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I would like the image [item-thumbnail] to link to the same place as the image inside the post NOT to the post. Does that make sense?


When readers click on image, what’s their expectation? So this is personal favorite, not the best choice for most of webmasters.

Yes but I would like to do it? Can I?!

Have no option or code script to do that. Just place the image at the top of post, that the only way I can suggest. So sorry.

Hi Tien, How to display Post Title only in Recent Posts & Random Posts? And hide Thumbnail.


But, I want Oswald font in Title instead of Arial with 16 font size. Is it possible in it?

Show me your website.

Recent comments isn’t showing my recent comments for the past 6 hours. It was working till then. Suddenly its not showing up in recent comments. Any guidance would be appreciated. Thank you

Hi. But your stats is “did not purchase” so please ask pre-sale questions only.

Don’t you have any plan to make this theme for wordpress? I love this theme but the only problem is that I am a wp user.

I will buy this if it is in worpress.

Hi. I have one plan for that but not soon. Thank you.

Hi! I received an email that this theme has been updated. Please let me know how to download the update? Thanks.

Hi. Just do similar when you download the template at the first time.

Thanks, will do. Can you please let me know what are the new features?

I only add Instagram icon into Social list

How do I put on the page / home a page numeration

Dear. I am so sorry but that function not support on home page. So that’s why we must use VIEW ALL link.

Hello there

I found there is no author bio in this template please make this feature available. And one bug I found that Blogger Stats widget is not appear on small screen sizes i.e on smartphones etc.

I need urgent help from. I will buy your latest magone very soon.

This template not support author box, only display author name under title of post. So sorry.

About the stats widget, did you enable mobile template as documentation wrote? Thanks.

Hey! I got mad at you since you did not grant my request to make this theme for wordpress so I will be transferring to blogger now. By the way, what was the update last June 10? Just pre-sales question.

Thank you, I would be choosing that template. I will buy it now.

Successfully bought MagOne.

Thank you very much.

Um, I sent an email.. none of what you state in the instructions show up on my template. I click on gadgets, the only ones that work for me are the social logos. I cannot see any of the gadgets I selected to appear in the main menu. All I see is your original home

When is the last time you tested your code

I sent you an email. Also how do I remove your advertised name at the bottom of my site. I thought the reason I purchased license is to remove any author info.. this is not free. Thanks

Hi. I replied the email. Please check.

good themes blogger

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Hi Tien, the facebook icon showing number of likes is not showing up at the bottom of posts.


Please make sure your country did not block Facebook. My demo is still showing properly: http://pasteboard.co/1nrEvX8D.png


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The promo photo for “Geek Press” shows the site logo on the top left even with the categories, but the demo site shows the logo in the center by itself. Is this theme easily customizable so I can put the logo to the left and maybe even add a rectangular adsense ad on the right side? Thanks.


Just send your website to: http://themeforest.net/user/tiennguyenvan#contact Thanks.


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Hi! I was wondering how to hide the number of comments showing in the Related post widget and other front page widgets. I am not using comments so it says 0 which is misleading since I am not using comments at all. I hope you will post how to do it here since I am sure there are others who are interested in finding out how to hid the number of comments. THANKS


Please access your blog dashboard, and choose Template / Edit HTML

In template code, find this line:
and add ABOVE it with following line
.meta .comment-link {
    display: none;

Sir, sidebar images on the popular posts widget are not clear…

Hello, please send your site URL to https://themeforest.net/user/tiennguyenvan#contact So I will take a look.


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The theme shows there was an update to the template in July 2016, but the updates notes say the last update was July 2014. Was the July 2016 update a major one? What has changed?

Sorry. I forgot updating the item detail. It’s not a major update, just fixed popular image blur bug.


bjj20 Purchased

Oh great. thanks tiennguyenvan!

why is the slider messy at times

Hello. Just provide URL. Thanks.

Hi Tien, This is the template I bought. Direct question about it: I really liked your Sneeit Spot idea, but I cant get it to work. I have 2 errors. Will pm you 2 screenshots. thnx M

Sneeit Spot is current applied for MagOne only. I am working to improve it before applying it for other products.

hello, the numbering of my theme does not work

You mean the pagination? Please send your URL to https://themeforest.net/user/tiennguyenvan#contact

Thank you.

Hi How do I remove the footer button widgets?


Hello. Please send your domain and more information to http://support.sneeit.com and I will inspect immediately.