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Hello, There is a little problem with “quote or apostrophe” the Geekmag Post Slider widget. Please See image: example: the description text is” l’homme de 42 ans” and with the plugin it’s “l’/homme de 42 ans”.

Can you fix it please?

Thank you

Sorry but the problem persist :(

This is on the Geekmag Post Slider

I just change this line in the plugin and now it’s work. plugins/geekmagfeatures/so-widgets/geekmag-slider/tpl/geekmag-slider-template.php line 53 $content1 = wp_filter_nohtml_kses(strip_shortcodes(get_the_content())); $content = stripslashes( $content1 );

Yes, the problem was on that line but we have fixed it. I just tried it on the demo and it is working properly;

Anyway,we will make an update soon and we will check it again. You will not have this issue again ;)

If you have any other question, please use the contact form on the support page;

presale question: the video player on – how is that controlled? playlist id?


Please look at the help documentation (Page Builder->YouTube TV);

Has anyone tested this with woocommerce?


1- Does Visual Composer work with this theme?

2- The demo theme almost looks quite zoomed in on my browser (Chrome – zoom at default 100%) but when i set my browser to 70-80% zoom it looks perfect. Is there any way of making my site look like that to all visitors with out them having to decrease the zoom by 20-30%?



1- We are using SiteOrigin Page builder. The theme is not tested with Visual Composer.

2- No there isn’t any feature like that.


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how can i use you tube tv plugin directly youtube playlist ?

directly show youtube playlist (not show first own video list)

Hi, unfortunately, it is not possible.

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hey. i want to buy a 2nd license for another homepage. Have i pay the full price again or do u guys have a specieal offer? ^^


Unfortunately no, we are not allowed to offer discounts for multiple purchases. For more information about licenses;

If you still have a question about licenses, please contact Envato support;


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Hello, Can we update the wordpress to the wordpress 4.9 with geekmag ?


Yes, you can update WordPress.

can i use disqus plugin with geekmag?


Yes, you can use Disqus plugin with Geekmag;

Any advice on how to remove “button” type hover styling on submit buttons on things like the mailchimp newsletter widget. Having a hell of a time overriding that css, even using !important. I just want a flat button, no curved corners.


input[type="button"] {
border-radius: 0px !important;
box-shadow:none !important;
top:0px !important;

Your item support has expired. So, if you still have a question, you should renew your item support and contact us via contact form on the item support page;

Is this item still supported/will receive new features in the future? Any chance to try a free demo board?


1) Yes, it is still supported. We don’t have any plan to add new features for now but we make updates to fix the issues if needed.

2) Unfortunately, no. You can look at the help documentation for screenshots of the back-end;

Cant seem to add font awesome icons. Trying to add the lightbulb icon. Tried lightbulb, fa-lightbulb, Lightbulb with capital. Whats the trick?


Some icons may not be included in the theme. Try another icon. For example;


If you still have a question, you should renew your item support;

And you should use the contact form on the item support page;

hello, I can not download the two plugins Geek Mag Features and Social Rating System. Geekmag features: Download failed. Forbidden . Besocial Rating System: Download failed. Forbidden .

what can I do ?

Many thanks in advance Rolf


You can upload them manually. Open the zip file (Installable WordPress file only) which you have downloaded from your Themeforest account. The plugins are in “plugins” folder. You can upload them from Plugins->Add New page at the WordPress dashboard.

If you still have a question, please contact us via contact form at the item support page;

Do you have any client websites listed where we can see examples of how this theme was implemented and tweaked?

I’d like to see a version that is a little less ‘bold’.



Unfortunately, no. We don’t have any list. You can change the fonts and the color scheme from theme settings.

I know my Support is expired but i just have a small question. In your Design the “Categorie” Headers are always so big. How can i make it smaller? I mean this the “BLOG” header? I would reduce the high size that its not so “boom in your face” size ^^

i talk about this here what i marked in the screenshot with the white arrows: its on your site way smaller as on my website and even if i change the font size to 5 it doesnt change this

Go to Theme Settings->General and copy&paste the following code to Custom CSS field;

.geekmag-page-title {
padding-top:20px !important;
padding-bottom:20px !important;

yes that works! Thank u! Looks much better now, maybe u integrate this in a update as a setting that other people can set this too

Presales question: What review plugin is used? Would love to know this for the migration path.

Hi, it is a “built-in” feature.

It’s tailor made, not this one perhaps? -> Does the review plugin supports Google rich snippets with the correct markup?

No it doesn’t support Google rich snippets. You don’t have to use this built-in feature but we didn’t test the theme with any other review plugin (For example; WP Review). So, there may be some visual compatibility issues.