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Visual Composer is giving me a headache and a lot of frustration in Wordpress 3.9. I have updated all my plugins and theme as instructed to a previous commenter but still have issues such as this: Everytime I create a page and then make edits throughout the day it will eventually lead me to an error that says the page needs to be converted to the newest Visual Composer. I receive this error mind you on newly created pages even after I reinstalled plugins and theme. No conversion should be needing to occur. Also when I get to this error it formats the page all weird like doubling up the rows on top of each other in Visual Composer so all my content gets replicated on the front end. Please advise on what to do or fix this issue ASAP.

Anyone else have this issue with VC?

This is the first I have heard to update to current version of TrueMag. Is this a separate theme? Why do I need another theme in order to make this one work?

I’m getting the message : “Your page layout was created with a previous Visual Composer version. Before converting your layout to the new version, make sure to read this page.” So when I convert the page I am able to edit and then save the page. What follows after saving is the same initial error. In addition, what is strange the problem occurs only when I’m editing “home page”.

Reading through some other threads to find the solution I found that there were a lot of issues with not valid columns and rows in someone’s home page code. Maybe that will help you understand what is fouling the code up.


You will need to download theme again from ThemeForest, and re-install it. (don’t worry, data and settings will remain)

What we update is to update Visual Composer to latest version. Please submit ticket, leave URL and admin account of your site so we can check.

Thanks alot.

Very nice theme !
I wanted to ask you if I can use screenshots of it for a display mockup (with laptop and tablet etc).
In return I’ll feature your theme in the description of the mockup.
Please let me know if you agree ;)

Yes, you can do that :)

When I add custom css to the theme (in the theme options) It does not get applied. But it is how ever shown in the background in the footer as CSS code.

How can I get the Custom CSS to work properly?

Example code I have been using:

#navigation .bg-container,#navigation .container { max-width: 100%; }


The custom code should be like this

<style type="text/css">
#navigation .bg-container,#navigation .container { max-width: 100%; }

Color of Links in content is fixed in #323232

Cheers the styling works fine now.

But what if I would like to change the content link color( a ) ? It’s barely visible.

I can’t seem to change that via the custom CSS.


Which links are you mentioning? Isn’t it having a dotted line at the bottom of the link? You can try this css
.single-post .post a{color:#ff0000}

Hi I would like to use the Light theme but Have the Nav and Footer be Dark. How can i implement this?

I set up a ticket hours ago also… please help…


Light Navigation is set in Theme Options > Main Navigation. Footer is always dark. To change footer’s background, you can use custom CSS like this

Visual Composer is not working properly for me when saving row information such as the row background color – it freezes the entire webpage forcing me to close the browser tab without changes. When I open a new tab with the same page to edit it gives me an error saying I need to update the page to the newest version of Visual Composer which repeats itself everytime I try to update and save any changes. This problem has yet to be resolved and I am now going on several days of not being able to save my webpage properly.

Anyone else have this issue?

Hello, having trouble importing the demo content. Is this something you all would do for a fee?


And…check, check. Is this thing on?


Sorry for late response. Logo is changed in Theme Options > General > Logo Image

Hi Guys, I have opened up a ticket about having problems with your short codes. Specifically the call to demand button version 2 with the URL not being able to function properly, meaning I can’t select or type out a URL. Anyways I contacted WP Bakery who makes the Visual Composer they asked me if I had the latest version of Visual Composer. Could you tell me what version you guys give with your theme? They say I need this version 4.1.2+ and the newest wordpress installation which I have but I have no way of knowing what version you guys give with your theme, if I do not have the newest version and there is no way of you helping me fix the problem I would really like my money back on this theme.

Thank You!


Current version of Visual Composer in TrueMag is 4.1. We will update to 4.1.2 in next version of TrueMag (2.7.1), which will be released in 2 days.

Thanks and best regards.

When you remove a logo link from the theme it replaces it with the game plan logo this is insane to me i really need to know how to prevent this from happening.


You should replace it by your own logo. When it cannot find a logo, it uses the default one.

Yes i know that but i dont need a logo here at all this is what the issue is , forcing a default one is a function no one will use and is inconveniencing

Well, it’s the design that requires a logo there. We haven’t prepared for the case that users do not use logo. Anyway, you can either delete the piece of code that holds the logo in /truemag/header-navigation.php , or use this Custom CSS in Theme Options to hide it
.logo{display:none !important}

Hi ! Nice theme.. but I’m pretty lost with the GamePlan Admin pannel. How the hell that things work ? Just try to figure how to switch layout from light to dark. I need few tips about to use that pannel correctly cause I am very lost right now.


sorry… i found the solution…. but I still dont understand the ForestAdmin option… seems pretty complete but complexe for an none iniate

By the way… how do you manage Events ?

If you need Event Management, please install The Event Calendar plugin (go to Plugins > Add New > Search : “the event calendar”)


a week ago I bought Gameplan theme and I have many problems when I try to distributing information across multiple columns. I say “try” because I have not achieved. Also I have problems every time I load an image in the gallery. A message says: HTTP error…

I’ve achieved handle it on some pages, but in the Homepage.. I’m going to go crazy!

I leave here the link of the page web: http://www.tenisplayavalencia.com

I hope you can help me. I do not understand the explanations well. I am Spanish and I have no such an advanced level of English

Thank you.


So you cannot upload images? Is the image size big? Make sure it is not bigger than the limit upload size (normally 2M). Also make sure you have the upload right in /wp-content/uploads folder.

If you still have problems, please submit ticket to http://cactusthemes.ticksy.com and leave URL + admin accounf of your site so we can check,

I cant get 3 promo boxes to stack next to each other at the right size.I know how to add columns, I know how to add and edit promo boxes. Everything is set to 1/3 and all promo boxes are shrunk smaller then how they show in the Visual Composer. How do I fix this? I dont want to copy your home page example codes as I want to build my own without it using the visual composer. Please help me out. I have wordpress 3.91.


Promobox is a group of shortcode. You could add 3 box items in one promobox element, you don’t need to use 3 columns to build promobox likes our demo.

If you need help, pls send us a support ticket, our supporter will help you to do that. Thanks


my Site is very slowly. It seems thus to many not required scripts in the background run. I would need support



Please submit a ticket to http://cactusthemes.ticksy.com and leave URL so we can check.


I would like to import the sample slider but, its not letting me? Can you help? I tried to go through the support forms, its saying my purchase code is not valid.


I still need a valid purchase code, really need to get this fixed. Thanks

Disregard above comment, I got the purchase code to work. Thanks

ok, great :)

Is the Visual Composer stuff resolved and the latest THEME including that. 100% IN for buying this theme. Client approved, but after many nightmares with Visual Composer and Bakery (perhaps connected to wp 3.9 or not having latest VC or Bakery), but it’s MEGA killer of time and leads to unprofessional web development appearances!

Appreciate the heads up. Have 2 diff sites to try with the theme! ONe local in LA with a celebrity! Another in the UK. Please HELP!


Gameplan has been updated to support WP 3.9. Latest version of VC will be updated in Gameplan 1.3.9, which will be released in 1 or 2 days

Thanks and best regards.

Having the same issue as kravegym – Visual Composer is locking up the backend editor – not all the time, but very often. This happens during the popup when editing or adding items. I have to refresh the page and lose my changes.


Please submit ticket to http://cactusthemes.ticksy.com, leave URL + admin account, we will check a little bit. If necessary, we will transfer the ticket to Visual Composer’s author.

Best regards.

I have the same issue that reninteractive


Please submit ticket to http://cactusthemes.ticksy.com, leave URL + admin account, we will check a little bit. If necessary, we will transfer the ticket to Visual Composer’s author.

Best regards.

Hello! The theme is fantastic, one of the best I ever bought. But I have a big problem! I’ve testetd the functions in a database, now I have installed all the theme in an other database with all recommended plugin. When I change a link or a member team, all the code of the theme is pasted in the link box, or member box!!??? I can send you a screen shot!

This problem appens only using back end editor. If do everything manually don’t happen…..


Thanks for using our theme. Please submit ticket to http://cactusthemes.ticksy.com and send us screen-shot.

Hi … I have an urgent deadline and I am having the same issues as Andr3w92, kravegym and reninteractive. Visual Composer is a big reason why I purchased the theme and apparently needs to be updated. Please advise at your earliest convenience.

Also, the theme does not show my drop down menu items. They show uder Appearance > Menus but not on the front end.

Thank you for your prompt response.

Thank you for your prompt response! How do I remove the old VC and start from scratch? I am creating new pages and still have the same problem … in addition sometimes VC freezes and does not allow me to Save so I have to click Back on the browser and lose all updates. I purchased the theme on Monday and updated it yesterday, the VC I have is the one that came with the theme as of Monday. Any help is very much appreciated.

I will start a ticket regarding the menu. Thank you so much for your help!

Also, I don’t mind starting from scratch if that’s my only option … what do you mean by that? Should I erase everything from the server and start again or re-create all pages? Thanks!

If you submit ticket and share admin account, we will check if you have some mistakes with the code of the page and will suggest how to fix. If everything’s correct, it’s probably Visual Composer’s problem. Then we will forward the issue to the plugin’s author.

I think you just need to delete content of the page, switch into Visual Composer mode and use VC elements to build the page again

Hi. I’ve installed on my website and am still setting it up but can’t work out the revolution slider image size for the boxed layout – you said 980px wide, but how high? As its cropping my current images that are 1240×600 pixels.



In Gameplan, revolution slider is always behind the main navigation, it’s our design concept, so you should modify your slider’s image, settings to get the best result.


Hi ! I wonder if you could help me with a simple thing (probably). Just doesnt figure out yet how to desactivate “Comments” on “Page”. Can you help me with that please ? As soon as possible !

Friendly, - Mike


To deactivate Comments on page, check this tutorial http://wpstylish.com/hide-comments-on-pages/

Doesnt work !


Hm, that should work. Please submit ticket to http://cactusthemes.ticksy.com and leave URL + admin account so we can check.