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very nice design, good luck with sales

Awesome template dimir, glws mate! ;)

DimiR, Have you gonna create a HTML or Wordpress version?

@behzadg, @csspress Thanks ;)

@odinx73 Probably there will be HTML and Wordpress version soon, but at this point i don’t know exactly when it will be available. Im currently working on some facebook templates so when i’m done with those guys i’ll start converting this one right away :)

Cheers, Dimitar.

Awesome There is hardly any game designs here. If only this was WordPress

dude ive been looking for those illustrations for ages. i remember following them on deviant art around 2010 lol.


p.s. awesome template design.

Thanks ;)

Awesome design, can’t wait for a wordpress version

Yes! DimiR this design is very nice. Best gaming template on here. Once it hits wordpress im getting it right away. delicious:

This is my 3rd purchase your. Psd and you made ??a great job.

translation from google. ;-)

Thank you, i’m glad you like it :)

Do you know when this will be available for wordpress?

Sir, to be honest i considered HTML and Wordpress versions, but there is almost no interest in this template (only 2 purchases so far and i worked really hard and will probably need to double the efforts to create HTML & Wordpress versions) it will probably never see the light of day.

That’s cool. But I think you would get alot more response and sales if you where to make a wordpress version. Especially from people like me that don’t know how to convert PSD’s to a wordpress template

we are interested if it was at least HTML i would purchase this in a heart beat.

Would also purchase for $20+ if HTML was given.

I bought it and I’m very satisfied !

Thanks, i’m happy to hear that :)

Is there any program that can convert PSD to Wordpress? Thanks!

Hello Allworth.
Unfortunately no, you will need to hire a developer.

I bought it today, very nicely done. It is expertly designed and put together with a lot of things that can be achieved with CSS3 effects.