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On certain display windows one of my menu items (the last one “contact us” drops down and disappears over the image below. It looks fine in my browser (chrome with 1366×768 display), however on other computers the menu item disappears. Site: http://wordpress.timeoutfitness.com.au/


You could fix it by reducing font-size of menu items. Add this code in the custom code field in Theme Options
#navigation .menu > li > a{
font-size:17px !important;

Case closed

Hi, can you guys shed any light as to why when I create a child theme from this theme it doesn’t display anything correctly? I was thinking something w/ the why it’s importing the css, but I thought maybe I was missing something. If you need login info, I can send via a different email, just let me know where.



Please submit ticket to http://cactusthemes.ticksy.com and leave URL + admin account so we can check.

Best regards, CactusThemes

Submitted a ticket! Thanks

Greeting from Cactusthemes

We actually thank you for your interest and having bought CastusThemes’product.

If you have any further questions when using our product, please not hesitate to contact us by submitting a ticket to our support system: http://cactusthemes.ticksy.com

We always try our best to support you.

Best regards,

How can I make the LOGO BIGGER on my website http://paintingsmadebyme.com/

Hi Casinodaproducer,

Please check FAQ below http://cactusthemes.ticksy.com/faq/1940


Was just wondering where the Woo Commerce is, so I can set up a shop like on your demo??


You need to install Woo Commerce plugin, then follow the docs: http://doc.cactusthemes.com/gameplan/#!/woocommerce

Best regards, CactusThemes


Dear Customers,

It is noted that we will take some days off for short holiday from June 16th to June 19th. Our support will be back to normal on Friday- June 20th. In this time, you are still able to post your questions to our support system via http://cactusthemes.ticksy.com/. We will give you the answer as soon as possible after holiday.

Thanks for understanding.

Best regards,

Thank you for your understanding

Support is back to normal now.

Best regards, CactusThemes.com

Do you have any plans to update the version of Font Awesome you are using in this theme?


We haven’t had plan for that as the number of requests from customers are few. We will consider it as soon as possible

Thanks, CactusThemes

I can’t seem to find how to change the header background image of the shop and events template. I mean, I change them and nothing happens. Am I missing something? Is there some other settings page I have to go to to edit these?

you can change Header Background in Theme Options:
Appearance > Color & Background > Inner Pages Header


I am interested in purchasing this theme, but have one question. I work with Event Calendar Pro on several sites, so I am familiar with the plugin.

My question is: how much flexibility it there in posting events on the front page? I want to have 10 events on the front page, but only the ones that haven’t sold out yet. Is that possible with this theme?


you can use shortcode to show events in front page. You can set to show by id or categories or default.

Best regards, CactusThemes

Guys, this really isn’t funny. The VIsual Composer is giving continues errors. My “visual” windows inside visual composer elements only displays the “text (code)” version and is white font formatting. I cant read it without highlighting it + I don’t have any Wysiwig editor. I have updated to the latest theme download and still the same issues…

Please cant we sort this out.


Have you updated plugins yet?

Please submit ticket to http://cactusthemes.ticksy.com with more detail (url, login info) so we can try our best to help you

Best regards, CactusThemes

you should fix the wide version padding for VC http://prntscr.com/3uo4jr looks like is overflowing…


Thanks for pointing out the issue. We will update to fix it in the next update.

Best regards, CactusThemes

Hey! Im on the fence about purchasing this theme. There are a few things Id like to know first.

1) Is the slider hyperlink friendly? Meaning, can I link the picture on the slider to a post or a page?

2) Does search box display a drop down menu? If not, will this template allow me to install a different one through wordpress plugins?

3) Will this template allow me to set up e-commerce? (an online store)

Please get back to me, thanks!

I meant an autocomplete feature on the search box*


1. Yes you can link the picture on the slider to a post or a page. It is Revolution Slider which is included in the theme.

2. On our demo page, we use default WordPress search form. It does not have auto-complete feature. You can replace it with any other search widget. However, the style (css) may not be compatible.

3. Our theme has supported WooCommerce so you can sell everything.

Best regards, Tom – CactusThemes

Im not sure if anyone else is having this problem but im getting “Failed to import Media” in the importer. All the pages/menu work


It may happen due to the importer. The import script needs quite long time to finish so media (images) failed to be imported. Anyway, it isn’t necessary to have sample images as you will need to change them later.

Best regards, CactusThemes

Submitted support ticket using your support page. But did not get any email confirmation for submission. So just got confused whether the ticket was submitted or not. Purchase in themeforest was done from another account. my email is same as themeforest username.


Do you have Ticket ID with you so I can check?

Hi guys, just about to purchase this awesome template but have 1 question to the event registration. All are free events that need individual registrations to each event. Or even better…they register once to the program (website) ..all events.. and then they can just click on the event they want to attend and that creates a ticket and a registration to that event… THANK YOU!!!

Hi Roll82,

Sorry, we do not get your point clearly. Could you please provide more information about your problem?

Please submit a ticket to our support system: http://cactusthemes.ticksy.com and leave useful information about your problem (admin account, some screenshots) so we can help.

Thanks, CactusThemes

hi .. bought your awesome Theme … everything is fine …

but i try to add some “shortcodes” in a text widget at the footer. The hint to add following lines in the funtions.php is not working.

add_filter(‘widget_text’, ‘do_shortcode’);

Can u help ? Thanx for your support Greetz Chris


Please submit a ticket to our support system: http://cactusthemes.ticksy.com and leave useful information about your problem (admin account, some screenshots) so we can help.

Hi cactusthemes,

I bought the GamePlan theme about 2 months ago and have been having allot of trouble trying to make it look similar to the demo. When I Installed the theme into Wordpress, the whole thing looked really empty and nothing like the GamePlan Demo. I was wondering if you could shed some light on this? Maybe something I am missing or have not installed properly? Thanks in Advance.


We could help you to install sample data. Please submit a ticket to http://cactusthemes.ticksy.com and leave admin URL so we can help.

Best regards,


ticket #234778

Hi, Please check Ticksy, we answered your question.


Hi, see this page : http://www.ddayrace.com/transports/ Ticket N° #237085

The “RETOUR” button is not suppose to look like this. I used the visual composer to add a button, selected the blue colour, with squared style, but nothing works.

See this page as well : http://www.ddayrace.com/les-obstacles/

the text is not supposed to be like that, and see also the “message box” supposed to be blue… what is happening ?

Could you help me please ?

Thanks in advance,



Hi Agenceaa,

We have replied your ticket.

Please follow it in our support system.



Hey my blog post is displaying without any line breaks, is there something that simply can be fixed? Thanks!

Hi Jshaw90,

Please submit a ticket to our support system: http://cactusthemes.ticksy.com and leave some useful information (admin account, some screenshots with errors, website url) so we can check.