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Hi guys just wondering how i change the main genesis logo shown on home/index page. also wondering how to change the main color

Yes i uploaded the upload files .. includes and images to main directory and also includes to my admin folder. Is the genesis_install.sql separate from those uploads?

My genesis_install.sql gives an error when trying to upload though tools of zencart admin. I contacted my hosting provider and they cleared the error but got a new error that they could now resolve. Heres an explanation of what they tried. ..


We have updated the table query titles and put the file back into db_backups under genesis_install_updated.sql now when we try to install the issue we get #1062 – Duplicate entry ‘REVELATION_COLOR’ for key 2 contact the theme dev with this. “

Okay. It seems that you installed the genesis_install.sql twice. Could you send me temporary admin account and ftp account(may needed)? Please send it to my email through this page : http://themeforest.net/user/sammycorp


A) Is there a way to have it come up in grid view by default?

Right now I can click grid and have it in grid view, but when I go to the next page, it reverts to list view again.

B ) Is there a way to make it “sticky”? (So if one clicks grid view it remains in it until clicked to list view again?)


PS: For all of you thinking of buying this template: Do it NOW it is great!


A)Edit tpl_index_product_list.php Just after the declaration of function display or before the </script> tag (around line 186) add this jquery function:


B) It’s already added to my to-do-list for the next update.

Thanks for your kind word.

where write about us and contact us info ?

Use the admin page. Configuration->Genesis Themes Configuration.


a) some of the subtitle are in English, the page should be Spanish. (both languages is showing like this, and it is showing in all navigation pages as – home, babies, and so on); You should ask your template provider if their template is multilingual and ask them to check the problem links.

I can see it. When I change to spanish your footer title still a variable e.g TEXT_CONTACT_US..bla..bla
It means that you haven’t translate includes/languages/genesis/english.php. You have to copy that file and rename it to spanish.php and translate it.

Please read this http://www.zen-cart.com/wiki/index.php/Languages

...are you saying that I have to go back and rename everything over? The work I did before is gone? I see… thanks.

What work you did before? Using what themes? If you translate another themes language, you can’t expect it to works with my themes. Every themes has its own language files. I am sure if you buy other themes and activate it, you have to translate it again.
Good luck with your site.

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Jun 30 (1 day ago)

to me Hi,

you should contact your template provider regarding the problem with the sliders. We’re not able to assist you with this matter.

You don’t need any option for loading image. Use the plain text mode and edit the html code. Upload the image manually via FTP.

...well… what else to say?

ZenCart Templates hi how are you i have problem with my website do can help to fix the problem in my side please www.omyfashioncompany.com

It’s .htaccess related error. Please change your .htaccess code with this http://tny.cz/c26c05b8

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Hi There, can you tell me what’s the easiest way to get the header and footer to span full width 100%? Like in your Exodus theme?

Sorry, I am not sure if you already purchase the themes. Please put a comment with account you used to purchase genesis. Thanks

I have not purchased the theme yet, but your answer will help me make my decision for which theme to purchase. They are both amazing themes and the decision is hard to make!!

Sorry, I thought that you are looking for support. I just want to be careful to give support to buyer.
Anyway,It’s easy to make it full width. There is a html tag like this on tpl_main_page.php, you just need to remove “container” class on “mainWrapper” element.


Just wondering, in the demo and other downloader’s sites, I see that additional images can be shown under the main image of the product listing. How and where do I add these? Great template and thank you.

Thanks a million…. a simple as that!

One more thing, the home icon and the contact us logo/icon seem to have disappeared. Any idea why or how to fix? The Prev and Next icons went from the bar too but I turned it off but i’d like to fix the others

It’s .htaccess problem. You sure already upload .htaccess files from includes directory on the themes file?

Hello, thank you for your template, I like it very much. Would you please tell me know how to add one more logo at the bottom of “Facebook” / “Twitter” / “Pinterest” at footer? Thank you!

thanks for your reply. It seems linked to a fonts. I want to add “polyvore” logo. and there’s no this logo in the font awesome. thank you!

Yep. All the social icon is based on fontawesome. If you want yo add new logo, you should add the code there (includes/templates/genesis/common/tpl_footer.php).
Upload the image, put the html code there to show the image.

Thank you~


I have many categories and subcategories. I have noticed they are all duplicated into 2 menus in the source code, one for mobile and one for desktop.

Is there a way to avoid this duplication while maintaining same functionality?


Please send me an email from my profile page. Thanks

Hi Sammy, Awesome template! Downloaded about a week ago and it has everything I need.

How do I upload additional photos to each product?

thanks, I’m so happy I got this theme from you.

Hi, purchased and uploaded. Alle the Images like arrows, Facebook and telephone, adress and more are missing. Where to get it?

There are only displayed the first 8 categories. If i have more, what can i do?

Hi, please send me an email from my profile page. I need to send you a file.


I have used the template to make a showcase website. How do I remove the top bar with the currencies drop down, language selector, register and cart. Is it possible to remove this entire row? Thanks again

Hi, Go edit : includes/templates/genesis/common/tpl_header.php And remove the element below :

<div id="navMainWrapper">....</div>

Good Luck

Thank you again. Great support and template..!

It not working well with IE8. In product info page, the main picture not show up. How to fix this problem?

I am checking on it right now. I spent last week updating the themes (new .htaccess, fontawesome update, twitter API update, etc) and now I am checking the IE8 problem. Sorry for the delay. Thanks

If it’s not fixed in IE8, how can remove that lightbox. I don’t want this too garish, just need it function.

It’s already fixed. Just upload it, just need some times to be approved by themeforest.

Is there a way to Display the right column in a row like the “new products” to be more flexible in Display more informations?

I am not sure with “Display the right column in a row like the “new products””. What do you need regarding the right column?

I ask again, hope you understand me now.

Can you edit the template to Display the right boxes in a horizontal line to be more flexible to Show right boxes on index? I may pay for this, i Need it soon, please.

I upload a file here to Show what i mean: http://s458306593.online.de/entwurf.jpg

Okay, I have a spare time, I will help. Please send me an email from my profile page http://themeforest.net/user/sammycorp

Let me know the detail about your site FTP account too.


Hi Sammy , Great Theme thanks , Just wanted to check something that is not working correctly for me. When you click into a product and use the “next” icon button above the product to view the next product 1/11 and 2/11 and so on – it is only going to the third product and then stopping, will not go to the next product after the 3rd. Have you see this ?

Thanks Brent

Hi, It works fine. Maybe the tooltip block the link so you can’t click it.

Thanks for the reply Sammy, you seem to be 100% correct, the tooltip displayed (the name of the next product) is covering the next button and causing the issues.

However the ‘previous’ button does not have the same issue even on very long product descriptions, the tooltip is always shown above the button and does not get in the way of using the button.

It would seem the ‘Next’ button tooltip is loading on top of the next button for any product description with a little length and causing the issues.

Please could you let us know if you are able to apply the same format from the previous button to the next button to help fix and resolve this issue?

Hi Sammy, thanks very much for the updated ‘tpl_products_next_previous.php’ file, I can confirm all is working 100% well.

Now, I found a new serious problem. When open it in Safari in windows xp, it will crash the whole windows xp, the classic blue screen appear. I have tested it in two pc, in Safari 5.0.5 and Safari 5.1.7. A website crash the whole system, I never see it. Could you find what’s wrong here?

I don’t have Windows XP. I am using Mac, Win7 and Win8. Safari is running well. Not sure about win xp. Maybe it’s not supported properly. Anyway, what about direct link to the demo site? http://demo.themeskiff.com/genesis/

The direct demo site also crash.

We are currently using the ozpost.net.au freight module and have found an issue with the Genesis template during checkout if you HIDE the Handling Fees the alignment of the website goes out.

If we test the freight module using the standard Zencart template it seems to work 100% fine, I’ve contacted ZoPost.net.au about the issue and he believes it’s a possible CSS issues with the template.

Please could you help find and correct the issue, I can provide screenshots and details if needed just send us a message or e-mail

Hi Sammy, I’ve been working with the freight developer on this and we might have found a possible fix to the issue…

Please put this request on hold and I will post the findings up for others as well once we have a 100% working and tested solution in place. Basically ozpost.net.au will be implementing new code to try and cater for both your template and default Zencart templates.

Hi Sammycorp

We just updated to the latest version of the template and have found a bug with the pricing side of things.

Our web store is set to required login before prices are available however on the home page the buy now button is viable and can be clicked even when no user is logged in and the price is displayed in the shopping cart.

If we switch back to the default Zencart template we don’t seem to have this issue (no buy now button is visible as was the case with the initial release of this theme so it’s something that has changed in the latest release that has caused the issue)

Just an update, as a crude work around for now I have changed the following change: admin > config > product listing > Display Product Add to Cart Button > set to off ‘0’

Each product still lists a Buy Now button when it should not be on the home page but it loads the product info page and not the cart with pricing as it did before…

P.S. Still waiting for the updated files to fix this issue as well as the others reported above.

Check you email. I send the fixed files for you.


Thanks very much Sammy, just got your e-mail and will get the new files applied shortly!


The drop down navigation will only show 8 subcategories. Is there a way to increase this number? I see someone else asked this question but it was never resolved.

Also I have updated the theme last night and have all the latest files.

Did you already set the number of categories to showed on menu from the admin page? On the latest update, I add that feature. Did you update the sql files too? It used to add that configuration options?

O ok. I got it working. Thanks