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nice work…

Thanks :)

Great template, I’ll think about it for my future project

Thanks, I’m glad you like it.

love it… is it possible to make the navigation opening on mouse over instead of clicking on it?

Thank You, yes, it’s possible, I’ll add this option in next release.

Hi, is it hard to change the color of the theme? Maybe a little docs on the front of how to change the color and theme easily using user’s custom css would be perfect!

Thank you and what a great work…..I would be crazy if I am not buying this :).

Hi, I’m glad You like it :) It’s quite easy to change colors in this template, there are 4 colors predefined in Gebo Admin (look at the right side, bellow top bar). I’ll add new color schemes for charts and calendar in next release.

Would it be posible to give it a max width? when I’m sitting on a 24” screen it looks silly :)

Hi, yes, it’s possible. I’ll add this option in next release.

Thanks – I’ll purchase as soon as the next release is out :)

I like it, i would add/change two things

- Sub-sub-menus on the top menu;

- Change the tables look a little bit, so they don’t look that “ugly”, that lightblue is not the best colour for it;

Other than that it’s a nice admin interface template !

Hi, thanks for your suggestions. I’ll consider this.

Awesome !!! “Well Finished” in all aspects !!

Thank you. I’m glad you like it :)

It may be based on the Twitter Bootstrap, but you have definitely made it your own! Congratulations it is beautiful, the next time I need to build a backend app, this is definitely going to be on my short list.

Thank you for your kind words. I’m glad you like my work :)

First of all let me say that you have done a great job with this package.

I just started building an app with your design and I am still at the login page and there seems to be a problem with the layout when the validation kicks in. The register link drops on top of the forgot password link.

Small design problem but other than that its a great admin template thanks again.

Thank You. I’ll fix this issue in next release.

I’m wondering if you can help with including self-hosted (most likely S3) videos in the beautiful gallery you have. I guess I’d like the videos to play within the modal? I like this gallery: BlueImp (especially because of the use of buttons within the modal), but unfortunately I don’t know how to support video. Neither do I know how to implement BlueImp as a replacement for your gallery…Now that would be HOT ! (Please help?)

Hi, thank you for buying Gebo Admin. I’ll try to add this gallery to Gebo in next release.

Okay! That’s great…since I’ll be using this as a new app mockup to send to developers, may I ask when this might be? Thanks for the great work, btw…I’ll be rating this today!

Hi. I’ll try to update Gebo Admin this week.


Nice theme.. I like it but wanted to ask if the following could be added.

1. An scrolling dashboard icon slideshow 2. On the accordion can a plus and minus button be added to show open and closed accordions.

Also can you please advise what PHP files are included in the package?

Hi, thanks. I’ll add this icons to accordion in next release. What is “scrolling dashboard icon slideshow”? Php in demo are mainly use for including files and simple loops (php files are not included).

How can I down-size the sidebar to 200? Please advise.

Hi, please check your email.

Thank you for the quick support.

Very good template, will the following could be added in the next version?
  • quick access dashboard
  • datatables with selection and control buttons (add, delete, edit, etc. )
  • buttons with drop down menu
  • gallery of list view
If the above could be added, I would very like to buy.

Hi. Thanks for clarification :) I will add this features in next release.

Hi, So nice to see the update version. I just bought it immediately.

Now I entered to my project first step of the login page, I found a small issue that when the window is resized to 320X480px, the login input box stay at a minimum size of 149px, this made the login username icon and input box seperated into two lines which looks bad. Can you please advise how to fix that? 320X480px is my mobile phone sceen size and I think it is also a common mobile phone screen size. It’s important to fix it out for better user experience.

Thanks and best regards.

Hi. Thank you for buying my template. I’ll fix this issue in next relese.

This is excellent dude, planning on buying this when I have the chance.

Thank you, I’m glad you like it :)

good job my friend , well it’s not good job , it’s wonderful and amazing :)

I have a very important question :

I want to build a web site for products : it contains

Home Page About Contact Us Another simple entry form Search product page with filter at the top of the page Product Detail page .

the problem is that I couldn’t find any another web site template that is suitable for this admin style.

I want to find a web site template contains the pages explained above that looks like this admin panel style

ok I would be happy if you do so . but I need to tell me how much it costs . as additiontal website templates

with the pages I already mentioned to ,

any way let tell that I found one template just give your opinion if it’s suitable or not .

is it good enough , give your pro opinion Mr. Pro Designer :)

I will check this template but it will be hard for me to assist you with the integration (i don’t have much time lately).

ok thank you just check the site template if it’s good for the integration or not


Wonderful template.

But there are a lot of errors, if you inspect with firebug…

I really wanna buy this, but could you fix the errors?

Hi. Thanks. Could you show me this errors? I always inspect my code in firebug and chrome console (there is no js errors). You can also check my demo on

They are not errors, just warning like this:

getAttributeNodeNS() is deprecated. Just use getAttributeNS().

I have altough bought this template, cause it’s wonderful.

I would like to ask where I could buy icons like the ones you used in the menu. Could you share where have you bought and which collection is?


Hi, Thank you for buying Gebo Admin. This warning is not related to Gebo but firebug, you can read more about this – About icons, there is no need to buy them :) They are included in bootstrap framework: There is also another icon set included in Gebo Admin ( ),

Many thanks!!!


Thanks for you reply, I was on about the auto scrolling icons like toby5412 mentioned.

But instead of a group of icons make it a carousel auto scrolling at the top of the page.

I’m sure it states PHP Files in the includes file types.

Hi. Quick access dashboard will be included in next release (in the form mentioned by toby5412). Some php files are included in this template (configuration for file explorer, server side proccessing for datatables etc).