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Future best seller!

Hey Orman, Nice work. I might change the tagline for Garnish, though. Open to some misinterpretations.

Haha really? It was inspired by this ( which I was watching whilst mocking up the design. Love it.

That was funny. Still think it might not get understood by everyone but what do I know…

Wow, I love the simplicity of this theme! Incredibly work Orman!

Garnish fits!

Question: When you click on “Launch project” where can that take you? Can it go to either an internal page, post, and/or external site? Thanks!

Excellent. Thought so but wanted to check. Again good luck. This is very clean. By the way, when you click through consecutively the items I notice that all the items slide up and then the new one slides in. Is it necessary for all the items to slide up? Seems like that added time may not serve a purpose.

It slides up whilst the next item are being loaded. The door stays closed until the next item is ready to be displayed – I preferred it this way.

I see. I assume that if you did’t have this then there would be a slight pause while it loaded. The sliding thus covers for this. In that case, well done. Good decision.

nice gonna buy it soon ;)

Hi, can we add additional pages like the home page on the demo? For instance, multiple pages of 12 portfolio items?

It’s possible, but you would need to duplicate and modify the homepage template. By default the template grabs ALL of your items, you would need to make the amended template grab only the items you require. So possible but a bit of dev involved.

Purchased and rated! Excellent theme once again Orman. Glad to see you setting new trends around the TF community.

Thanks Brian, appreciate the support buddy :)

Awesome work as always! :)

Perfect Minimalism!

Hi Orman – Can the portfolio items be accessed at unique URLs? I am wondering for SEO purposes.

Hi, the sliding door can be disabled from the theme options which will make the portfolio items open on their own dedicated page.

You are going to be a millionaire in no time!!! Cangratulations, nice theme.

Haha, will hold you to that!

Damn, atm I’m working on some portfolio theme with same item filter method :(

Nevermind, theme looks great, good luck with sales!

Thanks, I’m sure there’s plenty of room here for themes which use the same methods, don’t think you have anything to worry about :)

Great theme, but if possible it should scroll screen vertically to the beginning of the item block when switching items, not the top of the page, it’s a pain to scroll back every time on a laptop screen.

Hey, yep that’s possible too. You would just need the script to scroll to a different div ID – pretty small change.

really clean and beautiful template again!

Diggin’ the AJAX ;-)

Beautiful theme. Where do you get all of your ideas? :p

This one has been on my notepad for at least 6 months, I think I saw something similar in a CSS gallery once.

Solid. Kudos, Orman.

I was going to post this in the support forums but the category for this theme isn’t up yet. I’m just curious how to disable the “roll over text” on the thumbs. I still want to keep the overlay with the arrow, just no text. If I need to wait for you to put the “garnish” category in the support forums to post this I completely understand. :)

The category is up now, copy and past this in and I’ll take a look.

Done. Damn that was a fast reply.