Discussion on Ganpathi - Responsive App Landing Page WordPress Theme

Discussion on Ganpathi - Responsive App Landing Page WordPress Theme

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Hi. We are looking for an app theme to promote more than one app – different pages for different apps. Will this be possible with your theme?

Yes, you can add more pages for each apps with this theme.

HI, Ive sent a couple of emails to you regarding my footer issue. Please can you review them as soon as possible. I’m hoping for my site to go live soon.

Kind regards, Christian.

Please share your site access details to us.

Hi, I’ve upgrade your user rights and emailed you.

when set up as a spa (single page) all the content below the testimonials jumps up and down due to the cycling of the various sized testimonial text. can you fix this? it looks really bad when you are trying to read content at the bottom of the page.

do you have a list of all the shortcodes and their parameters? that would help tremendously. i’m actually surprised it wasn’t in the theme documentation.

I could not find these items in the documentation and need help with the theme; 1) I need a list of all the fa service-icon option like fa-plug and fa-laptop. 2) I need to be able to change the testimonial slider dot color. it seems to be stuck orange (orange.css) 3) I need to change the menu/submenu highlight color. it seems to be stuck orange. 4) I need to know how to make an acceptable google maps url that works in your [map] shortcode. 5) I need to change the color of the blog page title color. 6) can the plan links be targeted to another window/tab? if so, how?

Replied to your Email

here’s the response… for the community…

1) You can find list of Icons from this link https://fortawesome.github.io/Font-Awesome/icons/

2) Thank you for reporting this issue, we will fix this on our next update. You can change the color by adding below css in CUSTOM CSS section.

.carousel-indicators li { background: rgba(255, 69, 0, 0.5) none repeat scroll 0 0; // change the color to your choice in RBG format } .carousel-indicators li.active { background: rgba(255, 69, 0, 1) none repeat scroll 0 0; // change the color to your choice in RBG format }

3) By changing Theme Options -> Menu settings -> Menu Item Hover Color, you can change the Menu highlight color

4) In Map shortcode URL section add “src” value from your Google map embbedd code. For example Google Map Embedd code : <iframe src=”https://www.google.com/maps/embed?pb=\\1m8\\1d15715.599307751367\\3d10.025124749999998\\1i1024\\4f13.1\\3m2\\2sin!4v1451562638163” width=”600” height=”450” frameborder=”0” style=”border:0” allowfullscreen></iframe> Copy the SRC value from iframe and paste it in shortcode, the shortcode will look like below [map animation=”fadeInUp” animation_delay=”100” url=”https://www.google.com/maps/embed?pb=\\1m8\\1d15715.599307751367\\3d10.025124749999998\\1i1024\\4f13.1\\3m2\\2sin!4v1451562638163” width=”100%” height=”330px”]

5) You need to use Custom CSS for changing the blog Title color

6) That is not implemented in the theme. If you could share the FTP details of your site, we will add that feature and add this in next theme update

Unable to get the slider portion to work. Have even imported the sample data.

Can you provide your wordpress admin details to our support mail?

Hi, are the colours unlimited in this theme?

Yes. its unlimited

Is there any chance for autoplay function for tabgroup?

Your theme is very good, because you do not create a home as theme Business?

And Corporate to. Thanks.

Hi there – could you give more info about adding slider to the front page? I’ve installed required plugins, imported sample data, but the slider is still missing.

Problem solved

Hi there – it says the theme requires Slider Post Type but when I Install the Plug in I get the error An error occurred while installing Slider Post Type: The remote plugin package consists of more than one file, but the files are not packaged in a folder. Please contact the plugin provider and ask them to package their plugin according to the WordPress guidelines.. I only see Slider Post Type as v 1.0. How do I fix this?

Creative Job, Like it, GL ;)

Very nice template. GLWS :)

Awesome item! ! looks great, GLWS :)

Very nice theme! Does it have video header feature by chance?


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