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I have been trying to get the Enhanced Select on my page but it doesn’t work. Do you have an example with just that on a screen.

Thank you by the way.

Hi, I’m sorry about that but I sent you message on 14.01.2014, I just checked and I got message from my mail server that message to you can’t be delivered. I don’t know why. Could you send me message from another email address?

I sent you a message with my email address

Hi, please check your mail.

Hi, where can I find the example of applying the wysiwyg for the textarea? I couldn’t find it in the example files. Thanks…

Hi, you can find this example in form_extended.html “WYSIWG Editor with integrated File Manager” please also check

how to keep selected accordion sub menu open even after page refresh?

Actually my question is i implemented your template in my application,the problem is when click on menu it will show sub menu’s and when i click on submenu’s it will redirect to another page,and all the menus are closed now i have to show the previous selected submenu active even after page refresh,i don’t have much idea in javascript,please help how to do this.thanks in advance thanks in advance

Hi, please send me message from my profile page with this request and if possible link to your site.

Hi TZD have you seen my mail?

Hi, please check your email.

On my downloaded file as well as on the demo, for the calendar plugin.. I’m not seeing the next and previous buttons… Can you tel me what I’m missing?

Hi, yes, you are right, there are no prev/next icons in calendar. It’s because I forgot to change class names for this icons. To fix this please open gebo_calendar.js and change classes for prev/next icons:
// remove this lines
buttonText: {
  prev: '<i class="icon-chevron-left cal_prev" />',
  next: '<i class="icon-chevron-right cal_next" />'
// add this lines
buttonText: {
  prev: '<i class="glyphicon glyphicon-chevron-left cal_prev" />',
  next: '<i class="glyphicon glyphicon-chevron-right cal_next" />'

Hello, how can i make sortable images at gallery? $(’.wmk_grid .items’ ).sortable. Ajax is working, but the images doesnt replacing.

Hi, please download gallery grid plugin from and check example from /example-sort folder

Thank you. But i don’t undestand how to make $(’.wmk_grid .items’ ).sortable. – to sort picture by dragging picture

Hi, could you send me message from my profile page with more info about this, I don’t fully understand what you are trying to achieve.

Hi! I love your template… but if you could make a modification like this, I would love to pay for it… switch the menu component to something like this, just like an add-on, it would be more than great to this wonderfull admin template :)

Hi, thank you for your suggestion, at the moment I’m very busy with the new admin template, as soon as I finish this template I’ll try to implement this menu component into Gebo Admin. Thanks.


I have got a question. Is it possible to use 3 ore more componets like the datatable with tools on the same site. i have allready tried to change name and id of the component but i cant use the tools in table 2 und 3. what do i have to do to make this possible?

Thanks for answering my question.

best regards Stefan

Hi, the v3.0 can i update easily to bootstrap 3.1.1? the core js and css are untouched?

Hi, sorry for the delay. Core css/js are untouched so you can try to update bootstrap to latest version, there shouldn’t be any problems.

Hi Tzd , i have sent you 4 mails to your support mail regarding my issues,why you are not responding to my mails,please help me how to do all my template look good with in 760px given,i changed style.css like this
@media (min-width: 760px) {
            body {max-width:760px;margin:0 auto}
            header .container-fluid {max-width:760px;margin:0 auto}
            #maincontainer {border-right:1px solid #ccc;border-left:1px solid #ccc}
            .main_content {border-left:none}
            .sidebar {left:50%;margin-left:-380px}
            .sidebar_switch {left:50%;margin-left:-620px}
            .sidebar_hidden .sidebar_switch {margin-left:-832px;left:50%}
            .sidebar_right .sidebar {right:50%;margin-left:0;margin-right:-840px}
            .sidebar_right .sidebar_switch {left:auto;right:50%;margin-left:0;margin-right:-836px}
,it is showing good,but when i added same in FACEBOOK,my side menu’s are not displaying,waiting for your reply.please respond quickly.thanks in advance.

Hi TZD when i made the above changes for media in style.css,and running my application ans seeing in normal browser it is showing good as what i required with in 760Px space even side menu’s are also displaying,but when i added my application in FACEBOOK for the first time after login sidemenu’s are just coming like a blink and gone not displaying,i don’t know why i am getting like this.please suggest me any changes.

Hi TZD i tested my application in mobile browser side menu’s are displaying i didn’t change any css just kept as it is given by you, in normal browser every thing is fine,but when i tried to login same application in mobile browser no sidemenu’s display’s.i will send you test link to your suppot mail,if you want you can test my application both in normal browser and mobile browser.

Hi, please check your email.

Hi, I want to modify the side scroll bar functionality in order to affect only one item and not the whole group.

Hi, this is not possible at the moment, it would require a lot of changes to html/css/js to make it work on single item.

Hi Tzd i am facing a problem with Enhanced select ,i kept both css and js as you suggested for previous other posts,but for me it is not getting as like in template just coming dropdown, i tried keeping the div in blank.html,but it is not showing as it is showing form_extended,i kept the same div in form_extended.html it is working good there.please help me i want to exact functionality how it is working in form_extended.waiting for your mail,thanks in advance.

Hi, by default this menu is hidden, if you want to show menu on page load please open gebo_common.js find gebo_sidebar = { ... } and make following changes
if($(window).width() > 979){
} else {
// comment folowing lines to show sidebar on page load

Hi Tzd Can you please respond to my mail,thanks in advance.

Hi, please check your email.


We are trying to use the pie chart (the visitors by country of the dashboard of the live review site).

<canvas class=”base” width=”307” height=”200”></canvas> <canvas class=”overlay” width=”307” height=”200” style=”position: absolute; left: 0px; top: 0px;”></canvas>

In the live review site ( the pie works properly when you hover over the pie in order to see the percentage of each pie element.

But when i downloaded the gebo files in my computer and tried to use the Pie chart there is a problem when I hover on the pie.

Try to move the cursor in different parts of the pie and then you will see that the hover on the pie does not work properly. The tooltip with the perceantge is displayed when i hover even outside of the chart.

Can you please help us in order to fix this issue?

Hi, I forgot to update qitp tooltip library on demo page. There was some issues with old qtip tooltips so I had to update this plugin, If you download Gebo Admin from themeforest you will get this new version, I see that there is some issues with this plugin when displaying chart values, to fix this please open gebo_dashboard.js find gebo_charts = { fl_2: function() { } } and replace tooltip init code with this one:
// Create a tooltip on our chart
    prerender: true,
    content: 'Loading...', // Use a loading message primarily
    position: {
        viewport: $(window), // Keep it visible within the window if possible
        target: 'mouse', // Position it in relation to the mouse
        adjust: { x: 7 } // ...but adjust it a bit so it doesn't overlap it.
    show: false, // We'll show it programatically, so no show event is needed
    style: {
        classes: 'ui-tooltip-shadow ui-tooltip-tipsy',
        tip: false // Remove the default tip.
    hide: {
        event: false

// Bind the plot hover
elem.on('plothover', function(event, pos, obj) {

    // Grab the API reference
    var self = $(this),
        api = self.qtip(),

    // Setup a visually pleasing rounding function
    round = function(x) { return Math.round(x * 1000) / 1000; };

    // If we weren't passed the item object, hide the tooltip and remove cached point data
    if(!obj) {
    } else {
        percent = parseFloat(obj.series.percent).toFixed(2);
        // Setup new content
        content = obj.series.label + ' ( ' + percent + '% )';
        // Update the tooltip content
        api.set('content.text', content);
        // Make sure we don't get problems with animations
        api.elements.tooltip.stop(1, 1);
        // Show the tooltip, passing the coordinates;
That should fix this issue.

Hi, i bought the Gebo template and on the left side theres a panel … my question is how can i do to make another panel with the same behaviour in the right side?.

Hi, TZD could you please help me with this … i really need help on this one.

Hi, it’s quite difficult to add another panel to Gebo Admin, there is a lot of elements that depends on panel position and width. You can move sidebar to right by adding sidebar_right class to body.

Hi TZD i got a problem with sidebar switch in some pages it is working fine and in some pages it is showing like disable mode like no click is working,can you please suggest me is there any thing extra need to be added in Js file.i sent you a screen shots to your support mail

Hi, I’m affraid that you need to use click event to activate this function, It’s strange that this two click events interfere with each other. Please check once again this events.

Hi TZD,i tried by taking out Facebook Friend finder related Js then side switcher is working fine,i mostly believe that is the exact reason.for both functionalities click event is required,i mean when i click only both side switcher and auto suggestion for Facebook friend will work,can you please suggest any possibilities to overcome this issue,thanks in advance.

Hi, I’m sorry but I don’t know what is causing this issue. Please open js console and check for js errors, maybe there you can find what’s wrong.

Hi, a minor css fix on bs3 version.

replace .nav-list with .nav-pills into /css/{style}.css (brown, black, green, etc)

Hi, thank You for the info, I’ll add this to my todo list.

He tzd,

im interested in buying this template. im interested in image uploads and management. Can your system allow multiple image uploads, and if do, can the script be configured to upload to a logged in user directory instead of a fixed public folder?

Thanks, Paul.

Hi, “fileuplod” widgets are just styled fileupload inputs ( please check ), “multiupload” is based on plupload js plugin ( ), you can upoad multiple files at once, there is also a lot of configuration options for this plugin ( )

Hi, the action icons:

class=”icon-pencil” class=”icon-eye-open” class=”icon-trash”

Appear to be missing/not displayed in the table on page

Can you let me know when fixed please?

Thanks, Paul.

Hi, yes, you are right, this icons are missing from this page. I forgot to include font awesome library. Please add
<link rel="stylesheet" href="img/font-awesome/css/font-awesome.min.css" />
to head section. That should fix this issue.

hi i bought theme,but no document in zip file,where can i find document about theme?thank you

Hi, sorry for the delay, documentation is in documentation.html (main foleder).

i didnt found main foleder in zip file,can you sent me by email?

Hi, when you download Gebo Admin and extract it there should be two folders “gebo_admin (bs2)” and “gebo_admin (bs3)” when you open this folders there should be a lot of .html files and there you can find documentation.html

may i know why this template have a warning signal from Mozilla? im install the web developer tools on mozilla.. TQ

Hi, this warnings appears because of jQuery.migrate and jQuery bugs. Please update jQuery ( 1.11.1 ) and jquery.migrate ( 1.2.1 ) to remove this warnings. There should be no compatibility issues with other plugins but please check if this update won’t break anything.

hi the tpl dont show glyphicon-lock in chrome. as solved

Hi, please send me more info about this issue (if possible please also attach screenshot)