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Perfect, i love the ajax and the ability to filter out by categorys. So home page can host as much as i want images, does it have a functionalty like Read more and than loads more images?


Hey, it doesn’t have a load more function but each portfolio item in the sliding door can show up to 5 images in a slideshow. And yes, the homepage will display an unlimited amount of thumbnails/projects.

Oh man… Pure awesomeness again. You are on drugs or something? :P I know what your drug is. The same as mine :)


This one is better then classica, clean and simple, love the grid use and all small perfect details…

Thumbs up!

“you’ll wanna slap your mama” made me rofl :D

This theme is awesome, my 3rd theme purchase by orman. The main reason I’m a return customer is trust , I know the coding / design will be tight, clean & light weight and his themes are very easy to mod and build on. Thanks for another awesome theme.

SOLD !!!!!!!! This is exactly what I was looking for. I will be buying this theme later tonight.


Absolutely love how the home page portfolio items expand/display, very unique!

Thanks for putting the focus on improving design quality vs. adding 1000 shortcodes and 100 admin screens. :)

Thanks bud, I’m not a huge fan of shortcodes ;)

Really nice job!

Is it possible to have pagination on the portfolio page? As in the usual

1,2,3…12 previous next

Thanks, Orman!

Thanks. Not out of the box no, it’s meant as a single-page simple portfolio. However, with some very small changes, pagination could be included. Can give you pointers if necessary.

Thanks, Orman! Not only are you a fantastic designer, but your support and patience is unmatched. Makes a huge difference, and it is VERY appreciated!! Just purchased the theme and cannot wait to implement it. Meanwhile, if I could get those tips from you, it would be great. I know that ultimately we will need to display 50+ items, so your advice would be invaluable. Thanks again, for everything!

Michael Albright Head of Digital BBC Worldwide/BBC Motion Gallery

Thanks Michael, if you start a new thread in the support forum ( we can take a look at the pagination.

Hi Orman,

I’m also interested in pagination. As I’m thinking to place from 50 to 150 items…

Are you thinking maybe to integrate these option in future versions?

I really love these theme for my new project.

Thanks. Keep the good work a live!

regards, Roberto

Hi Roberto, sure, if enough people need pagination then it’s something I could put on the development list for a later release.

Hi Orman,

Thanks for reply.

Then, I’m interested :-)

Also I’m very interested to a version which adapts to iphone-ipad as comments next user. Squished, etc…

I will be looking for future developments ;-)

regards, Roberto

Is there any chance that you might be able to size the theme properly for mobile devices? (phones) Right now the theme pushes up against the sides and has no padding on android and iphone devices.

Not that big a deal but since the mobile market is growing it will become more and more troublesome for users of this theme.

Is it easy to add padding around the theme so that it doesn’t get squished?


Sure, if you wanted to add padding around the entire theme that’s something that could be done via CSS , a few small changes.

Awesome work as always!



Wow Orman!

Yet again, a very high quality polished theme!

Good luck with sales.. not that you need it ;)

Beautifully simple, you have attracted a Woothemes user

Thanks bud, appreciate it!

is it possible to easy use cufon fonts for the headlines…? excellent as always!!!!!

Sure why not. It’s not something that is included within the theme itself but there’s no reason why Cufon cannot be implemented.


Looking for a theme just like this. Original and straight to the point! I will be buying my man….er…...over the weekend :)

Also, watched your interview on the evato notes blog the other day. You mentioned about writing tutorials… about writing us one on the brand spanking new WPtuts+ site?

Just a thought?


Hey, tutorials always seem to elude me, I should definitely set aside some time in the future.

Are you going to make this a plain HTML version? If there is I will buy it… :)

I want to change some functions and implement some of my own, but I dont want to erase all the lines of PHP manually and re-write the ajax call..

No HTML version planned I’m afraid :(

Another great theme Orman. I may even like this more than Classica and that’s a hard thing to do.

I did have just one question that could seal the deal for me. Is there a limit to the height of the images within the “sliding door”? You mentioned only being able to put 5 images in the slideshow but I was planning to get around that by adding one long image to display the whole project. So, I don’t know, say 2000px or more. Will the “sliding door” keep expanding is basically my question?

Thanks in advance. James

Hi James, you can have unlimited height with no problems. The workaround may make load times a little slower so bumping up the numbers of items may be a better solution for which I can help you out with if you need it.

Hi there ! great job for this one ! before buying it, just wanna know if this theme supports audio player ? example, when you click on an image, when the follow page is open, can we have a mp3 player or something inside it ? if yes, what kind of player ? thanks !! :)

Hi, the portfolio items support images and video only. The blog however supports all WordPress post formats which include audio, video, images, gallery, links, quotes etc. The audio player is powered by jPlayer, you can see an example here

ok thanks ! so, can a blog post (with audio) be linked in a portfolio item ? it should be perfect !

ps : your work is great !! i’m waiting the moment you’ll make a real wordpress theme entirely for musicians, not only for photographers ! :)

You want to place a link from the portfolio item to the blog post? If so, yes no problem.

Hi. Just bought the theme and really like it!

Bit I agree with michaelalbright and avalok, it would be nice “to have pagination on the portfolio page? As in the usual 1,2,3…12 previous next”

All the best

Thanks. Working on a paginated version very shortly.

LOVE YOUR WORK VERY MUCH !!! I really appreciate that you added the previous/next arrows to view portfolio works.

What do you eat for breakfast? 8-)

Weetabix :)