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Hi I have a question. How To preserve HTML Tags in WordPress Excerpt? I installed the plugin “Rich Text Excerpts” but In the modern event list still no have the format that I gave. If you have some suggest I really appreciate


You need to modify theme’s code to do that, because we’ve stripped html tags in the excerpt.

- Go to edit plugins\gameplan-shortcodes\shortcodes\tribe-event-listing.php

- Find:
<?php echo strip_tags(get_the_excerpt());?>
- Replace it with:
<?php echo get_the_excerpt();?>

- Save


Alright :)!

Hi, pre sales question:

Can the menu floating be disabled in the admin section?



1. Yes, you can disable in Theme Options.

2. There is a Gameplan built-in event plugin that allows you to manage events. However, it does not support Calendar view. ECP is a free version on Wordpress repository. Without the pro version of ECP, it can be used without problems.

Thanks for interested.

Thanks for the reply!

great, thanks


When I install a new plugin like MailChimp Widget or other, The title don´t customize with the red background. Just put the H2 title.

Sorry, but the link is not accessible…

Can I contact you by e-mail?

Please submit ticket to http://cactusthemes.ticksy.com which is the fastest way to get support.


Hi. There is a question on “GP-Latest Tribe Events” widget. It shows events correctly in the ascending order starting from the closest one when it’s placed on the home page. On a single event page the same widget shows all events starting from the latest in the descending order. I tried to replace it with “Event List” widget (original tribe’s widget) – does not show events at all (just “View All Events” link). Any suggestions on how show upcoming events (as well as recently passed events too) on a sidebar would be great. I am using a free version of The Events Calendar. Thank you.


Could you submit a ticket to http://cactusthemes.ticksy.com and leave URL of your site + admin account, so we can check correctly?


Hi again!

I´ve some questions:

- How I can change the pic that appears on top page? Now it´s a bike photo but i want to change it for another.

- How i can change the color font that appear in the pages? Now is red and behind appear the bike pic. I want to put it in white colour.

- In contact page i have a Google Map but always appear New York, and I want Seville (Spain).

Thanks and regards.


1. It’s in Appearance > Theme Options > Color & Background > choose image in option “Inner Pages Header”

2. Go to Appearance > Theme Options > Color & Background > fill color in option “Inner Pages Heading Text Color”

3. Check your google map shortcode again. Please use our ticket system at http://cactusthemes.ticksy.com if you have problem.


Great theme thanks.

Please tell me how to get the Advanced Recent Posts widget to display the meta description rather than chopping off the first sentence of the post mid sentence.



What do you mean “meta description”? Is it Excerpt?

You can enter your own custom excerpt to excerpt field (pls enable this field in screen settings on top right of editing screen)

Is it possible to create an event directory similar to Appthemes:Vantage, DirectoryPress or Templatic:Directory? I see that many event-features like the following seem to be available (even more, like the modern event listing). My question is whether businesses could change their listings themselves like a directory. Looking forward to hearing from you, Simon


Current we do not have plan to convert it into a event directory. However, thanks for the idea. We will consider it :)

I have two questions about blog:

-When I do a new post, I put a picture as outstanding image. In blog page appear the picture with categories, date, comments, etc., but if you do click in “Read more” and go to the single post the picture no appear.

- How I can change “Read more” to another language?

Thanks and regards.


1. Featured not show on content of post. if you want to show image on single post you can add image into content of post when you create post.

2. You can view here: http://cactusthemes.ticksy.com/faq/1680

And three questions about Home:

- It´s easy put on top the social network, but i can´t put “Call us+telephone number” and the search icon next to the social network icons.

- When i put recent post in home only appear one and a slider to view the next post. I try to appear like the demo (2 post) but i can´t do it.

- In contact info, at the end, how i can put the phone icon, email icon and address icon?



Please submit a ticket to http://cactusthemes.ticksy.com for better support.


bonjour je n’arrive pas a installer les plugins : Gameplan – Shortcodes, Gameplan – Member, Gameplan – Portfolio, Gameplan – Tribe – Addons il m’indique une erreur. Pourquoi? Hello I am unable to install the plugins: Gameplan – Shortcodes, Gameplan – Member, Gameplan – Portfolio, Gameplan – Tribe – Addons it tells me an error. Why?


Thoese plugins can be found in the download package. You will need to install them via uploading.

Hello, I was wondering whether it’s possible to:

- change width and number of promo tiles (Fitness classes, Boxing club, Get speed up on demo). Also, can they be placed on custom pages, not just on home? Can I assign different content of tiles for different pages?

- display blog news instead of event news on home?

- hide “All” button in custom sections?

- customize links of these sections or they all point to post-portofolio?

- insert images intead of text to those 8 feature-areas (Endless possibility, responsive design, visual composer…)

- can I create more events and schedule pages?

- can I assign custom header image (black/white dumbbells in demo) for each blog and portofolio page?

And the second part of question is about WYSIWYG (shortcodes) editor. Does this theme contain any alternative to Visual Composer?

Hi, Thanks for interested. Regarding your questions:

1. It’s possible to change width and number of promo tiles. They are shortcode, so can be placed anywhere, with any content inside.

2. Yes, you can display news instead of events

3. The “All” button is fixed. But you can delete it easily with minor code change

4. No, portfolios must link to post-portfolio

5. Yes, you can instead images or any other content in those 8 feature-areas

6. Yes, you can create more events. But only 1 schedule page (Event Calendar plugin)

7. Yes, you can assign custom header image for each blog and portfolio page

8. No, Gameplan only integrates Visual Composer. You can install extra editor without problems

Best regards!


I have a question. I am missing the Revisions option in Screen Options in posts and pages. How can I get that to appear?

Thank you.

hello, Must provide a registration page for clients. It’s the same registration form that the client fills to complete the purchase, the idea is that this registration is available to the client to inform their data without the need to buy at the store. Is it possible?

Ah got it. You can drag any user login widget in the sidebar. For example: http://wordpress.org/plugins/sidebar-login/

thank you very much!

You are welcome

Hi, I’m tried looking at your shop page on the demo and it says it’s showing “all 9 results” but it isn’t. It’s only showing one product. When I click on that product, on the single product page it isn’t showing anything more than a title, price and description on the right and a picture on the right. There is no “add to cart” or anything.

I’m assuming something is wrong? I’m using Firefox 28.0. Perhaps something is wrong on my end, if so, maybe you can let me know so I can see the demo properly.



The demo has been updated to latest version. It works normally now. Thanks for notifying us :)


Where are the change list of each theme update?. I like to know the changes and improvements :) Thanks ^^


It’s in the profile page of Gameplan (http://themeforest.net/item/gameplan-event-and-gym-fitness-wordpress-theme/5936266). Scroll to Release Logs section :)


- Have tried one-click install and just get this error http://awesomescreenshot.com/01c2jr61b9

- so increased max execution time to 5 minutes and just got the same error 5 mins later

- so tried to do the long manual install as of the instructions page and it just all came up with failed install

- got my web developer to try and do it through FTP (i dont even know what that is!) and still got the same error message http://awesomescreenshot.com/01c2jr61b9



Please submit a ticket to http://cactusthemes.ticksy.com and leave URL + admin account so we can help.


turns out the file i downloaded from theme forest was corrupt. just downloaded the file again and it worked :D

hello I would like to add a space menber on this template (gameplan), what is the best plugins?


There is a built-in member plugin for Gameplan. Did you try?

Is there a PSD included with purchase?

Yes, PSD are included.

Hello…just purchased your theme and installed it and after adding the revslider plugin i get the following message in the dashboard:

Hi! Please activate your copy of the Revolution Slider to receive automatic updates & get premium support.


Revolution Slider plugin is included in the package, but it is not regular license. So it will be updated along with theme. If you want automatic updates and get support from RevSlider author, you will need to purchase a license.

Hi, There is any posibility in the future to include some kind of users managment like budypress or similar in future updates?



Sorry, we haven’t plan for community feature in Gameplan. However, that triggers an idea and we will consider it :)

Thanks a lot

Hello! This message appears in the Status Wordpres product-attributes.php this outdated version 2.0.8. The core version is 2.1.3, this is a problem? how to fix? Thanks


This is not a big problem as WooCommerce updates its template files regularly. The Theme override this template so you don’t necessarily update the file.