Discussion on GeekLove - A Responsive WordPress Wedding Theme

Discussion on GeekLove - A Responsive WordPress Wedding Theme

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Hello, I would like to ask if after the RSVP the guest receives an email with the Calendar event?

Thank you


Does the the works under PHP 7.0 and wordpress 4.7.1 ? In the demo the Countdown does not work. Will it work when buying the theme? Since the update of your theme, does the Google Maps view work well? Is it possible to change the date to display it in French format (dd: mm: yyyy)?


Hi there, thanks for writing in. We are in the process of pushing an update to GeekLove theme as we are already working on it. This should happen in the following days. A styling update will follow shortly after, as we did with our Ink theme.

My partner and theme developer Ram, will get back to you for the current compatibility status in a timely manner. Thanks for pointing out the timer issue, the wedding date had passed, I fixed it now.

Meanwhile if there is anything else I can do, let me know.

Thanks! John

Thank you John for your answer. This is good news if you are working on the theme. Will it be uploaded soon (in days or weeks) then ?

I expect your feedback on compatibility with the latest version of Wordpress.

As for customization, can you tell me more about changing the date format (in dd: mm: yyy) and the content of the PSDs that you provided? What are they based on your demo? Is it necessary to modify them?

Thank you in advance and hace a nice day.


Really sorry for the hilarious delay on this, the comment obviously slipped away. We should have an update ready in a matter of weeks judging by our current workload.

The psds are not related to the theme itself, and they do not need to be modified. They serve only for the purpose of a web developer designing further pages based on the existing design style.

Updating them will not have any effect on your site.

Thanks! John


Is it possible for guests to login in the web and submit photos they take with mobilephones or cameras and submit them? As far as i know the couples use to ask for photos to their guests. It would be awesome to allow guests to share all photos through the web.


Hi there, for such custom functionality one will have to rely on a plugin. Gravity Forms should be able to provide all the necessary elements in order to achieve this. Depending on your experience with WordPress you should be able to set that up easily.

Let me know if there is anything else I can help with.



Hi, great theme, love the customizability. How do i change the widget to cover the full width of the page without editing in the css editor? It becomes quite a mess like this… :P Are there any options that i’m missing?

thank you in advance,


Hi There

From your link I suppose that you have put all your section widgets to the wrong widget area. Please go through the documentation and in particular this article: http://docs.codestag.com/article/309-the-homepage and you should be good to go.

For any further support please open a ticket at our support desk at http://codestag.com/support and provide admin login details as well.

Many thanks!

thanks!!!...now i changed the settings in the editor without saving…how do i set back the original settings? (the wedding intro is not aligned properly)

Hi, as mentioned above,for any further support please open a ticket at our support desk at http://codestag.com/support and provide admin login details as well.

Many thanks!

Hi, is just come out an update. how do I install it?

Hi there, please take a look at this article: http://codest.ag/HowToUpdate

If you need further help please open a ticket at http://codestag.com/support


If you want to use the WP built-in gallery in a blog article, you have to modify the CSS file. Under ”$Main Content Styles” there is a a margin of 30px for dl. This has to be set to 0. Otherwise the image in the last column will be shown in the next row.

Thanks for letting us know. We’ll take care of it in future update. Thanks.

Would it be possible to add a Google reCAPTCHA to the contact form? Same for the guestbook. I know the guestbook has the math equation, but it’d be nice to have the reCAPTCHA where the user simply has to check a box. The contact form and post comments really need this, because these tend to get used heavily for spam.

Otherwise, this is a very nice theme. Thanks!

Hi there, this is not provided out of the box and would require some serious customization, which is way beyond what we can do for buyers. However, you might want to check any of the plugins out there that may be able to output captcha to forms.


I really like the GeekLove WordPress theme. I wanted to let you know the main reason I am buying a different theme is because on the demo at least, I can’t scroll past the first page. I am not sure whether this is only a problem with the demo, or a problem with the theme, but I can’t risk it. I hope this helps!


Hey! You should just try to remove the top frame that is located at the top (the one with the purchase link). This should work :)

Or browse the theme directly: http://demo.codestag.com/geeklove/

Hi, nice theme! I really like the lean and modern design of the guestbook. Is that a plugin or how is it created? are you able to adjust some settings?

Thanks for answering!


Hi there, it is a built in feature, not a plugin. You can not actually adjust any settings, but you can find more info about that at the documentation:




I´m planning to buy the theme but before I will like to double check if the following is supported:

1. I´m double marrying, that is, at my fiancee´s place and my place. Therefore two different weddings with all the different stuff…...dates, venues, locations, etc. Is this supported?

2. On the other hand our guests are coming from multiple countries so I need to support both sites in three languages (english, spanish, lithuanian) Is this supported via multisite and/or WPML?

Thanks in advance! Great theme, btw…. :)

Hi there!

1. Nope, this is not supported, you will need 2 installations for that.

2. Yes, Geeklove is compatible with WPML.


Hi, I’ve just recently bought the template and loaded it in a test vm. Is it possible to load up the demo site and edit that, or do I need to build from scratch via the WordPress admin GUI ‘Geeklove’ tool. For example, I’d like to get the countdown timer and googlemaps working straight away without adding anything (components), and the photo slider etc.

Many thanks!

You can import the content via the provided xml file, but you need to set up the theme settings, and arrange the widgetized homepage etc. You can find detailed info at our online documentation: http://codest.ag/1DlDqWr

If you need help, please use our support service at https://codestag.com/support/

I want to purchase this theme but , my concern is i want to make wedding website for multiple couples , I mean multiple couples can create there pages , events, gallery etc Is it possible with this theme? please reply

Hi there. Nope, this is not how the theme works. It focuses on one couple only.

Thank you.


nice theme, thanks.

Is there an easy way to activate comments on “events”, “pages” and “galleries”?

Best Bernd

Hello Bernd,

Comments are not present there intentionally, you’ll need to put the some code on each of those post type single pages to have it working.

I can guide you through if you can create a ticket here https://codestag.com/support/.


Hello there,

i´ve got some pre-sale questions:

1) Which color settings (e.g. counter, main menu, cta button, etc.) are possible to adjust without css knowledge but only by use of theme options panel? 2) Is it possible to change the color of all fonts? 3) Is it possible to create individual pages without using given theme templates? Background: I´d like to install a page where people can upload pictures and one page to give information about hotels etc.

thanks for your help


Hi there.

1. Via the theme options panel, you can only change the accent color. For any other color changes you will need to perform some simple css tweaks.

2. With some css tweaks, yes. Not with a single click though.

3. You can create standard static pages for sure, but to add the functionality you mention (photo uploading) you will need some help from a web developer. A page to add hotel info is quite easy to accomplish though.


Do you provide installation support?


unfortunately not, but you can check at http://studio.envato.com to find such services.


Really great theme.

One pre-sale question: is it possible to reverse de countdown as countup when the wedding date has passed away?. I mean, when the BIG DAY has arrived the counter changes from regressive countdown to a progressive count-up, or the countdown stops at 0 days, 0 hours, 0 minutes, 0 seconds?

It is important for us to get it.

Thanks a lot in advance!

Hi there

I’m afraid it gets to 0:0:0:00. If you need to change it you will need to manually customize the theme files. Thanks!

Is there any way to expand the height of the images on the front page? If I upload my own, they appear to be locked to a certain height. I’m just wondering if I could expand this. Thanks!

Please send a support request at https://codestag.com/support/ and include a link to your site. we’ll have a look. :)

Ok, just opened a ticket. Thanks!

Hi Codestag,

Is it possible to add caption below or upper part of the image. I got a sample. here: http://screencast.com/t/xrkhEKeIdO56



Not actually am afraid. There is no such built in functionality to achieve that. You may try using any team member plugins which intend to do that, for example, Our Team plugin by WooThemes. It could help you in achieving the similar effect. But please note that it might requires some CSS tweaks to make it work properly.

All the best!

Is it possible to remove the contact form from the home page? I did not find that page in the page templates or anywhere else.


Thanks for purchasing one of our files, we truly appreciate it!

Support for all our themes is conducted through our support site, please start a new thread over there and we will help you as soon as possible.

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