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Is there is any plans to upgrade to bootstrap 3.0?

Any updates regarding boostrap3?

Any updates regarding boostrap3?

Hi, update should be ready mid-September. There are some third-party plugins that needs to be updated to Bootstrap 3.

Hello Great tzd team,

We are anxiously waiting for the bootstrap 3.0 based version as we have to use admin panel in many projects. We hope to see it soon. Wish you all the best!


Hi, thank you, I’ll try to update Gebo Admin before end of August (at the moment I see that some of the plugins that I used in Gebo Admin are not compatible with bootstrap 3, I’ll do my best to fix that )

Good Luck!

Hey tdz team, I have made a website from scratch based on your template and it rocks: I have used almost all the basic options and some plugins.

However I have some problems with iPhone for example with the top bar being all over the place.

Moving to Bootstrap 3 will give more control over mobile versions and also we use the widgets a lot which will be improved with the new version.

so…Waiting impatiently the new version with bootstrap 3 support! and keep up the good work guys!

Hi, thanks. I will try to update Gebo Admin asap but I need to wait for final version (there a lots of changes between releases).


I am interested in purchasing the admin panel with Bootstrap 3. Can it be customized? Is there a tutorial doc that will come with it?


Hi, Gebo Admin update should be ready before end of August, but I need to wait for final version of Bootstrap3. Gebo Admin can be customized, it’s a html/css template that you can use with any server side language.

great, will wait for update then for bootstrap 3. Will it be able to link to MySQL for the charting report? Thanks a lot.

Hello, could you please help me to understand how theme works because I make a forms with it?

1) I tried to add some columns at table “dt_gal” and page doesnt want to load and if I remove the JS “document.documentElement.className += ‘js’;” I cant find the Dom that added to table.
  • and select style”uni_style” become removed when i added more columns to that table

2) If I add “input-append color” to a blank page with the css and js nedded it not working and if I include “ui_slider3_sel” it is working perfect some how there is connection between them.

could you please help me on that? and if there any example page i will appreciate.

have any ideas how can it done ?

Hi, sorry for the delay, when you add new columns to this table you need to update “aoColumns” when in datatbles init function (please check ) If there is no content or page is blank after you modify some elements please check for js errors.

Is it possible to create daterange datepickers with default setup and input filter?

Hi, please send me email with this request, I’ll send you code for this.

Have you had time to look at this?

Hi, please check your email.

Hi tzd, I started to use the jquery ui dialog modal widget; after some z-index-hacking I got it working on IE10 and FF. But on Chrome and Safari it does not work modal – which means background buttons could be clicked. Any suggestions?

Hi, could you send me message from my profile page with more info about this issue? I’ll take a look.

HI tzd, mail send!

Hi, ok, I’ll answer to your email asap but for the moment there are some issues with my mail server (I can’t access my mailbox).

Hello! In the menu in the left, i have to put an active so that when you are in that page the accordin menu is open and the link is higlighted as a web that is active.

Whats the css code or how can i do this ?


Hi, if you want to open menu section on page load add class “in” to “accordion-body”
<div class="accordion-body collapse in" id="some_id">
Please check (usage)

Thanks! Figure it out!

+1 for Bootstrap 3, PLEASE post your demo site in beta and let us test it before releasing it! (BTW, I can’t get to your live preview site now)

Hi, ok, I’ll let you know when update will be available. There is a lot of work to update to Bootstrap 3. I know about live preview, there is a large ddos attack on my server, demo should be available in couple of hours.

Hi, I can’t activate the toogle buttons and also NiceForm, in which the script file is located? thanks

only work on 2 checked and locked, this function can be passed parameters?

thanks, I solved the problem with the documentation. :)

Hi, Please upgade to RTL bootstrap 3 RTL Bootstrap Less Source 3.0.0 (

Hi, I’ll think about this but it’s not just matter of adding RTL for bootstrap 3. There is a lot of custom components that also need to be updated to support RTL

Also looking forward to seeing a bootstrap 3 version! Still on track for end of this month?

Hi, I’m sorry but I can’t make this update at the end of August, (there are too many elements that need to be updated) This update should be available in mid-September.

No problem tzd, thanks for the revised timeframe aand the quick reply.

Hey, can’t use the multiple select jquery. Is doesn’t work. I modify your extenden_elements but when i erase <select name=”ui_slider3_sel” id=”ui_slider3_sel” class=”input-mini”> all the multiple boxes doensn’t work. how can i call them in a blank template. I need them! Thanks

Hi, please check for js errors. It’s a good idea to create your own js file and copy function/s (only this functions that you need) from Gebo Admin there.

Hi tzd, I integrated and flot (charts). After deployment I checked also with IE8 and both don’t display anything on IE8. justgage came up with a gauge when I switched to compatibility view. flot raises errors on both (IE8, compatability view).

I then checked your live preview, and if I go there to the plugins/charts page I got the following error in IE8:

Object doesn't support this property or method  jquery.flot.pyramid.js, line 129 character 7

I already tried the proposed solution on this issue from here: but it does not bring any improvement.

Hi, it looks like pyramid chart plugin is causing this issue. Please open /lib/flot/jquery.flot.pyramid.js and replace content with this That should fix this issue


I would like to change the width of the layout, where can I change?

Hi, do you want to change fluid or fixed layout width? Please send me message from my profile page with more info.

Is it possible to integrate Gebo admin responsive template with my JSF Primefaces project? Is there is any jquery conflicts is there?, If its so how can i solve the jquery conflicts problem?

Hi, I’m sorry but I don’t know JSF Primefaces. It seems that jQuery is already included with Primefaces (v3.5 – jQuery 1.8.3) so it should be ok but I can’t guarantee that everything will work. Please also check

HI, Do you have any limitation with IIS 7. I just add folder to IIS but couldn’t browse html. whereas directly through folder html works fine. any tips??

Hi, I’m sorry but I don’t know IIS 7. Maybe there are some configuration options that you need to enable. Please check

Hi, I started to integrate Gebo Admin Template using Require.js and Backbone.js. I was able to run blank.html alone fine, but when I inserted html fragment into Backbone View, it shows horizontal and vertical scroll bars in the Site Bar. The other problem I encoutered is that sidebar_switch button does not work. Only the tooltip shows “Hide SideBar”. When I click on the button, nothing happens.

The other issue I ran into is that I got “Uncaught ReferenceError: gebo_sidebar is not defined error even though I have shim configuration with the following dependencies => ‘geboCommon’: [ ‘jquery’, ‘qtip’, ‘bootstrap’]

The following modules are loaded in the memory when the application starts.

require([ ‘domReady’, ‘jquery’, ‘underscore’, ‘backbone’, ‘js/startup’, ‘googlejsapi’, ‘debouncedresize’, ‘flot’, ‘flotResize’, ‘flotPie’, ‘qtip’, ‘antiscroll’, ‘geboCommon’

function(domReady, $, _, Backbone, startup) {
domReady(function() {

I appreciate of you could help me figure out what could be the issues.


Hi, I’m sorry but I don’t know require.js and backbone.js Please check if you have all required js/css files included.

Hi, I try to use lightbox in the table to edit & View, Its working fine on the first page, But not working on other pages

How to solve this ??

Hi, are you using datatables or is this a regular table? could you give me a link to your site? Please send me more info about this issue.


user: pass: admin

GOTO opportunities Menu Try to view on the table right, It works on the first page & on second page its not working

Hi, this credentials are not working for me. Please send me message from my profile page (with login and password), I’ll check that issue.