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Update: Version 1.2

August 17th, 2014

- Fixed sidebar cutting off
- Fixed submenus bug that opened all submenus at once
- WordPress 3.9.2 support - OK


Installation of this update does not affect any current saved settings

Replace these files:

- style.css
- js/main.js

can be installed as an ios webapp

Hi Luke,

Great theme. I have one pre-sale question though. I didn’t see any social share buttons on any post in the demo. Does the theme has built-in social share buttons that we can enable ? Also, can they also be shown below each post on the blog home page ?


Hello, this theme doesn’t have built-in share buttons like, for example Writter. But you can always use third party plug-in for this.

Thanks. Using 3rd party plugins on mobile themes is sometimes messy, but I’ll try to find a good one. One more small question please, Can the top menu bar be made sticky ? :)

Don’t worry about the 3rd party plugins, from my experience they work great with my themes. The sticky header, sure, but it’s not adjustable from WordPress admin panel, you need to edit the CSS file by yourself :)

On the device click on the menu item (with submenus) – opens a submenu. How to move to the menu page of the parent? I need to menu containing submenus are also clickable.

This is actually hard to do because when you click on the submenu the page will load and you won’t reach the submenus in the first place.

How do I get the icon strip halfway down your “screenshot 2” image? I’d like those buttons and the info boxes below them.


Hello, copy HTML code from live preview and insert it into your site.

Can you also tell me how to get rid of the Post date on pages and Post author on pages and posts?


You will have to edit .php files for that.

Pre-purchase question, I’d like to use this as a responsive desktop theme, would it be simple to modify and show both sidebars open, shrinking width of center content until max-width: 1200px, then hide both sidebars off canvas automatically?

This is definitely possible using pure CSS.

Hi i have wordpress blog how i can use this theme for mobile version will this theme work as seprate of i have to need install theme in main website

there is problem i have add mobile switcher when activate theme it shows two sider bar with full widgets when i activate other theme and open from mobile it opens site but with one sider bar and different menu and also show title on navigation

Hey Luke I love this theme.

Is there any way to make the sidebars scroll independently of the main window?

So if I open the right sidebar, I can scroll it but the main page doesn’t move?

Thanks, Luke

Hello, I haven’t tried that but if you know CSS I suggest you the iScroll library – it should work just fine if you implement it.

Cool thanks Luke. Working on it but no luck so far. Do you do freelancing work at all? :)

Unfortunetaly I don’t right now.

Hi, are there any shortcodes for buttons etc present with this theme?


Hello, there are no shortcodes.

Hi there,

My team and I bought your Theme last week, with our pro account. Just have one question : Is it possible to remove the right sidebar menu (we only use the left sidebar menu) and how do you do it ? Thank for your answer



PS : nice work btw, well designed :)

Yeah my bad it was the right sidebar menu :)

It works perfectly ! Many thanks ;)

Glad it works :)

Good luck with your project.

I have been looking for the right WP mobile theme to rival big name news sites and this one looks like just the one for me… Almost. I just have one question before I buy this and try it out… Can the images on the homepage be removed? I mean, I would like to just display maybe 10 recent posts in a list with small thumbnail on the left. Instead of large display images like this. If this is possible that’s great, If not can I pay for this to be customized? Please let me know.

This is possible but not in native theme, it will request some customization. If you are not able to do this kind of customization yourself I can customize it for you as a freelance.

Hello, thanks for prompt response, I would probably be able to do this but I doubt I’d do it as well or as clean as the theme creator would. Could you please give me a quote for this and then I can send you a payment personally via paypal? To be completely clear about what I need the homepage to do, It needs to look like the slate theme here with thumbnails on the left – http://jansimecek.com/themes/?theme=Ultimate

I prefer your theme because it doesn’t load or slow down and it also does not upset users. A prompt response would be very much appreciated. Or you can email me directly at iamjchedda@gmail.com

Hi, nice theme! I have some pre-sales questions…

1. Can the right menu with widget be different for different pages? For instance I want 2 pages: - a page with videos with a filter with/widget at the right menu - a page with games with another filter/widget at the right menu

2. Would it be possible for videos to start those at full screen straight away? 3. Does it work with Woocommerce?

Kind regards,


Hello Pieter,

1. Not in initial theme, if you want to have different right sidebar content for different pages you need to customize theme’s code.

2. Not sure what you mean by starting at full screen, it depends on what kind of videos are you using, it is not possible with YouTube videos for example.

WooCommerce is not officially supported but it should run fairly OK however it is not guaranteed.


There seems something wrong with your support system. I registered with my purchase code without requested to enter password. But when I tried logging, I was requested to enter password. Then I can only use lost my password but it said that

Warning: stream_socket_enable_crypto(): Peer certificate CN=`*.gridserver.com’ did not match expected CN=`localhost’ in /nfs/c08/h01/mnt/171674/domains/support.lukepostulka.net/html/wp-includes/class-smtp.php on line 369 The e-mail could not be sent. Possible reason: your host may have disabled the mail() function.

Then, what to do?

Hello, my support system is currently not working. You can send me an email via my TF profile.


Could you tell me how to hide author, post date and comment box on all post and pages? Thanks

Hello, this is easiest done with CSS (display: none) rule.