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Hi Tzd, Is this templete able to use the jquery.layout.js? I got failed to use that plugin in this templete

Hi, Gebo Admin is based on bootstrap framework and uses grid from that framework I think it’s possible to use this plugin but it would require a lot of work to make it work.

any plan to update to the latest Bootstrap build?

Hi, yes, I’m working hard to update Gebo Admin to Bootstrap 3. I can’t specify the date but I will try to release new version asap.

Hi, how to make the “Multiupload” work? Any PHP example can share to me?

Hi, please check For examle php file please check Gebo Admin/lib/plupload/examples/upload.php

Hi Are you planning to update the theme to support Bootstrap 3.0.0? Thanks

Hi, yes, Gebo Admin will be updated to Bootstrap 3 but I can’t specify the date for this release. I’ll try to do this asap.

Ok Perfect, Thanks

Hi, the peity chart on dashboard does not work perfectly on IE8, how can i do to make it work?

Besides, if i change the text so longer, when i resize the browser size, top will have 2 lines, how can i fix it, to show only one line?

Hi, please check If you want to show only one line you need to remove some elements from navbar (message notification, user menu etc)

thanks for your response. I’ll check.


I want to know when will you update it to Bootstrap’s latest version?

Hi, I need 7-10 days to finish updating Gebo Admin so it should be ready to download 14-15 October (final date). I think I’ll include both versions in Gebo Admin package – Bootstrap 2 (v1.8.1) and Boostrap 3 (new update).

All right. Thanks you. I am looking forward to ver 3. Thanks and good luck :)

Bootstrap 3! Bootstrap3! Bootstrap3! Ok I stop.

Great news, keep up the good work… Gebo is probably the best template based on Bootstrap, I use it a lot… it enhance Bootstrap in so many ways but keeps the style and the feeling of the Twitter framework. It is the perfect enhancement to twitter bootstrap and I cannot wait to see what it does with the version 3… what about the compatibility with the last Gebo version? is the upgrade will be complicated or did you managed to keep the same syntax and css classes?

Hi, thank you. Upgrade from Bootstrap 2 to Bootstrap 3 is quite complicated. There are a lot of changes in Bootstrap3, please check

hum… not so much on our side. Of course for you with all the plugins, that must be quite a mess! Take a bag of coffees!

Hi Tzd, Thanks for working on this templete, I want to add icon for the second-level menu on the sidebar, but it look like this:

How to make the icon and the text in the same line?SOS

The html I use: <li class="icon-bullhorn"><a href="xxxx">My Notifycation</a></li>

what is wrong?

Hi Tzd, I made a mistake that use the wrong element <li /> not <i />

Hi, do you still need help with this issue or is it ok now? I’ll include font awesome icons in Gebo Admin (next release).

yes, it’s OK now, TKS

Nice template. I just purchased it and start to apply it into my site. But when I apply it into my theme, by separating the page into some files (and gather it using php include), I stuck on the ajax loading icon. I’m not really a programming guy, especially in javascript, so I don’t reall yknow what the problem is. When checked it using firebug I got this error uncaught exception: Invalid dimensions for plot, width = null, height = null. Can you tell me what things I have to consider? Thanks.

Hi, thank you for buying Gebo Admin. If you remove something from html you also need to remove coresponding js function (it seems that you removed js chart from html code). Please send me url to your page, I’ll tell you exactly what you need to remove.

Yes I think that’s the problem. Then, can you tell me what js files needed to be loaded in every template page? Sorry, I can’t give you the url yet because it’s still being developed locally

Hi, please check source of blank.html (this is a html page with just common elements like header, sidebar etc)

Hi Tzd, another question about the icon, How to customise the dynamic tree icon, does it support all the bootstrap icons?

Hi,yes, it’s possible to customize this icons (unfortunately this plugin doesn’t use bootstrap icons), please check (“theming”)

Bootstrap 3 update

Gebo Admin is finally updated to Bootstrap 3 Framework, please check If you find any bugs/issues please send me message from my profile page. I’ll wait 2-3 days to get some feedback from you and after that I’ll release final version. Thanks.

Bug found in gebo also in the old (current) gebo releaso. I you set the layout to fixed the top of the page is removed.

And the show css property on gebo3 is much smaller than on gebo 1.8. I dont know if that element is reused somewhere else but wanted to mention it.

en dan een vraagje voor de omschakeling. Zijn er wijzegingen aan de HTML of enkel de css en de js?

Hi, thank you for the feedback, what do you mean by “top of the page is removed” ? “CSS property” fixed on dev. Thanks

Amazing admin template! Massive amount of work has gone into this for sure. Adding it to my bookmarks for later purchase. Cheers.

Hi, thank you, I’m glad that you like Gebo Admin template :)

hi, I found one problem in icons of top menu in this page:

I would like to buy this version as soon as it become available. thanks.

Hi, icons are ok now, thanks. In 2-3 days update will be ready for download.

v3 waiting waiting…

Hi, Gebo Admin (bs3) is waiting for review. Should be ready to download in less than 24h.

That’s great, I was waiting for it to release a new version of my website. Great job tzd!

Hi, Is it possible to update sidebar to SlideUp when hide and SlideDown when show? Currently it move left and right.

I’m sorry but I didn’t get any mail from You. Please send me message from my profile page with this request. Thanks

I sent you a request related to sidebar through your profile. It’s includes the purchase code and username which used to buy the template.

Hi, please check your mail.

In the latest update, tooltip from text boxes and links are not showing up well. There is block around the tooltip.

Hi, please send me more info about this issue (your browser, os etc). Thanks

Hi, Thanks for the new release. Excellent job. i am using the wizard plug-in and i will like to insert a function when the next button is clicked. How do i do that?

Thanks for your response. 1) How do i access the input field from the user and use it to make branching decissions 2)How do i post to the server via ajax on every step a)To perform server side validation b)To save the step data

Hi, I don’t think that branching decissions is possible with this wizard (if you need branching decissions please check this wizard instead Validation is done by jquery validation plugin (you can define your rules there, also server side validation – please check ) To save step data please try this code (don’t forget to include jquery validation plugin)
  block: true,
  errorImage: true,
  validate: true,
  next: function() {
      var wizard_step = $(this).children('fieldset:visible'),
          wizard_step_index = wizard_step.index();
        type: "POST",
        url: "step_data.php",
        data: wizard_step.serialize()

// step_data.php
foreach($_POST as $key => $value) {
  echo $key.' - '.$value;

Thanks for your response, i will let you know if i have any issues

Hi Im using the old version Gebo 1.X . Any idea on how to make the datatables to become responsive without updating the whole template?


Hi actually the datatables already responsive, but when I have too many column, some of the column will not be shown and the horizontal scroll bar also not appear

Hi Tzd,

I am using v1.8.1, how to make the top menu visible when the window size is really small? Any ideas?