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hi look this: XML: (SyntaxError) : Unexpected token < this error was at the time of upload


Please read template document to know how to install the template as right way: in your purchase folder documentation/index.html

Thanks, Tien

I liked the navigation bar of v1.8. Is there any way to revert it back in the v2.0. Thanks.


Can not do it. The download package still contains the version 1.8 if you like to use it.

Thanks, Tien

Hi Tien, I want to remove the space between Menu and Slider as much as possible.

And, i also don’t want recent post on home page like your flat news. Any CSS for my need?

Please help ASAP.

Site for your reference: http://www.perfectpeace.in


Please use the latest version.

Use below css to decrease space between slider and menu and also hide recent news:
.home .Blog {
    display: none;
.break-news-wrapper {
    height: 0;
    padding: 0;

Thanks Tien, I intentionally didn’t use latest version because of center position of its header, BTW thanks for your help. And, will need in future regarding your template.

Tien, how can I update to the latest version?

Download again and you will see the latest version in download package. Install it similar with a new template.

Hi, I would like to turn off the share button, Thx


You can add below css into advance css
.break-news-wrapper, .share-post {
    display: none!important;

To add css into advance css, follow this: https://support.google.com/blogger/answer/175740?hl=en&ref_topic=3339246

Thank you Tien, another problem, the slider won’t appear

Dear. Did you use the latest version? The bug was fixed long time ago.

Well, thank you very much for everything Tien

Hi Tien,

I have a query once again. I don’t want to display date and comments on homepage below every post title in recent post of every labels, i can easily manage to disable date withing the post in blogger>settings>blog posts but couldn’t find to hide it on the home page of the recent post of the labels. Any CSS of it?

Site for your reference: http://www.perfectpeace.in/


You can use below css:
.meta {
    display: none!important;

Hey Tien,

I use your theme for my personal site. Is there a way to add pagination buttons to the home page under recent posts? I would rather have the “prev, 1, 2, 3” buttons rather than the “view all”.

thank you.


Dear, thank for the suggestion. Now the template not support that but I will consider in next versions.

I really hope that you do, that would be amazing. Also, being able to turn off certain widgets for the mobile theme would be great as well if you are ever able to integrate that. Great theme. I am enjoying it on my site.

Dear. With mobile template, we can hide some widgets by css but they are still there.

Does anyone know how to make the blog description show underneath the blog header? It shows in other templates and it says it should work on this one but it does not show up. Thanks in advance.

Site for reference: http://derrelljamison.com

Hi Tien, Page navigation is not working on my site http://www.latestblousedesigns.com . If I click on page number 2, it shows “max-results=19” instead of max-results 10. Can you please help me in fixing it? Also, it would be great if you can provide the page navigation on home page. Thank you

Dear, The pagination is following the official next / previous links of Blogger. So I am researching to fix this bug but maybe take time.

Thanks, Tien

Thank you Tien, I will wait for your response..

Hi, Arial font loads works well but when i use any other font like droid sans, it loads very slow and blurs on mobile devices. Pls Fix it.

Dear. We are using official font list of Blogger that we can not change or modify any more. If you see the problem, you will also see it in official themes of Blogger. We just wait, we have not any permission to improve it.

Is possible to setting asyn widget or comment for increase blog speed ?

Dear, with magazine template for Blogger, we must accept a little slow because we need to load json from Blogger server (asyn widget or comment have no too much affect to speed).

How to delete the widget ‘Spick Slider Label’?.

Dear. Just access your blog Layout, click Edit link of that widget and choose Remove.

Hi, I’m planning to buy this one but I am from Poland and I want to write in polish, will be there any problem with polish language and polish signs? Also, lastly I used a lot of other templates and there were always problems with displaying things like: recent comments, recent posts, posts according to label, I did everything as the instructions said but mentioned items did never appear. I am afraid that it can be the problem here also. Did Blogspot changed something and the templates were not up-to-date? Did you hear about this problem from anyone? Maybe the case was that the blog is not public yet, only I can see it when I’m logged in. I hope you will help me :)

Dear. Blogger supported Polish in their language list. My feed code allow unicode characters so I thing it will work well with your language.

About the recent changes of Blogspot, can you tell me something, I think I not miss any update from them. Thanks.

Unfortunately this font does not support polish special symbols :( It’s weird because some fonts from Blogger does and some does not. Only with this font headers look nice, can you do something about it?

And I have another question/sugestion: When you separate a post for a few pages it change the URL for the post but for example when you copy URL of the 2nd page of the post it still transfer you to the page 1st to the begining, can you change it? Numbers of the pages are very tiny and there should be also buttons “Previous” and “Next” because now it’s very easy for the reader to not notice that the post has more subpages, please correct that in the future update if you can :)

Dear, you can easy change to any font from Advance Editor. About your suggestion, I will consider in next version. Thanks.

How to show pagination for particular label?

Dear. Yes, I will release the update in this day, you will get notification email when the release was approved. Thanks.

Thanks for support. Waiting for new version.

Dear. The update was approved, please help me download again and check with it. Thanks.

Hi Tien. Great work on the template. I just bought it, do you need my license code? How do I get the ‘Contact Us’ widget to send the messages to me? Thanks in advance.

~ Mike

Dear. The Contact Us widget is official widget of Blogger and it will auto send message to admin of blog (creator). We have no permission to add another email or modify target email of the widget, Blogger system holding all rights. Thanks.

Hi, I really enjoy the template but I would like to have the older layout from the screenshots… Can you give people 2 kinds of this template? I would really like to have the old layout but not losing the new features from updates… Please help me.

Dear. Sorry but the old layout only supported in old version only. Thanks.

Can you consider Home page post pagination for the next update?? I would really like to give readers the option of navigating to previous posts without having to press “View all” first.

And also, there is no way to get the blog description to show beneath the Blog Header. I have tried changing it in blogger like you suggested but it still does not show. Any help with that would be appreciated.

http://DerrellJamison.com for reference. Thank you.

Dear. Just install teamviewer: http://www.teamviewer.com/en/download/windows.aspx then send Id+pass into my profile (http://themeforest.net/user/tiennguyenvan#contact), I will remote to help. Thanks.

May I know how to use video thumbnail (youtube, vimeo, dailymotion etc.) feature with this template?


At this time, template support youtube thumbnail only but when you input youtube code, you must change "//www to "http://www


Hi, I’m interested in getting either this theme or your Grid Spot theme. I’m wondering about the ads though. I plan to monetise the site in the future through Adsense but I don’t seem to see that feature here. Is it possible to put Adsense ads in your themes?

Dear. Adsense ads is also widget, and the theme support that widget type.

Hey thanks for the info! :) Is it possible to customise the width of the blog?

Dear. The template not support that feature. Thanks.