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Hi Tzd,

I am using v1.8.1, how to make the top menu visible when the window size is really small? Any ideas?

Hi, please check your email.

Yes, I have received your email, It works fine, TKS, but when I use the css in my project, it doesn’t work, maybe I deleted some modules that I thought I don’t need, can you tell me which part of js or plugins make this possible? I really have no idea.

Hi, I’m OK now ,it is selectnav make it work, I got it

Hi tzd, I have couples of suggestions for v3.0
  • 1.add prefix to font awesome icons like font-icon-user-md, so that some guys want to use the Glyphicons can make their own choice.
  • 2.Can you add some css to gcons icons, so that we can use <i class="gCons_mobile" />.
  • 3.the left menu bar active color should match the theme color.
  • 4.can you add the functionality to add cookies to remember the active bar, just the same as your another templete EBRO.
  • 5.I prefer the dropdown menu with the round corner.Can you make this as v1.8.1?
  • 6.Show menu on top, hover is not working now.
  • 7.Can you add some nice scroll plugins to the datatable demos?
  • 8.Another tree plugin, jquery-ztree, which is wonderful and well documented, you can have a look at its website:
  • 9.My screen width is 1920, how to make the blank area on both sides invisible?
I will wait for the stable version to upgrade my project. TKS

I am using Chrome, Win7, my screen is 1920, so there still have blank area on both sides, not really fullscreen.

Hi, please open css/style.css, find @media (min-width: 1681px) { ... } and remove this whole block:
@media (min-width: 1681px) {

TKS,it works

tzd, nice release, I updated my website in a couple of hours.
Just one question, why removing the nice pre-loader?
One suggestion: why not making it a webapp on iOS, very easy.
Just add this in the header:

if(("standalone" in window.navigator) && window.navigator.standalone){ var noddy, remotes = false; document.addEventListener('click', function(event) { noddy =; while(noddy.nodeName !== "A" && noddy.nodeName !== "HTML") { noddy = noddy.parentNode; } if('href' in noddy && noddy.href.indexOf('http') !== -1 && (noddy.href.indexOf( !== -1 || remotes)) { event.preventDefault(); document.location.href = noddy.href; } },false); }

and of course to have a nice icon some extra
<link rel="apple-touch-icon" href="/img/fileshareclub128.png"/> <meta name="apple-mobile-web-app-capable" content="yes" /> <!-- iPhone SPLASHSCREEN--> <br /><link href="/img/iphoneLowRes.png" media="(device-width: 320px)" rel="apple-touch-startup-image"/> <!-- iPhone (Retina) SPLASHSCREEN--> <link href="/img/iphoneRetina.png" media="(device-width: 320px) and (-webkit-device-pixel-ratio: 2)" rel="apple-touch-startup-image"/> <!-- iPad (landscape) SPLASHSCREEN--> <link href="/img/ipadLandscape.png" media="(device-width: 768px) and (orientation: landscape)" rel="apple-touch-startup-image"/> <!-- iPad (portrait) SPLASHSCREEN--> <link href="/img/ipadPortrait.png" media="(device-width:: 768px) and (orientation: portrait)" rel="apple-touch-startup-image"/>

then you can trumpet: it’s a webapp! Cheers and thanks for this great update.

Hi, thank you for your suggestion. I’ll think about it. At the moment I have a lot to do but I’ll add this to my todo list. I removed pre-loader because there was some issues with some js plugins. You can easily add this to your template, just use code from v.1.8.1

Hi when I use datatables horizontal scrolling, I got this problem where the table header is not align with table column

I’m using Gebo 1.5

Hi, do you have this issue when you resizing the page or is this issue always present? What browser and os are you using?

this issue is always present when you using the class table-bordered and set datatable enable scrolling horizontal

browser firefox, chrome latest version. Windows 7

I am using gebo for my admin purpose but its loading time is very slow what could be reason

Hi, please check for js errors and remove js/css that you are not using.

Hi tzd,

I think there is a problem with the drop down menus in the nav bar. The shape is not the same, when they are open, the header background does not change color like before and you need to click to open the menu, I think before you could just pass over the menu to open it.

Actually it is the basic menu from Bootstap 3… it kind of sucks I think. I liked better the old menu shape, and behavior… :(

Also new widgets pagination sucks too :(

Hi, I’m sorry that you don’t like some elements from bootstrap 3. With some small changes to css you can have the same look like in bs2. Top menu hover works ok for me, what browser, os are you using?

Hello, do you have instructions on how to update from bs2.3 to bs3?



Hi, please check (there is no instruction for Gebo Admin template because there is more than 300 files than needs to be updated :) )

thanks for update.

no problem :)

Hi Tzd,

I am using v3.0, I think there is a style problem with the validation in the login-page. (firefox 25)

Hi, yes, you are right. To fix this issue please open login.html and change some validation options:
  highlight: function(element) {
  unhighlight: function(element) {
  errorPlacement: function(error, element) {
That should fix this issue.

It seems the jQuery (1.8.0) has solved the problem. jquery.actual.min.js is not necessary.

Twitter Bootstrap update to version 3.0.2 will be?

Hi, I will update Gebo Admin to bootstrap 3.0.2 soon but I can’t specify the relese date.

Thanks! we will wait

Hi, I’ve send you a message through your profile message but get no answer. I was asking about why the hyperlink in dropdown menu always open in a new tab when there’s an “echo” in the script (as I use CodeIgniter). I tried to add target attribute to _parent and _top but still it opens a new tab. What the solution for it? Thanks.

Hi, please check your email.

Found a small bug in chrome in your template. We are using your older bootstrap 2 template but the same issue applies in the current.

if you select a file for upload. remove it. then choose it again it wont appear. It seems to be chrome specific

here is a video of the issue

Hi, sorry for the delay, please check if fileinput widget is working here It seems that there is new version of this fileinput plugin that works ok in chrome.

Hello! First of all, great theme! I have similar problem with the bug that jac1092 described, only with the file upload with input (on the left from the one in jac1092’s video). I’ve replaced the scripts and css with jasny bootstrap and while the file upload component now works fine other problems appear. For some reason they use width instead of max-with for different resolutions which creates problems (header nav shrinked), also some glyphicons are missing… no idea why, supposed to extend twitter bootstrap, but obviously not done right. Can you please create a fix for the issue so that i can use twitter bootstrap and have that element working. tnx.

Hi, thank You. You don’t need to replace all css and js from jasny bootstrap, you only need extended elements (click on “Extend Bootstrap” btn and replace only this elements). I’ll fix this issue with next update (this year).

Hi, also no joy with extending the twitter bootstrap with jasny (the file input works, but visually the buttons are broken in the next line – below). I will use this for now and wait for your fix-update. If you manage to do it this year it would be great…

Hi, I’ll try to release update for Gebo Admin this year.

First, love the admin theme (v 1.81) and BS 3.0 has been a great revision for us.

Okay, now for my question, I’m having some issues with the datatable not sorting correctly data that contains $. For exmaple, the sorting is going from $300.00, $3,500.00, then $249.00. I’d expect for ascending order to be $249.00, $300.00, then $3,500.00. Can you outline how to correct this?

You can disregard this question, I found on the datatable plugin how to add this functionality in. I love the datatable look but I really do not understand the sdom positioning – this is no fault of yours, just making a statement. I wish the datatable plugin was a bit more intuitive.

Hello tzd, I want to use “Table tools” in my admin pages. I looked for the php file that makes it possible to save as pdf and print a table in my Gebo pack, but I didn’t find anything. I can see that it works fine in the Live view of Gebo. does it exist in the pack? if not, could you please send it to me to ? thanks in advance

Hi, table tools are included in datatble.html they are not working localy due to security mechanism that is in Flash. Please check and

Thank you very much for your quick and helpful response. my problem solved with your help.

Hi guys, if I view the content of the second pane and do a postback, then the first tab of the first panel will be active. p.s. I work on ASP.NET 3.5 platform

Many Thanks, Eid

Hi, I’m sorry but I don’t fully understand. Please send me message from my profile page with more info. Thanks.


Is there a way to disable scrolling on the parent page when a modal is open in gebo_admin (bs3) ?

Thank you!

Hi, i wanna ask a question about this template. how can i change the site from (ltr) to (rtl) ? thanks..

Hi, sorry, rtl is not supported in Gebo Admin.

oh, thank you for your efforts.

Hi tzd,

Your theme very nice,

Can you help me, how to use WYSIWG Editor ?

I have copy <!- TinyMce WYSIWG editor -> <script src=”lib/tiny_mce/jquery.tinymce.js”></script>

and .... ...

//* TinyMce
gebo_wysiwg = {
    init: function(){

... }; //* WYSIWG editor gebo_wysiwg.init();

to file bank.html.

but textarea dont work.

Hi, please check if you have <textarea> in blank.html. You also need to make sure you have initialization for tinymce included in
$(document).ready(function() {
Please also check


Yes, I have copy and paste to file blank.html. but dont work

Can you check:

Hi, move gebo_admin init function outide of $(document).ready It should look like this
  $(document).ready(function() {
    //* show all elements & remove preloader
    //* WYSIWG editor

  //* TinyMce
  gebo_wysiwg = {
    init: function(){

That should fix this issue.