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Hi, I’d like to add ez pages navigation to the header. Works fine adding to footer, but I need links at the top of page.

Great template btw =]

Hi, Sorry. Genesis doesn’t supported ez-pages on the header. I decided to remove it because of design aspect.

I worked out how to add ez-pages to the menu. Go to: includes/templates/genesis/common/tpl_header.php

Under the navMain div ID you can add the following code:

<li id="myEZPageLink"><a href="<?php echo zen_ez_pages_link(PAGE ID) ?>">Menu Text</a></li>

Change PAGE ID to your ezpage page ID, Change Menu Text to what ever you want to appear in the menu.

That wasn’t real hard sammycorp, lol

Hope this helps others out


Of course it’s not really hard, many of the buyers of this themes is a smart guy.. :D

Anyway, thanks for helping the others.



Thanks for a great template. How can I change the background tile to one of my own? I have uploaded my image to: includes/templates/genesis/images and edited stylesheet_genesis.css but nothing changes?

Regards, Phill

There is a function to get the background options from admin and add the style. I called it on html_header.php and the functions is on includes/functions/extra_functions/

Good Luck

to Samuel ...hi, we tried to add the sql code and it returns a a warning: An Error occurred, please refresh the page and try again. Do you have any other suggestion in how to add or install the genesis to the zencart administration page?

ZenCart Templates

2:37 PM (1 hour ago)

to me So, how can we “resize the slider container’s width”?

When we run it the admin area returns this error: An Error occurred, please refresh the page and try again.

Thank you! Support Team www.zencart-template.com

We could not install genesis. It is showing an error. Any suggestion?

Check your email.


Hi Sammycorp (Urgent Help Please)

We just updated to the latest version of the template and have found a bug with the pricing side of things.

Our web store is set to required login before prices are available however on the home page the buy now button is viable and can be clicked even when no user is logged in and the price is displayed in the shopping cart.

If we switch back to the default Zencart template we don’t seem to have this issue (no buy now button is visible as was the case with the initial release of this theme so it’s something that has changed in the latest release that has caused the issue)

Please check your email. Thanks


Thnx for this wonderful template.

The grid in product-listing doesn’t work. The visitors can’t chose either for using grid or list layout.

Is there a admin setting which I am missing?

When I change the Default Listing View in Genesis Themes Configuration, nothing will change. The list is still their, no grid.

found it…must Include Product Listing Alpha Sorter Dropdown on 1 (don’t like the alpha sorter)

Yep, you have to activate Alpha Sorter.


I installed the theme and when I choose it in admin, my site is just one graphic of a grid.

I resolved this.

The wording “Welcome Guest! Would you like to log yourself in?” is not showing up on my site.

I got this to work too. A ZC config.

How do I make the logo bigger?

By uploading a bigger image. :)

When I put a larger size graphic, it does not seem to get much bigger. The template seems to shrink the size.

Yep, the max-width of all image is 100% (the wrapper max width). So, you should edit tpl_header.php. Edit this tag :
<div id="logo" class="span6">

Change to span7,8,9 .... , 12
Don't forget to alter the search box next to it.</div>

Hi and thank you for great template. How do we set product list to be grid as default? Thanks Damian

What version of Genesis you use? The latest version of this themes, has a new option from admin to set the default view.


Hi, I have updated to the latest and it works great, many thanks


Hi, I just purchased the template and it looks great. I have one question though. The slideshow banner on the homepage seems pretty large. Is there anyway I can resize it? I tried uploading images with smaller dimension, but it won’t work. Any suggestions?


Hi, All of the image are responsive. Using this css property :
max-width: 100%;
height: auto;
The image will be stretched inside its container. The only way to make it smaller is by re-sizing its container. Please read the bootstrap grid documentation here


Thanks. I’ll check that out. And pardon me, I’m a novice in the world of Zen Cart. Could you tell me how to add additional product images?

hi, grettings from colombia great theme!

how to enable the dropdown??



what dropdown? Is it main menu dropdown? Main menu dropdown is a categories tabs. You can enable it from admin->configuration->Layout setting

Trying to get the GRID view to show 2 columns instead of 3 – trying different numbers and options but it stays 3 products across…..

do you have a fix ?


Thanks Amanda

I can’t choose grid view on your site. Basically, you just need to set the product list width around 45%.

Hi there

Great theme. Only one minor issue. The facebook likes and twitter feed do not show in chrome (they do in firefox) any ideas as to why that could be?



Hi, Very weird issue. What is your site url?

website is not actually online as such but you can see via

The facebook and twitter feed is fine on my computer. I am using Chrome too (Latest version) Here is the screenshot :


I purchased Genesis today and (after several hours of looking and trying to figure it out myself) I can’t seem to find any installation instructions anywhere. Please please please…yes, I’m begging :) ...help me!

Thank you so much!

I was able to install everything and have it working okay. The only thing I didn’t do was install the html_output.php…the 5 functions. What are they and how do I install them?

Please check your email. Thanks

Hi Sammy – I decided to start over from scratch and have messaged you our info. I look forward to hearing from you, thanks so much!

Please check your email. Thanks

Hi, I have bought the template and have a site in development. On the product page there is a section for “Additional Information” – how do I edit this for each product?


“Additional Imformation” is products information other than “Products Description” like Model, manufacturers, weight, etc. You can edit it from admin when you edit a products.

Sammy, Please advise why is price hidden on product listing? It applies categories, manufacturers. New products, featured, all products, specials are showing OK.

I found

<p class="price"></p>
has visibility: hidden; in Chrome’s inspector but cannot determine where it comes from.

Regards Damian

Just sent you PM

I thought it was on my demo site. :D Anyway, I never hide that prices. You can compare it with the demo site. http://themeforest.net/item/genesis-elegant-and-responsive-zen-cart-template/full_screen_preview/3929391 Are you sure that you didn’t modify it?

thank you for your help, it was java script in head

Hi. How to add the category sidebox on the homepage? It doesn’t appear despite enabling it from Layout settings (Column Left Status – Global) and turning on the categories sidebox under the tools>layout boxes controller.

Yep, I force the main page to show only one column. But you can still edit it. Open your tpl_main_page.php

You will find this code :
      $flag_disable_right = true;
      $flag_disable_left = true;

Just remove $flag_disable_left = true;

Hi Samuel. In Safari on the mac, the template looks great. However in Firefox, the side boxes are not the correct width and when trying in certain fields, you cannot see the letters.

I can’t see the sidebox error you meant. Maybe a screenshot would help. I am using latest version of firefox, everything is fine.

I don’t see the issue now. Strange. Thanks for looking.

Yeah. Good luck with your site

The information from productPriceDiscount is not showing. That is the part that puts something like “Save: 3% off”

Remove this rule on stylesheet_genesis.css
.productPriceDiscount {