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Hi, i have looked everywhere to find where the fa-bars code is inserted? am i able to edit/change the fa-bars in the header? Thank you. Kris.

I just found it! functions.php if anyone is interested.

Hi cyberspot,

great :)


Is there anyway to embed a soundcloud link or video directly into the portfolio page instead of a featured image that links to to an external player or video? I’d like for people to be able to play my music or watch my videos directly from the home page without clicking away.



Hi johnsteenmusic,

currently not, you need a custom code to achieve this goal.



Hi there, This is a pre-sale question about your theme. Is it WPML compatible please? Thanks

Hi stefanico, we don’t test it with WPML, but it has been developed to be.

Regards, Themelovin


For some reason I can’t get the featured images to show on the portfolio page. (The one where a grid shows all projects in a portfolio) I’ll click “add portfolio” fill out the page content with copy, link a featured image from the media library, and publish the page. The rollover state works to show the title of the project, but the featured image that should be present on the portfolio “all” page that has the grid layout, shows no featured image. I’ve tried various size images but can’t get it to work. This happens regardless if I import the dummy content via the XML file, or create a new portfolio page. Any thoughts as to why this is?

Here’s what it looks like when I mouse over the grid area. http://imgur.com/OrGKjYC

Also, when I am in the dashboard, in a portfolio item page, and I click preview changes, I get a 404 error in the new window that opens up.

Figured out the problem. Something was wrong with the wordpress install. I’m good to go now!

Hi Naxios,

thanks :)

Hi there! First up I’d like to say: Great theme! now, I’de like to make a few modifications and I was hoping you could help me figure out how to and point me in the right direction. please see my website www.baxterstudios.com.au for reference. 1. When clicking on the skills categorisation on the landing page (portfolio selected) is there a way to make the page automatically scroll down to the projects? 2. Is it possible to add this functionality of the skills filter in the classic portfolio section as well (this is titles projects on my page) 3. Which header/font tag in the CSS is connected to the skills listing that is displayed when opening the portfolio navigation on the right hand side? 4. Is it possible to break the subhead text up into paragraphs? I’m talking about the descriptor /intro on the landing page in the back box. 5. When going to the blog, the page does not adapt to the current permalink structure. Viewing the blog is fine, but when clicking on a specific post it does not work. Here i’m open to 2 options, either I disable the possibility to click through to the post OR fix the link issue? Any ideas? Many thanks in advance. Cheers Bas

Hi Bas,

I’m afraid this requires custom code modifications. Sadly we cannot help with individual modifications to the theme as per ThemeForest policy, items are sold as-is :(

Requests that require or involve custom coding are falling out site ThemeForest’s item support policy.

For such customisation tasks, I always recommend the professionals available for hire on the Envato Studio.

Regarding the point 5, seems to be an error of permalinks, please check your permalink settings (Settings > Permalinks) and try to save again.

If you have any other questions, just let me know and I’ll be happy to help.

Regards, Themelovin

Hi guys, ok I understand re the custom coding, I’ll look into that. However, you’d probably be able to tell me the answer to question 3.? ;) re permalinks, I’ve set them up to be / page which is working fine for all pages including portfolio sub pages etc, and the blog, but not when displaying the actual blog post… Many thanks Bas

Hi goldencolt,

please, could you explain us the third point?

Thanks so much :)

the site demo seems to be down?

Thanks! We are working to restore everything asap!

Hi guys it seems like your theme is not compatible with the latest version of WP? Suddenly after updating WP all featured images are not showing anymore on the site. Please have a look at http://www.baxterstudios.com.au – any ideas how to fix this? I need this page up and running again asap as this is my business and the display of images is vital in regards to attracting potential clients! Many thanks Bas

Hi Bas,

we checked our theme and there are any problem with the latest WordPress version but checking your site we note a 503 error regarding the dynamic css (thmlv-custom-styles.css). You have to open a trouble ticket to your ISP.

Regards, Themelovin

all good, figured it out – The All-In-One SEO Pack was the issue. Somehow the Bad Bot Blocker feature was responsible? Cheers guys

Hi goldencolt,

we suggest you to ask for to the plugin developer; unfortunately you need to ask for a little custom about it


How do you change the Subtitle in the Contact page (the contact template with the Google maps) since the header area is not showing in the editor? Right now it has Lorem Ipsum, don’t know where it takes it from


Ok, thanks, we’ll check it for you.



please, download the last release from your account and update Gap. We check you site, did you edit something on your theme? Analyzing your site we noticed that many files fail to load (http://d.pr/i/1de48) and that you change the theme name with a spaced one (dario calonaci). To check it deeply we suggest you to disable all plugins and the turn them on one by one checking the loading speed any time.

Let us know


Hello guys,

First of all, amazing work :) You can see it here: www.digital-infusion.com

Couple of questions:

1. How can I change the colour of the little menu located in the left top of the header? 2. I want to create a new page to display only specific portfolio items, beside the selected portfolio with is my home page. Right now I have a Portfolio page, to display all of my entries, and the Selected Portfolio as Home page. I want to create a Goodies page, is it possible?

3. The Dribble short code is not working, any clues? 4. In the blog page, the footer info is not displayed like in the home page.

Thank you!

Hi the code reported for the second step needs to be pasted into a new page template created specifically.


Could you please be more specific? Exactly where I have to insert that code? How do I add different items to be displayed on that page only?

Hi Digital_infusion,

the code suggested has to be pasted into a new page template, to create it take a look to this guide:



Hello guys,

Please don`t forget to reply to my last support ticket.

Thank you.

Hi I was wondering if you could help fix this problem I am having. I cant seem to get any of my images to show when I add media to my page. The boxs come up on the home page when you scroll over them but their images are not there.

Here is my url – http://www.harpergdesigns.com/

Thank you!

Don’t worry figured it out!

Is it possible to create multiple portfolios & every portfolio got its own filters?

Hi chickenmove, unfortunately it couldn’t be done :( Thanks so much for your interest


Hi, I’m thinking about purchasing this theme. Just one thing – can I have a fullscreen scrolling image slider on the homepage? No need for nav buttons just want the image to change. . . Thanks

Yes, as in the example link http://themelovin.com/dev/gap/ , it’s a home page! ;)

Hi – me again – can you tell me how I can add portfolio items to a default-template page? I can’t find the shortcodes for it??

Reason for this is that I want to show the portfolio on my home page but I don’t want the categories to show in the header. . .

Hi, please submit your support request here https://themelovin.ticksy.com/

Regards, Themelovin


Congratulations on GAP, it really is a beautiful site.

I wonder if it is possible:

1_Integrate Patterns in place of a color background 2_Integrate patterns in the HEADER or is “Hi, We Are Gap! Minimalistic Grid Portfolio Theme.”

Thank you in advance.

Hi idrissehidara, please submit your support request here https://themelovin.ticksy.com/

Regards, Themelovin

Ok but, where can i find the purchase code of my product

1. Log into your Envato Market account. 2. Hover the mouse over your username at the top of the screen. 3. Click ‘Downloads’ from the drop down menu. 4. Click ‘License certificate & purchase code’ (available as PDF or text file).


Great theme, but it would be even better if the light/dark header responded to individual slides in the revolution slider. So if I am using a revolution slider with a dark image and then a light image the header would change for each slide so that you can still read it…

Hi kevincmoore,

thanks for your suggestion, unfortunately this would be quite complex to implement.


hi, i was wondering if the GAP theme support multilingual pluggins, thanks!

Hi currently not, we’re sorry

Hello, a pre sale question. this theme is updated? I see the last update on 21 August 16. Thanks

Hi tommyr, sure, Gap works correctly with the latest WordPress version.

Hi. Is this theme compatible with the recent version of WordPress?

hi, how can we fix the error on google maps? It request the API key we generated but we cannot find the part of the code to implement it the page with the error is the following: http://www.mitoelettrodomestici.com/contatti Many thanks in advance

hi, gap theme!

I have a problem.

my website not showing featured image

url: www.tabb.co.kr