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I love this design :)

Thank you :)

Looks awesome! Good luck Luke.

Thank you.

is it possible to instal with other theme already working(Wordpress)?? for work only in mobile an the other in desktop computer?

Yes it is very possible :)


Very simple and clean! Happy sales :)

Thank you :)

interesting project :)

fantastic, thanks! :)

nice work.. good luck!

Thanks, means a lot :)

Great theme for mobile, can you add a QR code to see it in action on device? Regards.

Thank you, QR code added :-)

Excellent theme my friend, very clean layout!!!! ;) Congratulations!!! ;)

Thank you sir :)

Awesome! Good luck, dude! ;)

Thanks dude! :)

Does this work alongside the normal wordpress theme? How do you install the second theme on wordpress or is it a plugin?

Cheers, Robbie

Hello, yes this theme works just fine alongside normal WP desktop theme. Installation is very simple. Just install this theme, and then install 5 star WP plugin called Device Theme Switcher and set it up.


Looks great. GLWS :)

Thank you :)

Pre-purchase question. Is the 5 star WP plugin a free or paid plug in? Also, is the theme customizable? As far as colors and logo, etc?

It’s of course completely free plug-in. And yes, theme is customizable via simple CSS commands.


ok great. The other question I have is the sample is blog posts. I don’t have a blog. Does that work for regular WP websites? I don’t need posts at all

You can have a static homepage as a home page.

How can you setup the theme on top of a WordPress theme, but yet change settings of the mobile theme without activating it?

Open sidebar-main.php and edit the particular piece of code like this

<?php wp_nav_menu( array(
                        'container'         =>     'ul',
                        'menu'         =>     'mobile-menu',
                        'menu_class'     =>     'menu',
                        'theme_location' =>     'main-navigation',
                        'link_before'    =>     '<span class="menu-li-title">',
                        'link_after'     =>     '</span><img class="menu-li-arrow" src="'.IMAGEDIR.'/icons/arrow-forward.png" alt="" />',
                    ) ); ?>
save, and then go to your WP admin / Appearance / Menus and create new menu for mobile and call it “Mobile Menu” – this is important. Hit save and let me know if that works.

It shows a menu now, but it shows all pages.

Also, is there a way to add the right sidebar, it also, doesn’t adjust images within the content or is there something I am missing?


Try to add class “fullwidth” on images it should work. About this sidebar (widgets), it’s the same problem as for menus. If you save some widgets on your mobile theme and then activate desktop theme widgets will appear only on desktop theme.

There is no solution for this situation in the whole internet, I’m afraid :-(.


Uh-Oh… Purchased this theme because I liked the left/right menus and flat design, however I was not aware that it does not allow sub-categories/pages? That’s a big negative for me as we need them.

Did I miss something, or does this theme really not allow that basic functionality?

Yes – sorry, that is what I meant. Any idea when 11 will be rolled out? I know it takes time and am not pressuring, just need to know how to allocate my design team’s time. Thanks for the prompt reply – always a good sign and good customer service!

I got all-day notifications so there’s no way I miss something :) as for your questions, I can’t really tell you exact day but I will promise you that I’ll look into it ASAP (few days aprox)


Thanks Lukepostulka! Great Theme.

Hi there,

Just a couple of pre-sales questions if possible:

1. Can this theme work alongside a normal WP theme that does not have posts as frontpage? A portfolio / business theme for example. 2. This does not need to run on a seperate domain such as m.mydomain.com but automatically detects the mobile device and redirects the user to the mobile theme?

Kind regards


Hello, I’m glad you considering purchasing my theme.

As for your questions:

1. This theme works fine alongside major desktop theme. You don’t have to have posts as a homepage, you can set static page as a homepage, if you have one, if don’t – create one.

2. Theme may and may not be on separated hosting/domain/database such as m.domain.com. If you install plugin called Device Theme Switcher this will redirect your mobile visitors to mobile theme.

If you have any other questions feel free to ask.


Hi there,

Quick preorder question. I love the design on mobile. Does this theme run on a desktop browser, or do I need to have another theme for desktop? Ideally, I would like to have just the one theme… Thanks!


sure you can use this theme for desktop also, but I don’t think it looks so good on bigger screens :-) I mean, it’s mobile theme so its ideal width is about 300-800px. So for bigger screens you may want desktop theme.


How do you update the WordPress theme with the recent updates? And can you update without overwriting customizations?

Update info and installation is in this discussion.