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Discussion on Best WordPress Review Theme For Games, Movies And Music - Gamez

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ellenm24 Purchased

Hi, This is Ellen and I have purchased this theme before. I love it, but I have 2 issues which I need help and guide about them. first of all, I want to translate the theme into another language, but reviews part, I dont know really how to translate the options in a review page into my language. and second, I like to know if this theme has a plugin or supports IMDB Boxoffice for the home page. please help me and guide me. thanks in advanced and hope to hear from you soon


ellenm24 Purchased

I used loco translate on my website to translate it, but I cant translate options in the review page and there is no section to translate. and as my second request, I really like to put boxoffice news , movie ratings on the home page. is there any way to do that?

please help me and guide me thanks in advance

Hello Ellen,

Our support team got an email from you. They will email you the instructions. In the meantime, I appreciate your patience and cooperation.



ellenm24 Purchased

Hello, Thank you so much for your quick answer and help. I sent you screenshots and explained everything in an email sent for you. Thanks

Hello there. Got the theme, but it seems like the buttons on the first slide (the one just after the Slider, having Popular and Trending as tabs) doesn’t look as good as the ones in the demo theme.

Since they are pre-built, I couldn’t find any option to edit them to look exactly like the ones used in the demo.

Any quick fix for that?

Thanks in advance, Eduard.


Please, record a video about the issue using loom google chorme extention then send it to envato@themexpert.com. Our support team will check it.



I have some pre-sale questions:

1. Will it be difficult to run another type of affiliate site with this theme, are things hard coded and not customizable?

2. Can I change the urls of all the pages? Let’s say I want to run a casino affiliate site, then instead of having /shop or /products, I want the url to be /casinos or something like that instead.

3. Can I change the text on all the buttons and add external links to them?

4. Can I edit all the texts everywhere or are there some limitations, things that cannot be edited?

5. Does it come with an Ajax search function?

6. Can I remove the shopping carts and other things I don’t need?

7. Can I change Stars, Writer, Producer and Release Date to something else?



Thanks for your interest to buy the theme. Here are the answer of your questions. 1. You can’t run another type of affiliate site it. 2. It’s not suitable for casino. 3. Yes 4. Every text can be edited. 5. No. 6. Yes. 7. Yes



I want to buy the template but I have 3 main questions and problems that I want to address and to know if you can fix them or not.

1. On the blue demo I see on the cart you are not showing the number of items and you just have a white dot above the cart. Can that be fixed?

2. Another thing is when I enter from the mobile on the demo I see that I have the header from the desktop with a trapeze shape but on your picture in the description I see that it is in a rectangle shape on the mobile. It will be possible to have the trapeze shape on the desktop and the rectangle shape on the mobile? I am referring to the header.

3. And the last thing I want to ask the menu on the mobile is not categorized and it is very ugly to see them thrown there like that on the left side… more on that, the items are not even in the same order that I see on the desktop version. On the mobile can the main menu be categorized and organized beautifully in the same order as you can see it on the desktop version?

Thank you,



Thanks for your interest in buying the theme.

1. Our team will fix the cart number issue as soon as possible.

2. Not understanding the issue. Can you please send a screenshot to envato@themexpert.com ?

3. Our team will improve it in the future updates.

Not sure when I purchased this theme. But in classic Forest Theme style it hasn’t been updated to latest WP version and the User Review is just a comments section.

Hello, If you need any help, please send an email to envato@themexpert.com Thanks

can i sell my game from steam with steam keys, digitally . and 1 key will send to buyer and it wont send keys that was sent already

Hello, you can sell games only using WooCommerce. Thanks

Hi there. Is this theme PHP8 compatible?

Hello, It’s not compatible with PHP8

I cant import the demos :/ support does not respond to me.

Hello, we didn’t receive any email from you. Please, send email again at envato@themexpert.com Our support team will take care of the issue. Thanks

Hello there, I am currently looking for a new theme, as the one we have been using is no longer updated, and has too many issues and errors. So we need to find a theme that best suits our website.

We are a Movies and TV-Series reviews website. And after looking at your Movie reviews demo it looks absolutely amazing. I just have a few pre sale questions please, if that’s OK?

Is it possible to also list TV-Series aswel as Movies? As we are a Movies & TV review website?

When listing a Movie or TV Series, does the information get imported from something like tmdb to make it easier or does each listing require us to add everything manually?

Is it possible to someway, add TV Networks to Movies or Series? For example, if a particular Movie is made by Netflix. Can we add Netflix to the Movie, so Users know they can watch that movie on Netflix? Same with the likes of Amazon Prime, Disney+ etc, etc. I seen one of the Movie listings on your theme, advertise where they are available to buy. Could that be edited to show Available on Netflix, Amazon, Disney, etc, etc? And we just add the official Netflix url rather than the sale of that Movie?

It would be amazing if this theme can do Movie and TV reviews. As it would offer us a whole new dimension in what we could offer our users, as we could even add games and other features that comes with this great theme further down the line. If we wanted to of course.

The theme looks amazing too, so I personally really hope that Movies and TV series reviews can be made or integrated, and that TV Series can be added just like the Movies ones too.

Kindest regards, Keep up the amazing work!.

This theme hasn’t been updated in 18 months ?

amirtx Author Team

Hello, we already completed a new update. Now, our team is testing the update. Hopefully, next week we can release the update. Thanks

Hi, we want to buy this theme. On the blog section, however, of the previews, I see that the headings of the blogs disappear behind a black strip that goes over the image. Will it be possible to remove this black strip?

Hello, Thanks for your interest to buy the theme. Sorry for the late reply. Due to the holiday, Could not reply to you. Yes, you can remove the black strip. If you will have further questions, please feel free to email us at envato@themexpert.com

Hello there! We are having issues with our website, for some reason on a fresh import of the theme we are unable to scroll down, and the category titles above the sections are bunched together. Not sure what to do?

I saw this was a fix `body, html { height: auto; }` but not being a web designer I have no idea where to actually add or even do that?

Hello, Thanks for asking. In your WordPress dashboard, go to Appearance > Customize then inside the Additional CSS panel put that code and save. Then scroll issue will be fixed. For the other issue please drop a line envato@themexpert.com with your purchase details. Our support dev will take care about your query. Thanks.

hi, elementor pro license is not included with purchase?

Yes. You are right. Elementor Pro license does not included with the theme. You need to purchase it separately. BTW, Its not mandatory for our theme.

Having a scroll issues pls

Here is the simple solution. `body, html { height: auto; }` Please add this in your site. Scroll issue will be solved. Thanks.

plans to update this theme?

Yes, planning to update soon. Thanks for asking.

hi how i can fix jquery.nicescroll.min.js?ver=1.0:1 [Intervention] Unable to preventDefault inside passive event listener due to target being treated as passive. See https://www.chromestatus.com/features/6662647093133312

For any technical issue, please drop a line envato@themexpert.com with your purchase details. Our support dev will take care about your issue. Thanks.

HI I’m getting some issues with layout while updating elementor and other plugins like woo commerce recently updated big releases but our theme having very old version please can you update our theme to make compatibility with latest WordPress version as well?

this scroll issue comes from WordPress 5.8. Here is the simple solution. `body, html { height: auto; }` Add this snippet in your site. It will fix your scroll issue. Thanks.

ok thanks!

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Your theme has errors in JavaScript after installation, this display preloader forever and don’t allow to see website. Screenshot with fatal error from theme IMDB plugin: https://take.ms/sti2K

Can’t continue until this is resolved.

You can disable preloader from theme option panel. Appreciate if you please drop a line envato@themexpert.com with your purchase details. Our support Dev will take care about the issue. Thanks

We absolutely love your design for movie review and we now noticed it’s no longer updated. Do you have any plans to start updating again or no this is our favorite design https://demo.themexpert.com/wordpress/gamez/movie-review/review/moana :)

Hello, Thanks for asking and appreciate your concern. Yes, we do have a plan to update it immediately. If you have any review like, this option needs to be updated or this option is missing, please drop a line envato@themexpert.com. we will try to add that in our next version. Thanks.

The design does not support the RTL ??

Hello, Let me know which design doesn’t support RTL. Or you may drop a line envato@themexpert.com for any kind of query related to our theme. Thanks.


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