is limited to 3 displayed events max! The hour feels don’t expand vertically to allow for more events. This $65.00 investment is a complete waste of money fro our company. Unfortunately we trusted the theme recommendation would work as anticipated for our needs. We may have to replace the Calendar PRO with http://quanticalabs.com/script/timetable-responsive-schedule-for-wordpress/7010836 as it seems to be a better tool for our needs at a more reasonable price without yearly $65.00 license.


As you can see in Calendar view, there is limited space to display info of all events. Maximum 3 events can be shown. If you switch to day view, it will be able to display all.

So, I agree that this is a disadvantage of Calendar PRO. However, it has many other powerful features. I hope you will find it more useful. No solution/software can address problems of all people, you know… :)

Thanks for comments.

I’ve noticed that the event calendar is still not working when the website is loaded on an ipad? Is there any fix for this yet?


We’ve contacted Tribe but they do not see this as an issue. We rarely see this issue on iPad with our demo page. Do you experience this regularly?

We get this everytime, please can I give you access to our website to resolve?



Yes, please leave URL and admin account of your website in a ticket in http://cactusthemes.ticksy.com



I want my front page as this one – http://ilovefreeconcerts.com/ -... how to proceed?


I’ve been playing with all sort of combinations and none of suits me =\... i will keep trying…

question… - i want to disable the featured image inside the posts…. how to do it? - how to increase the width of a column in a widget?

thanks in advance!

ups… another question… in top menu… when I add more than one ” i class” my text turns to bold… if I remove the second one, back the text to regular…. how to “disable” this?


Pls create a ticket in our ticket system (http://cactusthemes.ticksy.com) and give us more detail (or screenshot)


Update Visual Composer 4.0.2?


Yes, we will update it soon :)


This looks like a great theme for a project I’m starting, but I noticed that in the demo, the Portfolio detail page forces the horizontal images to be a specific height, causing them to stretch into an unrealistic and very ugly distortion. Is there an easy fix for this? I don’t want this to be a deal breaker for me, because the theme seems perfect in every other respect.


Thanks for interested.

Which URL and images are you mentioning?

Hi love the look of this theme! Just enquiring if all plugins come with the package or how many plugins do we have to buy. We will be needing a shop for clothes purchase and classes purchase and timetables. Do you also have to be a highly skilled wordpress person to be able to get this theme looking the way yours is? Thanks!


The only Premium you have to buy (if needed) is Event Calendar PRO. Other plugins are included in the package. Some are free to download from wordpress repository.

We have support forum at http://cactusthemes.ticksy.com to answer all theme-related questions. If you wan to customize theme, feel free to contact our Custom Service department too.

Thanks for interested

Hi! is this theme compatible with WP 3.8.1 ?

Yes, of course :)

Hey, I would like to chanke one word in the translation of the tribe event plugin. ‘Future events’ is now ‘toekomstige evenementen’ in dutch. I would like to change it to ‘wedstrijden’. Where can i do this? http://www.celinevanseveren.be/2/?post_type=tribe_events.

Can not log in to ticket system. Thanks for great theme.


It’s in /themes/gameplan/functions.php. Go to about line 624 and change code

$heading = tribe_get_events_title(); 


$heading = 'wedstrijden';

Hi, i can’t seem to find that in functions.

There isn’t an line like that.

this is the code:

function get_tribe_events_page_heading(){ }

if(class_exists('TribeEvents') && is_tribe_page()){
    if(((tribe_is_event() || get_post_type() == 'tribe_organizer') && is_single()) || tribe_is_venue()){
        // Single Eveng
        $heading = get_the_title(get_the_ID());
    } else {
        // List View
        $heading = tribe_get_events_title();        
    $sub_heading = '« All Events';
    return array($heading,$sub_heading);
} else return false;

Nothing with


Is there an other solution?

Also my widget of future events is showing a link instead of a list.


Thanks for support!


It’s this line:

$heading = tribe_get_events_title(); 

- I do not see any widget? Please submit a ticket and leave admin account so we can check (http://cactusthemes.ticksy.com)

Hi, I am building my site on the theme. Looks good till now. Need to add “shop” to the site and cannot find anything related either in the downloaded demo pages or instructions. Is there any help on creating a commerce section as it’s on the demo? Thanks.


Please submit a ticket to http://cactusthemes.ticksy.com and leave URL of your site so we can check.


I think the answer is in the configuring image sizes under WooCommerce Settings / Products.

We have a day break today 14.03.2014. We will reply all comments tomorrow. Thanks :)

Support is back to normal now. Thanks

Hi there, I need help with 3 things with your theme, which you can see at http://svbsdev.net/bgdev/... Firstly, I have 2 drop downs (‘about’ and ‘training’) which both have 2 sub items. I want the link to be removed on the top level item, with the page links to the 2 other pages still active. Usually, I create a ‘custom link’ for the top level menu item and just remove the URL – but this isn’t working, just redirects to 404 pages?

Also, when I resize the window, the menu is not responsive – it just bumps items down over the cover image and then disappears. Do I need to install a responsive menu plugin to fix this?

I also have a compare table on the ‘memberships’ page and I want the first column to be 30% wide and the other 4 columns to be 17%... But I can’t figure out how to resize the elements seperately!

Would really appreciate your help.


1. You can use a custom link with # value

2. There is a bug with visual composer CSS, we will fix it soon. Or you could add this custom CSS:

@media (max-width: 920px){ 
        #navigation-menu-mobile { 
             display: block; 
3. You might need to use custom CSS to do that

The menu CSS fix didn’t help, as the menu disappears completely on mobile displays…?

I have tried to fix the compare table with custom CSS – is this something you guys can’t help with?


Do you try this one

@media (max-width: 920px){ 
        #navigation-menu-mobile, #navigation-menu-mobile.hide {
            display: block !important; 

Hello…pre-purchase question. Can you change the fonts used throughout the theme in the theme options panel. I did not see that listed anywhere.

Thanks for interested. Yes, you can change font in Theme Options of theme.

I am trying to setup your theme for a client (they purchased the theme) and there is only 1 issue I can’t figure out. On the weekly calendar view when I hover over the event all of the events for that day change color (to #fff). Is it possible to change the css to have only the event that I’m hoving over change color? and if so, what css should I target/change? Thanks!

Ah yes, I got your point. We noticed this earlier, but due the complex HTML & CSS of Event Calendar, it couldn’t be done right now…

That’s strange because the demo on the event calendar’s website doesn’t look like yours – http://wpshindig.com/events/week/

Is this a bug that might be fixed in a future update?

Yes, we will try with this bug.