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You’ve seemed to found your niche and it’s working well for you. Keep Rockin’ brother! :)

Cheers from the US

Cheers, and thanks from the UK :)

Found an undesired effect on the vimeo video. If you click it and the full detail and video comes up, then click on the video and click the “x” to close. It seems to still play the video and audio somewhere in the background.

Other than that perfect theme! Can’t get much cleaner.



Nice spot Andrew, will look into that and see if there is anything that can be done. Cheers

hi, loving this theme, but just had a quick comment. I am not sure if it my computer or a browser thing, but when I click through the links available in the demo the logo and width of the site appear to jog a little bit from right to left, not sure if that was intentional or if it was just something weird on my end.

Have more items in your portfolio so the scrollbar is present at all times or completely disable the browser scrollbars with JS (probably not the greatest idea though)

would it be possible to have a portfolio item expanded by default upon loading the page? also, is there a way to load items in the portfolio without the sliding door?

just wondering, this is a really great theme and is similar in ways to a site that has one of my all time favorite designs. I know these are nitpicky questions, and I appreciate your replies.

You can choose which item is open upon load from the theme options (disabled in demo). As for loading without the door, you can disable it which means that each thumb will link to a dedicated page where the images, info, sidebar etc is displayed.

hey…i love this theme and im a big fun of your themes… but can you add on this theme the liquid grid like what you did with Gridlocked so when you resize the browser the grid resuffles….thanks…;)

nice work orman ;)

Seriously man, you’re on fire. So prolific but pumping out the quality too. Can’t wait wait to see your next!

Love it. I love all the portfolio themes coming out these days but I haven’t seen anybody offer subcategories/child sort features in the portfolio page. Is this possible on this theme?

Hmmm, it could be possible but by the very nature of the theme, it’s not really something I had planned. One page, one list of filters and a set of thumbs pretty much sums up how I thought this theme should function. I’m not even sure how a sub-category of filters would even work/look.

hi orman! would you please just point at where i can find a tutorial to configure “garnish” and start using it as my portfolio… i searched over the forum, but im looking for the first step. only found complex questions. im a wordpress newbie hehehe thanks!!!

If you are new to WordPress I would suggest starting with the Codex

Once you have WP up and running you can install the theme – there is an in-depth instruction manual included with your download.

Lastly, if you need more help, jump into the support forum

great work!

Hi Orman,

Just spotted another thing. Lets say you’ve clicked on a portfolio item and the detail animates in. You now go down to the thumbnails again and change the filter but don’t click on any thumbnails. If you scroll back up and click the next or back arrow the filter doesn’t kick in for the first click in either direction but does after the second click…

It’s good that it can adjust to the changing filter at all, but could it do it for the first click?

You might be wondering why I’m being so thorough, it’s because I’m really considering purchasing :-)



I’m using FF5 on Mac and can’t replicate it.

I’ve created a screen capture of me doing it:

The first click on the arrow opens up the Spotify item even though the filter is set to video. But on the second click and any subsequent clicks it works as it should…

Ok thanks, I will take a look into it…

This is one of the best works you made, Orman. Congrats! ;D

Thanks buddy, appreciate it!

Hi there, very nice clean design, love it!

Maybe this is a stupid question, but how do you post mp4 or flv videos as a portfolio item. Do you have to have a specific videoplayer plugin?


First and foremost, thanks for purchasing one of my files, I truly appreciate it! Support for all my themes and templates is conducted through the Premium Pixels support forums. Make your way over with your Item Purchase Code and feel free to pick my brains.

Support Forums | Create an Account | Find your “Item Purchase Code”

Congratulations :) great work indeed!

have been a follower of your free goodies blog for sometime…you always put out stellar content, so no surprise this is equally as fantastic!

just wanted to ditto the request for portfolio pagination :)

wishing you continued success orman!

In the support forum ( we have the files available to be downloaded by customers to enable pagination. They will potentially work themselves into an update in the near future.

great! i’ll take a look after buying :)

Great job on this! Will there be an HTML version of this?

Unfortunately not, just WordPress I’m afraid.

I was wondering if you could let me know what program you use to take screenshot of websites (that you have put as example in your theme)? or if you could recommend a free one? thanks

The Awesome Screenshot: Capture and Annotate FF plugin or the basic screen capture on Mac.

Thanks a lot!


Few ways to accomplish your goal…

1.) basic screen capture on mac (shift + command + 4)

2.) program called “Paparazzi” which can capture the full length of a live site extending below the fold.

3.) do a google search for “browser mockups”

Hi Orman,

Couple questions before I purchase.

Was wondering if I change the layout from 4 to 3 columns if it will break the way images are posted within WP.

Also, is it possible to stack multiple images in the “magic drawer” instead of having them sit behind each other?

Changing to 3 columns wouldn’t break anything at all, no problems there. The slideshow in the magic door is enabled by default and so to have the images stacked you may need to tweak a little – very small change on which I could give you pointers.

Hey love the theme. quick question you know skill types…

for example..

in the portfolio….say “music cover videos” ... is it possible to sort in 2 ways?


they could sort by…. artist. or they could sort by genre..

thanks again

Unfortunately not, there is a single level of filtering – faceted navigation would take a great deal of development.

Very good theme. Good luck with sale.

Thanks buddy :)