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Infinite Scroll – jetpack or otherwise – is there a plan to support this in the future for the blog post page? It’s nice to have a beautiful set of posts but it would be nicer if they could be expanded as you scroll down.

Hi Thank you for using our theme. I am sorry that we do not have plan for Infinite Scroll for this theme at the moment. We will consider this feature based on the amount of demand.

Regards Cactusthemes – Envato Elite Author

How do you center a button in visual composer? It always defaults to left align and nothing I do with the text formatting can change it.

We have answered in your ticket, please follow it.

Thanks and best regards,
Cactusthemes – Envato Elite Author.

Hi guys!

I have a problem with Slider Revolution plugin because I have a previous version (4.0.5 and now it´s 4.3.5). In slider revolution discussion they say me that I can download at my theme author, how I can don it?

Hi, could you please comment using your Envato account used to purchase the theme.
Thank you
CactusThemes – Envato Elite Author


I am the person who purchase the them and have the previously problem with revolution slider. Japonsar is the person that is making me the website because I have no idea.

We don´t know how we can update the last plugin version to resolve the problems.

Thanks and regards.


Thank you for purchasing our theme. Because Revolution Slider in the theme package does not have license to update directly (this is Themeforest’s requirement) , so you need to wait for theme’s update (including Revolution Slider’s update).
If you can’t wait, pls sent us a ticket at http://cactusthemes.ticksy.com/ our supporter will help you

Envato Elite Author

Hello, as I can remove the phone from the top.

Hi Ceesies,

Please follow these steps: Go to “Appearance” > “Widgets” > Remove Text widget outsite Sidebar name “Top Menu”

Thanks and best regards,
CactusThemes – Envato Elite Author

I have been trying to get valid purchase codes to register the Revolution Slider and Visual composer that come with the template. The purchase code in my documentation is invalid and no one answers emails. The theme is great, but only if I can register the components so I can get updates.


I am sorry that we can not provide the Revolution Slider and Visual Composer in our theme. It is Envato’s requirement that those plugin must be integrated in the theme (not for separated download). So you have to wait for theme update for the next version of Revolution Slider and Visual Composer.

CactusThemes – Envato Elite Author

But you say they are included and I have bought dozens of themes from Envato, several with revolution slider and none of them have this problem. ALL of them were able to be registered and work flawlessly, except yours. I have contacted Envato and they tell me that this is you, and that I should be able to register the components that you have sold as part of your theme. I need an explanation as to why my purchase code is “invalid” and I cannot register the components you have sold me. Otherwise, I need to assume something is wrong and demand a refund of some sort.


1. We have updated Revolution Slider and Visual Composer to the latest version. Please download GamePlan 1.3.8 for the updates.

2. YES we included Revolution Slider which is integrated in GamePlan Theme. NOT as a separated download plugin. When purchasing the theme, buyer get purchase code for the theme. That is why you get invalid purchase code notification in Revolution Slider Support forum.

You can also refer to the support forum of ThemePunch (author of Revolution Slider) – http://themepunch.ticksy.com/ (Which said that this is us, CactusTheme, will support you with the plugin used in the theme). So I don’t know if Envato is right to say that we can provide the purchase code of Revolution Slider to our customers. We sure will ask Envato if it is possible and get back to you on this.

CactusThemes – Envato Elite Author

Hi tom, First of all, i put this question here because the support forum doesn’t work.

I do this ticket to tell you that with new wordpress 3.9 de text element in visual composer doesn’t work.

Is posible to update the theme with the last update of the plugin?

How can autoupdate the plugin? Because the purchase code of the theme doesn’t work to do that.

Thanks, regards.

Well, i’ve seen that everybody has the same problem. Look at visual composer comments:



We are updating theme and Visual Composer now, we will try to release this update ASAP, please wait

CactusThemes – Envato Elite Author

I’d like my money back as I can’t get the components to work with the servers that I have. I’d like my money back in my account so I can purchase something that better suits my needs.



I Am sorry to hear that.
Unfortunately we do not have the rights to handle payment. It is Envato / Themeforest that are responsible for payment / repayment. Please contact Envato for more details

Cactusthemes – Envato Elite Author

Please contact Envato here http://support.envato.com/

Hey Guys,

Great theme, just getting a bit frustrated, just had a clean install into a WP database for the second time and still having issues with Visual Composer?

The Demo content works fine, the minute i add or change any of it, it ends up putting the hole existing content of the page into the 1 content box?

Is this a VC thing only or have you had any fixes for this?



Thank you.

Hi Bailous,

We are going to update Gameplan (including the latest Visual Composer version) to be compatible with WP 3.9 very soon. Please wait.

Thanks and best regards,
CactusThemes – Envato Elite Author

Thanks for the reply, do you have a rough timeframe by any chance as I might need to use another theme due to a tight deadline.


We’ve updated Gameplan (include latest Visual composer) to be compatible with WP 3.9, pls update theme & all plugins

Thanks and best regards,
CactusThemes – Envato Elite Author

Hi Tom

My theme and wordpress are up-to-date.

I recently purchased event calendar pro but since I have installed it the hover event description has disappeared and no longer pop’s up. I have tried deleting the calendar and reinstalling it but nothing has changed. However when I change the theme activated the hover description works. Also on the weekly and daily view because we are a gym and have approx. 6-8 events a day some not on the hour and some at the same time but in different location the view looks very messy could this be resolved in the css please. Lastly are you able to change the word event to something else like Group Exercise Timetable? Also I noticed that the loading time on the calendar and some pages is very slow is there anyway of speeding this up? I look forward to hearing from and thank you for your help in advance. Many

Modern Event listing is not working, however I have tested the timeline event listing this seems to be working.

Kind Regards Angelo

Hi Dotman2,

We have replied in your ticket. Those problems come from the latest The Event Calendar version, we will fix it soon, please wait for our update.

Thanks and best regards,
CactusThemes – Envato Elite Author

hi what is the 19th april update about? wordpress 3.9?

Here is the information on the updates:

Gameplan 1.3.8 – 2014 April 19th
  1. Fix: Classic editor shortcodes for Wordpress 3.9
  2. Fix: Fix title fucntion in single page
  3. Fix: Modern Event listing – Hide start time for all-day event
  4. Update: Wordpress 3.9
  5. Update: Visual composer
  6. Update: Revolution Slider

    CactusThemes – Envato Elite Author

Hi, With this update, i need to reinstall the plugins or only the theme? Thanks.

Hi Andr3w92,

You need to re-install plugins and theme, not only the theme.

Thanks and best regards,
CactusThemes – Envato Elite Author

Doing a fresh install of the new theme 1.3.8 and I get this error when trying to install the Gameplan plugins:

object(WP_Error)#464 (2) { [“errors”]=> array(1) { [“plugins_api_failed”]=> array(1) { [0]=> string(219) “An unexpected error occurred. Something may be wrong with WordPress.org or this server’s configuration. If you continue to have problems, please try the support forums.” } } [“error_data”]=> array(1) { [“plugins_api_failed”]=> string(2) “N;” } }

Something went wrong with the plugin API.

Hi BusterSenshi,

You need to download the full file from themeforest and re-install it via uploading file.
Please refer document here: http://doc.cactusthemes.com/gameplan/#!/install

Thanks and best regards,
CactusThemes – Envato Elite Author

We’re running into an issue with the visual composer. When editing text, it displays the text in white (so white font on white background). Can you please tell us how to address this?

Hi Isserman,

It is an issue when you update wordpress 3.9. Please update the latest version of theme and plugins from themeforest some errors have been fixed.

Thanks and best regards,
CactusThemes – Envato Elite Author

Hi, Thanks for the information. We’ve updated and that is fixed, but it is now giving us the following message on several pages: “Your page layout was created with previous Visual Composer version. Before converting your layout to the new version, make sure to read this page.” And when we click on the “convert” link, it just continues to display the message.

Hi Isserman,

There are some issues with your page content, you should remove and build that page again, so errors of Visual Composer structure would not be displayed again

Best regards,
CactusThemes – Envato Elite Author

Pre-Purchase question. Does this theme come with a way to upload the demo content and settings to use a starting point.

Yes, we provide sample data with Gameplan

Hi again guys.

I just activate my website and it´s all ok in web view. I have a problem withe mobile view because in “Home” (“Inicio” in spanish) don´t appear the button to select which page do you want to go.

In demo version theme, in mobile view, under the logo, appear “Home” and at right a button to select the page. In mobile version of www.padeluisanchez.com this button and possibility to go another page don’t appear.

Wich is the problem? How I can put it? How I can resolve this problem?

Thanks guys.


Please update the latest version of Gameplan (1.3.7) which may have fixed this problem

How I can do the update? I suppose I have go to downloads in my profile, download all files and documentation and install again in my wordpress.

If I do it I don’t know if I lose all my info and website design.

Yes, just download and re-install theme and plugins. Your data and configuration will remain.

How to change the size of the inner-pages-header, when i change it too 600px height it didnt change. What can i do ?


Sorry for late reply. We are just back from holiday.

Regarding your issue, it is a bug in gameplan. We will fix it soon in next version within this week. If you can’t wait, pls sent us a ticket at http://cactusthemes.ticksy.com/, our supporter will fix it for you

How can i update the theme ?


You will receive notification about update from ThemeForest. Then you need to download it again from ThemeForest, re-install the theme. All settings will remain.


Dear Customers,

It is noted that we will take some days off for national holiday from April 30th to May 4th. Our support will be back to normal on Monday, May 5th. In this time, you are still able to post your questions to our support system via http://cactusthemes.ticksy.com/. We will give you the answer after holiday.

Thanks for understanding.

Case Closed

I don’t see the info table as an option in the visual editor


Info table is just normal HTML table. You can add a text element in visual editor, then insert table normally

I am having a problem with the image carousel on my site. When you click and image and it pops up in the light box you you cannot click through the other images in the gallery it only shows that one image. How do you make it so the light box rotates through all the photos instead of just the one you selected? example at http://dtewindowtinting.com/automotive/


It tested the URL and see that it’s working normally. When you open an image and hover it, the navigation buttons appear on left & right of the image. Clicking on those buttons will take you to another image

It does not work, Ive tried to click those buttons but it shows the same photo

Ah, I got your idea. It’s true, but this is Visual Composer bug. We will try to contact VC’s author to have it fixed in later update.

Best regards.