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Very nice theme. Good luck :)

Thank you :)

Hi,nice work!

I wonder if it supports other payments. And can I install Ali-Pay in payments?

Hi anhuien,

Yes you can install other payment ways you can check all the available payments through this link

Thank you :)

very clean, nice theme! boomarked

Thank you juanrane :)

Nice theme , Good luck ya m3alem :)

Thanks ya kbeer ;)

Good theme, Ta7ya Masr…

Thanks ya basha ;)

but I have a problem with a couple of nice. 1 – silder 2 – Notice: Undefined variable: GOOGLE_CHECKOUT in / home / herkesime / domains / / public_html / catalog / view / theme / Gazelle / template / checkout / cart.tpl on line 193 3 – black areas in the upper part

Hi onurtez1,

Please open a ticket through our Support Forum with details of what you faced.

Thank you


Does it support plug-ins like ‘review’ or ‘bbs’ for OpenCart?

Thank you for reply.

Hi anhuien ,

Just the default review system on products you can purchase any plugin you want compatible with v. or v.

thank you

where to remove your copyright from template? Your Store © 2013 :: Theme By Venza Studio

Hi Kaway,

What are you meaning by automatic update database ??? Just follow the documentation and everything will work well :)

Thank you

I mean instead – go to this place do this, next go this place – do this. Why you don’t have xlm file (similar with joomla) – press one time and it makes all necessary updates?

Hi Kaway,

- To remove the copyright you will see it on this file :

- About The database sql erros that you faced i don’t know but only appear to you this means it’s not common error and the new coming updates will release a change logs page to tell clients every file to change and how.

Thank you

i purchased the theme. Does the theme zip consist all required files to get site like in demo? File size just 3.64 MB

People, everyone… let’s vote 5 Stars for this amazing theme! :)

????? :)

Already voted!

Thank you muslimsh :) Appreciate that and i am working through your files now

Hi I want to purchase your theme, but I need Greek Language, is this a way to change it into Greek?

And in case I have problems with database connections will you support me? of course not for free I am talking for paid cooperation

Thanks in Advance


Hi Nassos,

Of course it supported all languages just will download the language folder and upload it it’s on only step :) Also we will help you in anything or any issue you faced for free :)

Thank you

I have a question regarding your template before i will buy it

we are working on a mutlilanguage site, now is the question de top header blocks are only in one language like secure site is it possible that for each language you wil have there own text in there own language

Thanks in Advance


Hi Martin,

This part with just one language you add. It can be any language but still fixed and will not change we will try to change it to support all languages through 2 next updates.

Thank you

thanks for the quick reply i will buy the template because its awesome

Thank you martinkoch :)

Hi, I want to make 3 columns on product list page. In your villa shop theme, catalog pictures in 3 column are big. I want that view in this theme. Is it possible? If I can do that I will buy this module now. Thanks.

Hi turkoloko,

Are you meaning the category page ? or the size of products to be displayed as 3 products on each row ?

If you mean to display 3 columns [right column, middle content, left column] so yes it could be.

But if you mean to display 3 big pictures size of products on each row so the villa theme will be the best choice :)

Thank you

thanks for your replyi I mean the second one. I will think for villa theme. Best Regards.

Hi there ,

The installation process of the template is too complicated . I couldn’t figure out which file to be replaced or uploaded to the remote from local. Is there any detailed exp. how to install the new theme ?

Please reply asap.

Hi blackhawkdown,

Thank you for purchasing our theme :)
Send to us your mail and we will sort the steps for you.

Thank you

Clean, Useful and Wonderful stuff!

Good Luck :)

Thank you Morad :)

Great template! How do you change the search box text from “Looking For Something :)” to “Search”?


Thank you! I’m also interested in the custom category module (1st column in a 3 column layout) as shown on the live preview. How can I achieve this?

Hi synsei,

Really don’t understand (1st column in a 3 column layout) :D but you can login to the admin panel to see everything you need associated to it :) if any other thing feel free to discuss it to me.

thank you

I figured it out. Thanks!

Hi Danielfx,

Excellent just one thing the images of products of Latest products by category module appear little blur and to make it with high resolution as others change the width and height of it to be 156px x 156px :)

Thank you

Thanks alot! this its a great template! how i can give to you 5 stars?

Hi Dalielfx,

Thank you very much :)

From your profile page you will find on top Download Tab.

Go to it you will find Gazal theme on the list just rate it with 5 stars infront. :)

Thank you

I buy this template. is very good. but do not help me with twitter. I do not know what I do with twitter. I’ll give 5 stars they deserve.

Hi Danielfx,

Yes we know this problem and working on it because twitter changed its api functions so the way that this widget work with need to be changed just maximum 2 days and will release the updates with fix of this problem and all customers will be notified by mail :)

Thank you

I need a guide to customize the top menu links:

Categories About Us Specials Our Brands Contact Us Blog

Thanks! :)

Ok send on the mail the links you need to change and the links of the pages and will sort it for you.

Thank you

gazal Theme Options always revert to original value. for example, if you leave twitter id black, then it will be filled with VenzaStudio. The same problem for secondary email a bottom, need to put something.

Hi muslimsh,

Open this path: admin/view/template/module/gazal.tpl

On The top of it you will see this line : // Default values Under it the all default values of inputs, just check it and if any value you don’t want it just delete it as this example :

if(empty($gazal_twitter_username)) $gazal_twitter_username =”venzastudio”;

Make it :
if(empty($gazal_twitter_username)) $gazal_twitter_username =””;

Ctrl + s to save the changes.

Thank you

Hi, will this theme work on Version 1.5.3?

Hi johnyq ,

No sorry just and

Thank you :)

Nice theme ya m3alem …. kont khalas 2arabt akhalas el shoghl fi el VILLA THEME :) a3mel feek eah b2a !!!! ew3a tenzal 7aga gedeeda ba3d bokra :D …. congratulations and good luck, waiting for the update also, hope it will be soon (y)

Ezyk ya rys :) Teslm ya basha mt5afsh 7t2l 3la el gay shwya w el update 3la bokra isa :)

kol sana wenta tayeb ya prince, i found u writing that there will be un update soon ,, please confirm if this is right … Btw , i finished my website and working in test mode now … … if u can check and tell me ur opinion. Thanks

Hi engsemsem,

wenta tyb y m3lem :), yes i am working through the new update with mew addition will be released soon, also your store is amazing just one thing that i noticed, your latest by category module images are blur just needs to take 156×156 width and height.

Thank you :)