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Wow amazing work! :)

Thank you.

Great work!!!!

Thank you.

Hey lukepostulka,

Nice looking theme, well done! Could you tell me if you’re using a framework for the responsive/grid stuff? I didn’t see anything in the source or in the description page. Sorry if it’s obvious and i just missed it. Thanks for your time!

Hello, thank you. You’re right. there’s no grid framework and this theme is not responsive but liquid. It means there’s width set to 100%.

Hey thanks for your super quick reply!

You’re welcome!

Hello Luke,

I’m tested Sony Z and Chrome 29.0, a-menu and a-sidebar touch not working. Can you check it ?

Works fine as well. This is odd, maybe you can change (in main.js) the jQuery click/touch trigger to simple jQuery(”#a-menu”).click(). It will loose the smoothness but may work for you.


Thank you Luke. Solved.

Neat! Have a good one.


Your work is great and clean…I plan to buy in next couple days…is there a way to add an full page image to a give link? Almost like a splash page…also does it support splash page? Sorry for all the questions

Yes sure, just open style.css, find header ID (#header) add “position:fixed;” line before } closing tag for this ID.


Did not work…the header disappears…

Apply z-index.

can the header be a sticky? and also can i make the toggle effect to only open one at a time.


Open js/main.js and remove lines 35-96. Then place this instead:

                        // $('.menu').removeClass('activeState');
                        aMenuClicked = false;
                        jQuery('#sidebar-wrapper').css("z-index", "-2");
                        // $('.menu').addClass('activeState');

                        aMenuClicked = true;


.. 94. { 95. $(’#content-wrapper’).removeClass(‘moved-left’); 96. aSidebarClicked = false; 97. } 98. else 99. { ..

As it is right now… if i copy and paste what you have upto the 96th line i get an error regarding the “else” line which will be line 56.

Hope you understand what i mean…plz help

while you’re at it..

can you also make the ”#content-wrapper” dark and all buttons are disabled once the sidebar is opened…. so the focus is on the sidebar….. and when clicked anywhere outside of the sidebar it will exit the sidebar… also is there a way to have a “close” button that can close the sidebar?

Thanks, Praj

Hi Can I make it a just a 1 page site, and the call button can it call people straight away if I am using a mobile phone

Hello, yes sure! :-)


I been trying to use a black berry to log in to the site, it looks really messed up, please help

It would be really helpful if you had a screenshot. Please contact me on my support email now and I’ll take a look.


thanks I fixed it

Hi why is my email not working how do I set it up

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected $end in /srv/disk3/1306383/www/ on line 28 this is what is showing now

Hello, please send me your code into my support email. Thank you.


Hi, How does this template show in desktop computer?

Very nice work Good luck with Sales;

Thanks mate :)

Hello – how can I view this in a desktop browser?

Unfortunetaly there isn’t.

would it be difficult to ad? :) thx in advance

Not for skilled developer :)

what’s the code to lock the top navigation bar?

You can use CSS fixed class to do this.

does the search work with the html version?

No you have to use 3rd party plugin.

can you suggest one?

This is a good article for the subject

Hello, have you tested or do you know if it will work with Phonegap?

Thank you

Hello, this template was not tested with PhoneGap. I may suggest to take a look at my 2 latest templates Nightly and Theia that had been successfully tested in PhoneGap/Cordova.

Thank you, will do!

I just bought this theme and its not working… i keep getting an error message and your support page is not available

This is HTML template, if you are interested in WordPress version you are in the wrong category.

so whats the solution to that?

Well you are in the wrong category so the solution is to buy the version you need.