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Hello, We want to remove the loading image and layer that appears while page is loading. Is this possible? And how?? Also would it have any side effects?


Hi, please remove
  //* hide all elements & show preloader
  document.documentElement.className += 'js';
from head section and
<div id="loading_layer" style="display:none"><img src="img/ajax_loader.gif" alt="" /></div>
from html. There will be no side efects when you remove this preloader, it is only to prevent FOUC


Popover stopped working after the latest update. Can you please fix it ?

Hi, it’s because default trigger has changed from hover to click. If you want to change this please check trigger option and


Thanks for the reply.

Just realised, it works in Internet Explorer. But doesn’t work in Chrome Version 26.0.1410.64 m and Firefox 20.

i have purchased template.. its awesome.. i have come across a problem , i am working on a project using the template with codeigniter(back end) , but in the page every href link opens on different tab.. why this happening .. ? Could you please help me.. ?

Thanks in advance..

Hi, please check your links, if you generating ful url like yo need to open gebo_common.js and remove
from $(document).ready(function() { ... })<code /></code>

Dear, I could tell where I find source code examples for loading denominadamente with ajax. Example: dynamic menu, dynamic siderbar, etc. Thank you.

Estimados, Me podrían indicar donde encuentro ejemplos de código fuente, para cargar denominadamente con ajax. Ejemplo: menú dinámico, siderbar dinámico, etc Gracias.

Hola, No necesito ayuda en php/mysql, lo que necesito es saber si existe algún script, plugin o función en GEBO Admin (javascript o jquery) para crear el siderbar y los menú dinámicamente? gracias.

Hello, I not need help in php / mysql, I need to know if there is a script, plugin or function in GEBO Admin (javascript or jquery) to create the menu and siderbar dynamically? Thank you.

Hi, there is no such functionality in Gebo Admin but this can be easily achieved, you just need to remove sidebar content on success ajax call and populate sidebar with new data. Please check

Gracias por la ayuda !!! Thank you for Help !!!

Hola, cuando click del sidebar me da un error “Cadena vacía pasada a getElementById().”

Hello, when click the sidebar gives me an error “Empty string passed to getElementById ().”

Hi, where did you got this error message. Please send me more info about this issue.

When I make a click on of sidebar shows me an error in firebug, and if I assign one $ (‘a’). Click () does not work or is not detected.

I’m sorry but I can’t replicate this behaviour. Please send me message from my profile page with more info.


could you provide a bootstrap settings you used for this theme? I would like to recolor some parts, but keep most of them. So I would like to generate the same theme by bootstrap customizer and change just some parts of it. But first I would need the settings you have used.

Or did you use default bootstrap theme?


Hi, I used default bootstrap theme. All customization you can find in css/style.css.


I just would like to thank you for this great template. and I also thank you for the updates you keep delivering. congratulations and thank you so much!

Hi, thank You for your kind words.

Could you please upgrade to latest version of colorbox?

Hi, colorbox will be updated in next release (I will try to update Gebo asap).

Hello, just want to know what scripts are necessary to make the “enhanced select” work properly (css+js) or if there is any incompatibility among scripts used on that selector and others. I´ve been trying to use it but its not working 100%. Already compared scripts between two files but still nor working. Please help me out on that.

Any other way to get this suport? Any email where I can send the html?

Here is my code:

<!— <label class=”control-label”>Veículo * </label> <select name=”chosen_a” id=”chosen_a” data-placeholder=”Choose a Country…” class=”chzn_a span12 chzn-done” style=”display: none;”> <option value=””></option> <option value=”DZ”>Algeria</option><option value=”AO”>Angola</option> </select> Choose a Country… <input type=”text” autocomplete=”off” style=”width: 518px;”>
  • Algeria
  • Angola
  • Benin
  • Botswana
  • Burkina Faso
  • Burundi
  • Cameroon
  • Cape Verde
  • Central African Republic
  • Chad
  • Comoros
—> Thanks,
Hi, to use enhanced select ( ) you need this files
<link rel="stylesheet" href="lib/chosen/chosen.css" />
<script src="lib/chosen/chosen.jquery.min.js"></script>
If you need more help with this please send me message from my profile page.

Hi, great template, I am having a lot of fun using it. However I came on a problem with Sticky… the plugin you use is no more supported and I suggest you use this improved version: that is still supported, have a doc etc..

Ok here is my problem, I want to shoot some notification without having the customer clicking on anything (like he load the page, and the notifications are showing automatically)

How I can do that with the current version?

Hi, are you sure that this error message is related to Sticky notification? Please remove everything beside $.sticky(“Lorem ipsum dolor sit…”, {autoclose : false, position: “top-right” }); from $(document).ready(function() { ... } and check if this error is still present.

Actually I solved the problem by moving the .js from the footer to the header. Thanks, it is working now! great template btw!

Hi, thank You :)

How to keep the style of Style switcher? It is possible?

Hi, please open style switcher, make some changes and click “Show CSS”. There you can find how to save your style.

Did not express myself well. I need to leave the Style switcher with the options and keep the style that was selected. The user will define the style that want to use.

Hi, you can use jquery cookie or php sesion to save user style.

I’m trying to populate a modal window using an ajax request (from the tutorial here: but more specifically, like this: <a data-toggle=”modal” href=”remote.html” data-target=”#modal”>click me</a>. Using FireFox Firebug, I do not see any ajax calls being made so I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong. If I take my example out of the gebo files, it works perfectly so I assume there is a plugin or some method to calling it that I’m not finding or seeing. Can you help me with this for the modal window and an ajax call?

Hi, please send me message from my profile page.

I downloaded your update and my stuff is working now. Thank you.

Hi, no problem, I’m glad that everything is working.

TZD what is your plan for bootstrap 3.0? have you started work on it and what do we think the release or prerelease might look like in terms of timing?

Hi, at the moment I don’t have plans for bootstrap 3.0 (I’m waiting for final release). I can’t specify when Gebo Admin will be updated to bootstrap 3.0

Is possible make compatible with some plugins with IE 7 and IE 8?


Hi, which plugins do you need to be compatible with ie7 & ie8?

Mini graphs, dashboard, spinners, select with search, div and span4, span 6 is possible?

Hi, mini graphs are not working in ie8 ( ), I just checked and other plugins that you mentioned are working fine in ie8 (ie7 is not supported)

Hi, firstly I would like to thank you for this template. It helped me twice for projects during my study. The template is complete and really well done!

I just want to share a “trick” about the sidebar. I wanted to change the size and I noticed that changing the pixel size in the css file was not enough. The image “main_bg.gif” must be resize as well. Maybe if you add this explanation in the help page it should help guys like me :)

Thanks again for your work!

Hi, thank You. Thanks for the suggeestion, I’ll add this to Gebo documentation in next update.

Hi, I have a stupid problem with the uploads. I just want to upload a single file and move it in a specific directory (let say d:/files/ for example) What variable I should check in php in order to retrieve the place where the file has been uploaded? I know it sounds a simple problem, but there is no example of that, and the plugin you use is a clusterf*ck to read just for sending one single ;) Thanks

Thanks for the suggestion! Another question, if I want to display a sticky notification automatically, can I just put <script>$.sticky_b(‘I am a plain text note. Nothing special about me.’);</script> in the header for example?

Hi, if you want to open sticky notification automatically please try this code
$(function() {
  $.sticky("Lorem ipsum dolor sit…", {autoclose : 5000, position: "top-right" });

anyone integrate user_profile.html for I try to save image into DB but i don’t know how to.

is possible maintain same style and functionality?

On dashboard page, the nav menu in class ‘dshb_icoNav tac’(User, map, settings,etc..), if the text of each li element is short, it will be ok; but, if one of them have long text, the nav will show so ugly, not inline. Tzd, how can I fix it?

Hi, please open style.css, find .dshb_icoNav li and add
.dshb_icoNav li {
also find .dshb_icoNav li a and make some changes
.dshb_icoNav li a {
  height: auto;
That should do it.

It’s work. Thanks for your quick response. Thanks so much.


Thanks for answer before. Now I want to know how can send result data in mysql and php for search in left bar

$(’.search_query’).typeahead({ source: [“Alabama”,”Alaska”,”Arizona”,”Arkansas”,”California”,”Colorado”,”Connecticut”,”Delaware”,”Florida”,”Georgia”,”Hawaii”,”Idaho”,”Illinois”,”Indiana”,”Iowa”,”Kansas”,”Kentucky”,”Louisiana”,”Maine”,”Maryland”,”Massachusetts”,”Michigan”,”Minnesota”,”Mississippi”,”Missouri”,”Montana”,”Nebraska”,”Nevada”,”New Hampshire”,”New Jersey”,”New Mexico”,”New York”,”North Dakota”,”North Carolina”,”Ohio”,”Oklahoma”,”Oregon”,”Pennsylvania”,”Rhode Island”,”South Carolina”,”South Dakota”,”Tennessee”,”Texas”,”Utah”,”Vermont”,”Virginia”,”Washington”,”West Virginia”,”Wisconsin”,”Wyoming”], items: 4 });



We tried to implement the google maps plugin into a tab. But when we do this, it only shows half the map. When I resize my browser, the map does fully load. Do you have any solution?


I just checked this code and it works fine (clear cache ctrl+f5), what browser, os are you using?

I tried it on Chrome en IE9 on Windows Vista

I’ll send you an e-mail to a test website to see if it works there

Hi, please check your mail.