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I’m receiving the following error when clicking a menu item from the left categories menu. All others are working fine.

Notice: Undefined index: topleft_png in /home/content/31/8864431/html/apparel/vqmod/vqcache/vq2-catalog_controller_product_category.php on line 202 Notice: Undefined index: topright_png in /home/content/31/8864431/html/apparel/vqmod/vqcache/vq2-catalog_controller_product_category.php on line 202 Notice: Undefined index: bottomleft_png in /home/content/31/8864431/html/apparel/vqmod/vqcache/vq2-catalog_controller_product_category.php on line 202 Notice: Undefined index: bottomright_png in /home/content/31/8864431/html/apparel/vqmod/vqcache/vq2-catalog_controller_product_category.php on line 202

Can you assist?...

Hi barringtonr,

If you install any vqmod attached with the left menu try please to disable it and test again.

If you couldn’t reach to any solution please send to me your ftp info and admin panel login info to check.

Thank you

main sent. waiting for reply :)


We replied. Please check :)

Thank you

How to add the blog news titles into the footer instead of twiter?

This is very complicated for me, I am beginner. Please wrote here what must be included between START and FINISH comments here to can the last three News titles to be shown:


    <?php if($this->config->get('gazal_twitter_username') != '') { ?>
    <div class="grid_3">
        <h3 class="widgetsTitle"><?php echo $text_twitter; ?></h3>
        <div class="tweet marB30" />

    <?php } ?>

Hi spear2,

I can’t add the codes here it won’t be shown here also there are big changes through more than one file.

The only help i can give if you can send to me your ftp info and admin panel login info.

Thank you

Find the solution here: and it is
$this->children[] ='module/nameofmodule';

<?php echo $nameofmodule; ?>

thanks anyway …

HI , i have a problem with the banners , The adv1 adv2 can’t display at the right place , anything that i can do to solve this ??

I solved it myself , ^^

The template doesnt work on iPad, there is an issue with the drop down menu not appearing. Also it does not auto resize when you change view or have any gesture support. We have two projects on hold due to this issue. Please advise


Hi Conor,

Check your inbox please.

Thank you

We need to apply the fix to another header.tpl please advise what the code change is? Thanks Conor


Email sent, please check.

Thank you


out of stock is not working i can’t see it when there is no products to sell ?

is there a special settings

Salam razztech,

When there is 0 number of products for any product in admin panel so it will give you out of stock directly.

Just back to admin panel > catalog > products > edit > data > quantity.

Thank you


I just wanted to add the address in “contact us” part in multiple lines – say in 6-7 lines, rather than entering into single line text box with comma separated. How can I make it? Also, I need to enter 4 tel. numbers in ‘contact Us’ part, rather than the default two. How can I make it possible?

Hi jusmas,

please send to me this question to to send to you how to do this manually.

Thank you

You guys are awesome with your support efforts!!! Thank you for your fast service also!

Thank you prodsoftheearth :)

Hello,please tell me were there any changes in the core files?

Hi biotorn,

There are some changes through some core files, we added some codes but will not be affected by other plugins.

Thank you


Can I have the category image and the subcategories removed, but only from the category page? I want to have the images in the flay out menu with subcategories, but after accessing the category page i don’t want to have the same image

Hi iulian,

Just send to me your ftp info and i will remove the image and subcategories from the menu from category page.

Thank you


Thanks for your theme,

Where do I translate text_category, text_about, ...

Thank you

Hi ganjou,

You can add the variables to translate on this folder :
catalog/language/[your language folder]/common/header.php just add these lines:
$_['text_category']      = 'Categories';
$_['text_about']          = 'About us';

Thank you

ok thanks, it is my my first Open Cart project…

Hi imdat91,

Please send to me your ftp info to remove the error.

Thank you

hello would like to purchase the theme but was wondering if the theme has support for Brazil Portuguese, last pergunata wonder how theme works you have to install wordpress if which version because I’m not an advanced conhcecimento in php.

Hi camargoander,

First, Gazal theme is compatible only with opencart framework and won’t work in wordpress framework.

It’s supporting Brazil Portuguese.

Thank you :)


I just updated to OpenCart 1.5.61 and now some images are broken and the ‘Theme options’ layout is all messed up. Is the theme compatible with the latest version of OC?

Please get back to me asap.


Hi webarc,

Please send to me your ftp info and admin panel login info to check the errors.

Thank you product detail page why full ? I want left block..But not.


Just enable any module like category module from admin panel to product page in column left.

Thank you

Hi, The image on my website looks pixelated when viewing the product and also when magnified for viewing the closer detail. My website is -

Could you please suggest how I can solve this, tried different way of doing it but failed.

Thanks in advance, Nir


Please apply image settings section as in documentation :!/image_settings

Thank you

Hi, will you be releasing updated version anytime soon?

Hi yuriboll,

very soon will release it.

Thank you

Hi From where should i upload News Articles from Dashborad. I cant see ( news panel in dashboard navigate to News /Blog Articles ) Plz suggest me.

Hi, Please open a ticket through our support forum

Thank you


Is this theme compatible with OC ???


Till now we didn’t find any issues with when installing with our theme but we don’t confirm the compatibility yet, we are still testing this version and will release the update with the newest one very soon.

Thank you

Hi, I have setup but I got a issue that I don’t have a product list when I click on category link (left column) on the home page. It has category image, name, filter except product list ! would you mind to advise me where I should change to get this ? I saw on your demo that has this feature !

thank you !

Hi please open a ticket through Support forum

Thank you