Discussion on Garnet Creative Portfolio WordPress Theme

Discussion on Garnet Creative Portfolio WordPress Theme

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Looks like this work – please confirm, and thnx for help!

navigation.portfolio-navigation { display: none; }

Greetings- we’re using your theme on bethpite.com. We’d like to remove the bottom blue navigation (left/right arrows & grid) from the portfolio’s here: https://www.bethpite.com/?portfolio=seascapes

Any custom code to help much appreciated.

Why is the Live preview not working for this Garnet theme?


it was a server maintenance. now should be all good :)


Hi, I’m trying to install the theme but for some reason the ACF Repeater plugin won’t install. I’ve looked for it in the garnet -> inc directory, but there’s no plugins folder there after unpacking everything. Please let me know how to proceed.


Could you please send us your email we can sent you a plugin :)

I already bought it from ACF, but make sure everything needed is actually in the download package, to avoid any more situations like this.

Hi, actually it is included in the package. unfortunately latest update we change source to external link instead, sorry for any inconvenience.

if you have any further assist please let us know :)

Hi! Is it possible to have an Instagram feed instead of Twitter?


Thank you for interested in our theme.

yes, you can that area is a widget area, but unfortunately there is no instagram widget built in with the theme you need to use third party plugins

Best :)

Hello there! In our portfolio section, if you click on the photo, it shows what kind of camera was used, what settings, etc. Is there a way to NOT show that information? Thank you.

www.designperspective.com How do I send a snapshot on here? Thanks.

Hi you can add this css snippet

.jp-carousel-image-meta ul { display:none}

this should fix what you need

let us know :)

Sorry this is a late reply. Thank you for this info. It worked just fine!

Never mind. I found a code online to put into the child theme style.css and it worked! :)

.site-content article { word-wrap: normal; -webkit-hyphens: none; -moz-hyphens: none; hyphens: none; }

.widget-area .widget { -webkit-hyphens: none; -moz-hyphens: none; hyphens: none; word-wrap: normal; }

Hello there. Another question. If a visitor to my website chooses to skip one or two lines in the form, how do I make sure the visitors inquiry will still be able to send to me.

When I tested it, it said “Please fill in the required field”. How do I control it so that not all the fields are required?

Hi, To control please remove ‘’ from the form

eg. you want subject not to be compulsory change

[text company-website class:form-control ]

to be

[text company-website class:form-control ]

Let us know :)

If I want to make sure there are no hyphenated words, what do I need to do to change this code:

Visit us at The Art Center lofts, located in San Diego’s East Village—the largest urban neighborhood in downtown San Diego. This thriving enclave is home to more than 700 businesses including restaurants, hotels, and art galleries.

Let’s talk today, by phone, email or grab a refreshment at one of our local establishments.

Thank you for sending me the code. Please see this url: http://designperspective.com/contact-2/

Can you help me make the font on the form match the font on the left side of that page? Thanks!

Hi, it look like you have pre tag inside your form please have a look on your form again on first and last line and remove
<pre> and </pre> 

then your font should be all good

let us know :)

Please help me to write the code for the Contact page of my website.

Right now it says:

<label >Your name</label> [text* your-name class:form-control ] <label >Email address</label> [email* your-email class:form-control ] <label>Message</label> [textarea* your-message class:form-control ] [submit class:btn class:btn-primary class:btn-contact “SEND MESSAGE”]

But I would like to add 3 more fields in between. So that it lists and works like this.

1. Your name 2. Email address 3. Company name 4. Company website 5. Subject 5. Message

Thank you!


please try this html in your contact form

<div class="form-group">
  <label >Your name</label>
  [text* your-name class:form-control ]
<div class="form-group">
  <label >Email address</label>
  [email* your-email class:form-control ]
<div class="form-group">
  <label >Company</label>
  [text* company class:form-control ]
<div class="form-group">
  <label >Company Website</label>
  [text* company-website class:form-control ]
<div class="form-group">
  <label >Subject</label>
  [text* subject class:form-control ]
<div class="form-group">
  [textarea* your-message class:form-control ]
<div class="submit-btn-wrapper">
[submit class:btn class:btn-primary class:btn-contact "SEND MESSAGE"]

it should look like this http://composeio.com/addtwomore/garnet/temp1/

let us know :)

hi there. We bought this theme a year ago and now it says above that we have 1 month of support remaining for this item. Below it says “Extend support to 12 months” for $13.20. When I click, it acts like I need to purchase the Regular license along with it. Isn’t the license a one-time purchase? Thanks!

Hi, it should be only support not included Theme license. I will contact Envato and let you know :)

Let me know when you have that figured out. We want to purchase just the extended support for $13.20 before it expires. It says we have 28 days. Thanks!


Currently Envato is implementing it. This feature where you can buy only support should arrive soon in March :)


I would buy the theme, first i wanna know if is compatible with woo commerce plugin.

Thanx a lot


thank for interested in ourtheme :), the theme is compatible with almost every plugin included woo commerce but unfortunately the theme does not has deep integration with woo-commerce.


Hello, I’d like to know if it was possible to add a custom “Portfolio Set”, in addition to “Featured Portfolio” and “Recent Portfolio”. Or have a category based set.

Thanks :)


unfortunately it is not support at this version, but it could be featured request to add in later update, will send you if we have implement it :)

Got it thanks, keep me posted!

Hi, i want to use the “featured three column” block to show some logos from our partners. They have a width of 250px. Now they all scaled down to 50px. Can i change this or is there another way to combine text and images?

Thanks in advance, great template!



we could not reach you within given email

Let us know :)

My E-Mail: passmann(at)wvgw.de. On our site you can also see the

Hi still no luck with passmann(at)wvgw.de could you please send your email to support@addtwomore.com directly ?

I am interested on this theme for a painter website. But I need to know if the following is possible: if you are in one porfolio-category, for example: http://composeio.com/addtwomore/garnet/portfolio_category/photography/ can you navigate from one picture to the other, without returning to the category page? for example: in the link page there are 3 pictures, can I go from: http://composeio.com/addtwomore/garnet/portfolio/comment-opened/ to http://composeio.com/addtwomore/garnet/portfolio/vivamus-dapibus/

because the arrows at the bottom of the page, does not take you to the next picture.

I love the design, thank you


thanks for interested in our theme, unfortunately it is not support on current version.

Best :)


I have been having a few issues with the services page template. It is working for 1 of my pages but none of the others. I have tried to clone the page that it is working on and it still doesn’t work. It basically just doesn’t show up at all?

Can you help me please as it was working when i originally made the website and now i need to change some info it has disappeared?

Kind Regards Amy

could you please provide the url ?


The URL is http://byronplace.co.uk

The corporate page and opening times page are both using the services template, except in the back end you can only change text etc on the corporate page and not on the opening times page.

Thanks Amy

Hi Amy,

not sure we understood it correctly, we saw it seem fine

Let us know :)


I have a problem with the hover effect of portfolio images not showing in Google Chrome. Do you happen to have a fix for this? It used to work before, but suddenly it didn’t.

Thanks in advance.


we have WP Core and all plugin latest version and theme is working properly, your issue might cause from plugin conflict try to deactivate plugin and re-activated

let us know :)

Hello again, I could use the polylang plugin! Thank you! But I can’t show the ‘Language switching’ in the footer widget area Center, I just can use it in the left area, anyway it doesn’t appears properly in this area, doesn’t fit all the text in this area, how can I do it? You can see the probleme in my website: http://enclavearquitectura.com


That’s great , since widget is an instance it will not effect by polylang or wpml. you may try this plugin https://wordpress.org/plugins/widget-logic/ to make widget per language

Best :)

Hello again, I have one more question. When I installed the template I remember that I saw a gallery icon but I can’t find it now. These icons where in the homepage, like map.png, mail.png, etc. Where I can find this icons? And the last question, I’m using the Polylang plugin to do my website multilingual, but it doesn’t work perfectly, do you know how I need to use it?


for the icon it has reference with xml file when you import demo content into the theme, we did not include in download pagkage

for polylang, the theme has no problem with the plugin. our advice would be follow the plugin guide line. if you still find imperfect could you please explain more on that ?

Bests :)

Hello, I’m doing my website with your Wordpress theme. I really like it because it is the theme that I was looking for, It is perfect. But I have a problem with the social icons. I need to add in the Team page my Linkedin link, but I can’t find it between the Staff socials. How can I do it? I really need this icon. Thank you very much.


It need a little bit of custom, please go to “Custom field” tab on admin page

1. Hover “Advance Team” and click Edit 2. Hover “Staff Socials” and click Edit 3. Look at left column and find “Repeater Fields” on the right column hover “Social Name” and click edit, it will expand under this there will be “Chioce”

you will see this

google-plus : Google Plus instagram : Instagram pinterest : Pinterest flickr : Flickr envelope-o : Email dribbble : Dribbble skype : Skype

please put on line

linkedin : Linkedin

click update

it now should look like this

google-plus : Google Plus instagram : Instagram pinterest : Pinterest flickr : Flickr envelope-o : Email dribbble : Dribbble skype : Skype linkedin : Linkedin

after this custom you will able to add linkin in Team page like this http://composeio.com/addtwomore/garnet/team/

let us know :)

It works! Thank you very much! ;)


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