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I have a requirement to build a religious website which is focused around testimonials. I was wondering if I could use this theme and instead of sermons, use that functionality for the testimonials instead. Is this doable, or does the term “sermons” have to be included in the theme?

Hi – it actually includes ‘sermons’ as part of the permalink. You can change this easy enough using a child theme. But the whole theme is based around ‘Sermons’ and ‘Events’ so I’m not sure this is the right theme for you?

Presale Question. I like your theme but need to integrate with WooCommerce. Would this be difficult (not a coder) or would I need to seek help from a developer to make it work?

No – the theme will work with Woo right out of the box, but you may want to hire a developer to make some styling changes if it doesn’t match in with out-of-the-box styling.

Is there a way to turn off the image slider autoplay on page load?

Hi, thanks for your reply. I’m maintaining a client site that was developed by another wp developer. What information would I need from them to verify the purchase?

ok, I re-read the end of your message. I’ll see if my client has the theme documentation.

Ok, no worries, they just need to give you the # they received when they purchased the files, that is what you use on the support site to set up your verification.

This theme looks great! Does it play nice with the plugin VIsual Composer??

Hi and thanks for the kind comments, the theme wasn’t built with VC in mind, so I’m not sure if you would have any issues with it? You could try it, but please be aware, we offer no support for such a plugin.

I love this theme. I don’t understand what you mean that it ” includes ‘sermons’ as part of the permalink. You can change this easy enough using a child theme.” Exactly how would I do this? Thanks.

Hi – if you purchase the theme, you would use the support link in your documentation and we could give you code to place in a child theme that could change the permalink (url structure) to whatever you wish.

Hello, i didn’t make the purchased but the person who i’m working with did, i have the following question, is there a limit on uploading mp3 files? because i’m getting and error trying to upload a audio sermon of 23mb this is the error i got “An error occurred in the upload. Please try again later.”

Thanks in advance!

Hi – unfortunately support can only be provided to verified purchases. Have the person who bought the theme give you the information you need to create a ticket at our support center

Ever since I updated to the latest Wordpress I’m getting 999+ javascript errors on my sermons page and none of the buttons work. I have the latest version of the theme. Ive deactivated all plugins. Here is a screenshot: This is my website: Please help.

No, we wouldn’t make you buy the theme again! You can ignore the message about expired support and submit your ticket anyway.

it won’t let me submit the ticket. I click submit, it says “Sorry, support for this Envato Market purchase code has expired. You will need to extend support or purchase a new license.” I click the only option “ok” and thats it. only option is to submit again but then it just tells me support has expired. i just emailed you my issue via your Theme forest profile page.

Hi – can you please contact me via the form on my profile page then, ticksy must’ve changed their API to not allow support for expired items, I apologize.

For what it’s worth, WordPress 4.5 blew up my client’s site (with this theme) as well. It caused me to go over the CPU limit for my host and they suspended the site for a day. I downgraded WordPress and the site is functional again.

Hi – please use the ticketing system and open a ticket, I can help. Thanks

Hi, I’ve been very please with this theme for a couple years now, but, the Play video button in the sermons section has quit working, the only way to get it to play is to right click and open in new window, is there an easy fix for this, my website is Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks

Hi Jason, could you please contact me via the and open a support ticket.

Yes, says my license has expired, it’s been a couple years, Everything was working fine until recently, not sure what to do to fix the issue, again, any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

Hi Jason, I just responded to your message via the profile form. :)

Hi there, I have the same issue as Jason with the “play” button not working after WordPress update. I also couldn’t add a ticket via ticksy. Website is Would be very grateful for any suggestions

Hi Andy – could you please contact me via the form on my profile page, I have something for you :)

To fix the audio playback issue.

Go to the “header.php” file and lines 151 and 152. Quote marks need to be added in due to a jquery update.

Then change—> find(‘a[href=’ + location.hash + ‘]’)

to this—> find(‘a[href=”’ + location.hash + ’”]’)

Hi, yes, we have an update ready, but TF won’t approve the update if we have custom post types built in to the theme, which is why we’ve been telling users to contact us directly via the form on our profile page so we can email the latest release of the theme.

Why is support no longer offered on this theme?

We don’t offer extended support for sales, but if there is any issue you are having with the theme, please just let me know, we still support it, we just don’t offer extended support through Envato.